GREEN ON BLUE: Were US Special Forces in Jordan Slain by a Man They Were Training to Fight Assad?

US has revealed troops were slain by 'islamist infiltrator' but not if he 'infiltrated' Jordanian military or CIA's training for Syrian rebels

Three US Special Forces troops were killed earlier this month in Jordan. US revealed the soldiers in question were working for the CIA training up Syrian rebels for the civil war across the border.

Department of Defense said the soldiers were killed inside a Jordanian-American facility by a rogue shooter, but without disclosing if the attacker was a Jordanian soldier or a rebel Syrian.

The latter seems more likely since if the shooter had been Jordanian there would be little reason to keep it a secret.

Also it is probably far easier for any “infiltrator” to get himself into a CIA crash course training for Syrian rebels than enter the Jordanian military.

Actually SOFREP, a magazine run by Special Forces veterans warned just two months ago that troops involved in this program detest their mission and feel it amounts to training up jihadi enemies of the United States.

It very much sounds like an incident in which US trainers would be killed was bound to happen eventually:

The slaying of three Green Berets comes after years of the Special Forces soldiers assigned to the CIA’s Timber Sycamore program complaining that the moderate rebels they had been sent to train were actually ISIS and al-Nusra infiltrators.

The vetting that the CIA does of the rebels is dubious at best, consisting of bio-metric trace searches in old databases which are far from comprehensive.

The Special Forces soldiers have repeatedly brought up the fact that the rebels they have to train have also failed their polygraphs and display allegiances to Islamists during interviews.

Such concerns have also been expressed by the CIA’s para-military component, called Ground Branch, which have also gone ignored.

Just keep in mind one thing, as tragic as the death of these US soldiers may be, the American military machine here reaped only the tinniest amount of loss it has helped unleash on Syria.

This time a jihadi turned his gun and his training on Americans — but there are hundreds, perhaps thousands like him who took their US-provided training, gun and paycheck and used it for the cause of jihad in Syria.


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