Great! Louisville Passes Law to Ban No-Knock Warrants. Now Can We Have the Same for Afghanistan?

And stop droning people based on metadata

Louisville bans no-knock search raids:

All 26 members of the Louisville Metro Council voted on Thursday to pass a ban on no-knock warrants, a measure known as “Breonna’s Law,” named after the former EMT who died in a police raid at her apartment.

The unanimously passed ordinance, which still needs to be approved by the mayor, bans any search warrant that does not require police to announce themselves and their purpose at the premises. It requires any Louisville Metro Police Department or Metro law enforcement to knock and wait a minimum of 15 seconds for a response.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer vowed to pass the ban as “soon as it hits my desk.”

It is excellent that the US is placing restraints on its internal troops, in the interest of rights and lives of people living under them in the Imperial homeland.

It would be even better if such restraints were also placed on its external troops, in the interest of rights and lives of people living under them in its colonial Empire.

If anything the no-knock raids in Afghanistan are carried out based on even poorer intelligence, with even more force, and with even less justification than the no-knock raids at home.

Or conversely, if the US does not want to place such limitations on its troops because they could sometimes lead to casualties, then US troops do not need to be in Afghanistan.

If US forces do not want to take an additional risk for the sake of sparing Afghan civilians countless wrongful shootings, then they have no business wielding armed power over them or being uninvited guests in their country. There is a boat waiting. The US can take it and spare its troops the risk, and the Afghans’ the shootings.

And for the love of god stop droning people based on metadata. That is just an atrocity.

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