Growing Evidence That Putin Is Behind the ‘Game of Thrones’ Debacle

The man will stop at nothing to make the west miserable

Incredibly, Putin’s passport has been found on the set of Game of Thrones

Washington DC: Seventeen government intelligence agencies have reported that they believe Russia’s Vladimir Putin is behind the disappointment sweeping the nation after the unexpected finaly of the popular fantasy series on HBO. Vocal fans have posted angry words on social media: unapologetic actors remind the audience that they did not write the script and that they have to read what they are given in a script. This retort only caused further outrage. People fear that this may reach the level of ‘death threats’ and several stars have gone into hiding.

Putin even appeared on the set at an outdoor shoot with his trademark ‘no shirt’ look. This may have been when he dropped his passport.

Perhaps this was all part of Putin’s disinformation plan. He seeks to disrupt the West. There are a few brave critics in the West who are not afraid to stand up to Putin and say what he really is.  Putin was trained as a spy in the Soviet secret police. He was a member of the Communist Party. He was stationed in East Germany, the communist DDR, and speaks fluent German. When the Soviet Union was voted out of existence he said that many KGB officers and agents publicly burned their membership cards in the Communist Party. Putin says that he kept his and put it away in a drawer somewhere at home  Putin has said there are many good ideas in the standard communist handbook for all youth in the old Soviet days. Putin comes down on the side of Stalin a strong state leader against Lenin who allowed to much freedom and set Russia up for failure with the early Leninist Soviet freedom for ethnic republics to break away and be independent.  So, Putin is the ultimate Stalinist – a complete surrender to Capitalist methods but a desire for a strong state to keep the expanse of Russia under Russian control.

So he has a motive to throw his Western opponents and the domestic 5th column of Westernophiles disoriented and unhappy. He seems to have done that again.

There is even a petition to have the ending done over, a kind of democratic audience fan-fiction.

Source: xenagoguevicene


    Good spoof!

  2. JustPassingThrough says

    waahhh! i want my fantasies to end my way. boo hoo

  3. John C Carleton says

    When there is a crime done, one must round up the usual suspects.

    ‘Jewish roots of Russian president Vladimir Putin.’

  4. Mikhail Garchenko says

    This just “made my day”, LOL..!!!
    Spasibo, RI..! 🙂

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