Russia’s 300K-Strong Paramilitary Police Says Holding Massive Exercise That Will See It Moved by Road, Rail and Air

Nothing to see here, Russia is just holding all exercises at once

In early February Russians started seeing a lot of Rosgvardia paramilitary police activity, especially convoys, in western Russia.

But authorities have reassured them this is nothing out of the ordinary. Rosgvardia is simply holding its annual “Zaslon” exercise early:

The National Guard is preparing to conduct operational-strategic exercises Zaslon-2022 in all districts: these are annual exercises that are held on a planned basis. On Thursday, February 3, “” was told by the official representative of the Russian Guard Valery Gribakin .

Earlier, a number of media reported that residents of several border regions of the country drew attention to convoys with military equipment of Rosgvardia. 

“The transfer of forces and means to the areas of practical training will be carried out from different districts of the Russian Guard troops both by military aviation, and by road and rail,” Gribakin said.

Zaslon-2021 was held in July, but Zaslon-2022 has been inexplicitly brought forward to February and coincides with:

— A massive military exercise in Belarus conducted overwhelmingly by units from the Eastern Military District responsible for the Far East and the Pacific Coast. The exercise was announced just 14 days before it was to start and is taking place just 4 months after the equally massive biennial Russian-Belarusian “Zapad” exercise had concluded.

Massive naval drills involving 140 combat and supply ships and every Fleet of the Russian Navy, but apparently with many of the landing ships and missile cruisers converging on the Eastern Mediterranean

— A situation where numerous units from the Northern and Central Military Districts have their heavy equipment parked in the south-west of the country, within 200 kilometers of Ukraine

Alright then. Just a “routine” exercise then. Coincidentally brought forward to a moment when a bunch of other stuff is happening, and it’s all focused on the south-western direction.

Rosgvardia says the exercise will involve guardsmen from all of its districts and will involve transport by rail and air, implying they will be transported over long distances. Transported to where? Since heightened Rosgvardia activity was first observed in the west of the country is it fair to assume that is the main destination?

“Zaslon” means screen or barrier. It often means a barrier in the sense of preventing something from being seen. The Rosgvardia are armed as light infantry motorized by truck and armored car, but they act as security troops, manning checkpoints and guarding facilities. They would be crucial to maintaining operational security and turning curious eyes away.

  1. Mark says

    The more Washington screams for Russia to withdraw its troops and stop making Ukraine nervous, the more Russia holds military exercises and moves forces around. You would think Washington would notice that, and dial down the hysteria, since it is hard to draw any conclusion other than that Russia enjoys winding the USA up.

    Mind you, it could also mean that Russia suspects something is getting close to happening, and is merely escalating the deterrence and its obvious readiness to mix it up if that’s really what the west wants.

  2. TZVI says

    Don’t forget the possible nuclear drills. These drill will go live IMHO. Hopefully limited to the Donbas ( LPR /DPR). Avia Pro is reporting the Ukriane is moving land mind clearing brigades to the contact line of the LPR / DPR in a signal that an offensive is in the works, that and 30K extra troops ( a media given tally of 130,000 Ukrainian forces)…

    1. GMC says

      Yep, the Ukies put a whole lot of land mines down and forgot to make maps of everything, so every now and then a few of their guys find one – oops ! They need them gone if they are going to start advancing. My favorite toy was the Claymores, and a radio, when I was a soldier 50 years ago. I’ve learn a lot since then.

      1. TZVI says

        If that happens ( Ukraine attacking the LPR and DPR) find out if very quickly Just how well Russian equipment does in the slush mud…forecasts are for 5 C days and freezing nights with some rain here and there. Let’s just say no thaw ever stopped the Soviets from advancing on the eastern front…

        Radio’s are fun, at night when your bored and trying to stay awake. 🙂 Don’t know about playing with HE, too worried I’d blow my Nutz off.

  3. Steve Ginn says

    The Ukrops have bitten off more than they can chew this time! Their BS and bad manners have got them to the point of they either put up or shut up! But they are too worried about backing down and “losing face” than getting their arses blown off if a short and sweet shooting war starts.

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