Graffiti on Monument to SS Division Members Being Investigated as a Hate Crime by Canadian Police

14th Waffen Division of the SS (1st Galician)

An incident involving graffiti spray painted on a monument to those who fought in Adolf Hitler’s SS is being investigated as a hate crime by an Ontario police force.

Someone painted “Nazi war monument” on a stone cenotaph commemorating those who served with the 14th SS Division. The monument is located in Oakville in the St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Cemetery.

The division, made up of Ukrainians who pledged allegiance to Hitler, was part of the Nazi’s Waffen SS organization. Some members of the division have been accused of killing Polish women and children as well as Jews during the Second World War.

Halton Regional Police believe the graffiti was spray painted on the cenotaph sometime around June 21. Police said they were investigating the incident as a “hate-motivated” crime but they declined to release images of the graffiti so as to stop “further spreading” of the message.

But researcher Moss Robeson, who has written articles on Ukrainians who collaborated with the Nazis, provided details about the graffiti and the monument on Twitter, prompting questions about why Halton Regional Police think members of the Nazi SS can be the subject of hate crimes.

In response to questions from this newspaper, Const. Steve Elms, spokesman for Halton-Regional Police, cited a section of the Criminal Code that noted those communicating statements in any public place inciting hatred against any identifiable group could face imprisonment not exceeding two years. “This incident occurred to a monument and the graffiti appeared to target an identifiable group,” he explained in an email to questions about how a hate crime could be perpetrated against members of the SS.

The 14th SS Division, also known as the Galizien Division, was formed in 1943 when Nazi Germany needed to shore up its forces as allied troops, including those from the U.S., Canada, Britain and Russia, started to gain the upper hand and turn the tide of the war. In May 1944, SS leader Heinrich Himmler addressed the division with a speech that was greeted by cheers.  “Your homeland has become more beautiful since you have lost – on our initiative, I must say – the residents who were so often a dirty blemish on Galicia’s good name – namely the Jews,” Himmler said. “I know that if I ordered you to liquidate the Poles, I would be giving you permission to do what you are eager to do anyway.”

SS leader Heinrich Himmler greets members of the 14th SS Division during the Second World War

There are allegations members of the 14th SS Division took part in killing hundreds of Polish civilians in 1944 in the village of Huta Pieniacka. Some Ukrainians dispute that the SS division took part in the killings or they argue that only small elements from the unit – and under Nazi command – were involved. Others argue the SS members were heroes who fought against the Russians.

In 2017, a Polish judge issued an arrest warrant for then 98-year old Michael Karkoc, a 14th SS Division deputy company commander for war crimes. Karkoc, living in the U.S., died before he could be tried in court. He had been accused of coordinating the massacre of 44 civilians, including women and children, in the Polish village of Chłaniów in 1944.

Bernie Farber of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network said there is a need for Halton Regional Police to better educate themselves on what constitutes a hate-motivated crime. “Yes, it’s destruction of property for sure,” Farber said of the graffiti on the monument. “But a hate crime? Far from it.”

The monument to the 14th SS Division was also in the headlines in 2017 when the Russian Embassy in Ottawa posted images on its Twitter account pointing out the “Nazi monuments” in Canada.

Source: Ottawa Citizen

  1. Brion Adair says

    Now we see what actual direction this “hate crime” legislation is really going. O Canada is O so hypocritical.

  2. Eol Awki says

    Canada is full of Ukrainian nazis. They are a powerful political force there.

    1. John Joseph Sinclair says

      A Canada full of Ukrainian Nazis is infinitely better than a Canada full of Jews. Long live the memory of National Socialism.

  3. Bob Jones says

    There shouldn’t be laws against hate; just laws against violence and vandalism. Thought shouldn’t be policed.

  4. John Doe says

    With al;l the problems going on today with the communist socialist run groups causing all sorts of destruction and mayhem in the West it dawns on me that these guys were fighting the same people and ideology we are today. Just think if we had sided with them we would not be having these problems.

  5. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

    Where the fuck is black lives matter to tear down this ABOMINATION? DESTROY THIS SHIT.

    Oh, yeah, black lives matter don’t know nuttin’ ’bout no white nazi history because they don’t read and this REAL nazi memorial is directly connected to powerful Canadian dip shits.

    1. Collectivist says

      You filthy racist s.o.b.
      YOU are an abomination.

      1. cechas vodobenikov says

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        1. John Joseph Sinclair says

          Wittgenstein was a slimy Jew like Sigmund Freud (fraud). The JEWSA is unfortunately controlled by……the Jews.

          1. Jack says

            Valid point though. Language is the House of Being.

        2. Collectivist says

          I don’t speak ignoramus.

        3. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

          My point is that Black Lives Matter is completely controlled by elites. Are you the same guy who physically threatened me at truthdig years ago? I think you are. You’re an arrogant, odious pig.

          1. John Joseph Sinclair says

            BLM Marxist thugs are financed and controlled by……the Jews.

    2. John Joseph Sinclair says

      Commie shithead. The Germans and their allies defended Europe against Satanic Jewish Talmudic Communism and the Ukrainians welcomed the Germans with open arms against Communist Russia. Long live the memory of National Socialism.

      1. Brion Adair says

        Next you’ll be posting the lyrics for Deutschland Uber Alles. Go back to AntiFa.

        1. John Joseph Sinclair says

          Aaron Goldstein: I would rather have “Deutschland Deutschland Uber Alles” than Judea Uber Alles which we have today. General George Patton described the Germans in 1945 as the most intelligent people in Europe. You obviously prefer Der Jude Uber Alles. Goldstein: Antifa is financed and controlled by Der Jude. Are you replying from Tel Aviv or the JEWSA?

      2. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

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        1. John Joseph Sinclair says

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    3. Jack says

      Slimy Ukrainian Orthodox with all their money and influence control finance sector and mass media.

      1. John Joseph Sinclair says

        That’s right Jack, they are better known as the Jews.

  6. Bob avlon says

    Wonder that the Jews have not been onto this ages ago – the simon wiesethal foundation

    1. Jakeb47 says

      It has that “reptilian stench” all over it.

  7. AriusArmenian says

    These kind on monuments to nazis in eastern europe are also in the US. Thousands of nazis from Ukraine and Belarus were brought to the US after WW2 under cover of US intel agencies. There are towns in the US of their descendants that have statues of their nazis from Ww2.

    1. John Joseph Sinclair says

      Better an America full of monuments to the Nazis than an America full of monuments to the Jews.

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