Greece, Cyprus and Malta Blocked EU Port Ban on Russian-Owned Ships

Ban exempts ships bringing EU energy or food

Only Russian-flagged vessels are banned, but not the more numerous Russian-owned vessels flagged in Panama (as well as Greece, Cyprus, and Malta). Moreover here’s a funny thing: the ban explicitly excludes ships carry oil and gas.

Source: EurActiv

The governments of Athens, Nicosia and Valetta have blocked sanctions aiming to ban Russian ships or those with Russian interests from EU ports, EURACTIV Greece has learned.

Particularly, the European Commission had proposed banning all ships with a Russian flag or with another flag, i.e. Panama, but of Russian ownership. 

Ships with a Russian flag have been banned from EU ports, while proposed sanctions also to ban ships with another flag but with Russian interests have been vetoed by the three countries. 

The veto was exercised on the day when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was addressing the Greek parliament, EURACTIV Greece reported. 

Source: The Maritime Executive

The European Commission has proposed a fifth round of sanctions on Russian commerce in response to the recently-discovered evidence of war crimes in the town of Bucha, Ukraine. This time, a partial ban on Russian shipping is on the table, with a broad exemption for ships carrying the most valuable Russian exports – oil and gas.

“[We propose] a ban on Russian vessels and Russian-operated vessels from accessing EU ports. Certain exemptions will cover essentials, such as agricultural and food products, humanitarian aid as well as energy,” said EC President Ursula von der Leyen in a statement Tuesday.

  1. goxebo7445 says

    this is cool thing

  2. TRM says

    “exemptions will cover essentials, such as agricultural and food products, humanitarian aid as well as energy,”

    ROTFLMAO. Okay I know Russia makes a lot more than ag & energy but that is THE bulk of their exports so these are meaningless slaps on the wrist. The EUSSR is such a joke.

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