Hello Nuclear Arms Race! Russia Says Already Too Late to Replace New START Before Expiration

Trump has now blown up *the entire* architecture of nuclear arms control treaties with Russia

At least blood-soaked Hillary would have likely kept the damn treaties that are keeping us alive

The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) is being called the last major nuclear weapons limitation treaty between the US and Russia. By February of 2021, its expiration date, it won’t even be that.

The terms of the treaty limit the number of deployed nuclear warheads either the US or Russia can have at a given time. Russia has been urging talks to extend or replace New START for a long time, and now says it’s just plain too late to get everything done by the expiration date.

An expected replacement treaty would be what everyone was hoping for, but with no work active on it, there is no real chance of getting everything done, and indeed no sign that things will even start, with the US showing little interest in arms limitation talks.

Though Russian Foreign Ministry office’s Vladimir Leontyev says it might be possible to rush through a blanket extension of New START under existing terms, even that would take at least six months to implement, and is made even more complicated by President Trump wanting China to also be limited by any new deal.

China is not a party to New START, though even if they were their entire strategic arsenal is just a fraction of the limits, and thus wouldn’t be impacted in the least. China is effectively an excuse on this matter, and with both the US and Russia looking at developing more nuclear arms, the momentum seems to be behind a new arms race, not a new arms treaty.

Source: Antiwar.com

  1. Mary E says

    New arms race…not a new arms treaty!
    That basically covers it! The US, instead of being the leader of the free world as it always has introduced itself, is the rogue state, led by puppet trump on behalf of the Pentagon.
    So it has come to this: ditching all the agreements that benefit the world and its inhabitants for hegemony! Rogue states must be shunned the the international community no matter how much ‘trouble’ it might be.

  2. Séamus Ó Néill says

    The lack of cognitive intelligence in the US is astounding. They’ve convinced themselves that Russia would be stupid enough to fall twice for a bankrupting arms race scam. Russia, with its hypersonic weapons, its S-500 defence system etc, etc, only needs to sit back and watch as America implodes in full world view. The dollar won’t always be the reserve currency nor the exchange currency for oil and when that day comes, America’s free ride is over and its bankruptcy is guaranteed.

    1. Mary E says

      Yes, all because Washington relied on bullyism being the go-to ‘diplomatic’ answer to their problems. Now that that doesn’t work so well for them, they will retaliate in some rogue way — but it won’t work this time, fellas!

    2. DarkEyes says

      For US, there are no brains present, their behaviour is so unrealistic and dangerous at the same time.

      Within weeks, maybe the thermonuclear missiles are flying over our heads, for the last time I reckon.

      We then have had it with the planet.

  3. AriusArmenian says

    Symptoms of the late stage of the US Empire. The demented US elites want another arms race when the revolution in military affairs has already occurred and the US didn’t win it, it’s already over. The US can pile up huge number of nuclear weapons but it will no longer affect the strategic balance.

  4. Canosin says

    nuclear weapons are soo 20th century….START is necessary to renew
    since it’s ensuring deterrence….. piling up more warheads is nonsense….
    a fraction of the existing numbers would be sufficient to obliterate the whole world. … M.A.D. isn’t believed anymore by the idiots in the Pentagon….
    perhaps….. Russia may survive….. the US for sure not. …

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