Health Minister Tells Russians to Get Vaccinated to Avoid Doctors Destroying Their Liver With Drugs

When they land in hospital with Covid

Editor’s note: Well that’s one way to get them to vaccinate I guess.

Machine translate from Russian.

Among other health problems that arise in patients after suffering from COVID-19, doctors also note serious toxic liver damage. This is due to the use of antiviral drugs, which in case of a severe course of the disease are prescribed for life-saving reasons to save the patient’s life. This was announced by the Minister of Health of Russia Mikhail Murashko during a working trip to Kursk.

“Many of these drugs have side effects. Therefore, today all doctors say that the preventive effect of the coronavirus vaccine is simply a colossal thing. It allows you to avoid not only the infection itself, but also to reduce the serious consequences after its treatment. Therefore, when there is an opportunity to protect oneself, this must be done,” the minister specified.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta

  1. guest says

    Do they use Remdesivir in Russia ?
    The (U.S.) National Institute of Health states in their report that remdesivir attacks the liver and the kidney
    As the kidney shuts down, the lung fills up with liquid.
    This report also states that Ivermectin is tested and approved, and is much better for the treatment of Delta

    The U.S. government also states, openly, that they give 20% bonus to hospitals for using Remdesivir:

    Yes, people should stay away from hospitals if they want to stay alive —or, go to a hospice and ask for assisted suicide

  2. Ilya G Poimandres says

    I got enough ivermectin here for $3 at 0.4g total oral dose (for the piggies and horsies!) to not give one hoot!

  3. J Far says

    Wow, that’s beyond Orwellian.

  4. Mark Vedder says

    I was just finishing up a list of satirical headlines for a humor site, but this blows mine out of the water.

  5. GMC says

    First of all, Russian folks have been told all their lives, that antibiotics are bad for your body and they can hurt your immune system. This has some validity, if you use a lot of anti biotics – which I have, much of my life because of bladder infections since the mid 70s. When I got Covid, I used anti biotics to fight the pneumonia and they worked fine. Anti biotics still work for me, after 40 years of using them. Another drug I use is an anti inflamatory for my arthrits and I have used diclofenac for 20 years – straight and with No stomach Problems. So, I think this anti biotic thing all depends on the individual and their genes. My 2 roubles worth.

  6. ken says

    Trust today’s doctors at your peril. I laugh when someone tells me they had the covid.
    I ask “How do you you its the covid” They reply “because the doctor said so and the PCR came back positive.”

    First the ‘doctors’ and hospitals get paid to diagnose covid,,, second the bogus PCR does not find any virus which is why the CDC is dropping this version of the test as over 90% of the positives are false. I would venture to say that 100% are false.The inventor of the PCR said it could not determine infection.

    Adding insult to injury,,, the Cov Sars 2 virus has never been purified to just a single virus therefore they don’t have a clue what its sequence is. The sequence they are using is a computer generated fantasy. Not me saying this,,, read their documents.

    And I wouldn’t believe anything coming from government now that Putin and cohorts allegiance are to the Schwab and his World Economic Forum. They’re all paid off lacky’s on the WEF payroll.

    Don’t get me wrong,,, I’m sure they were sick,,, bad cold, flu, pneumonia, TB but it wasn’t covid. And don’t take remdesivir. It’ll shut down your kidneys and you become another covid death. Doctor’s today will kill for money…..

  7. XSFRGR says

    The Russian government is doing this for a reason, and I’m afraid that they know there is a U$ bio-weapon attack planned for the future. It could be the same reason for the U$. I remember that about 10 years ago the Russians picked up a U$ medical team harvesting DNA samples from the people living along the Sino/Russian border. I’m certain that the U$ reason for harvesting Russian, and Chinese DNA was completely innocent, and inline with the furtherance of world peace (LMFAO).

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