GoFundMe ‘Steals’ $9 Million From Canada’s “Freedom Convoy” Truckers Under Pressure From Trudeau

Money will go to causes of company's choosing

Despite聽initially refusing to cave to pressure from Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and his allies, GoFundMe announced late Friday evening that it had decided not to disburse any more money to the “Freedom Convoy” and its supporters gathered in Coutts, Alberta and Ottawa. Users will now need to request a refund of their donation, or risk the possibility that the company will instead reroute it to an “approved” charity.

As Rebel News Editor-in-Chief Ezra Levant reported in a tweet, GoFundMe has decided to take – or some might say steal – the roughly CAD$9 million that was supposed to be used to pay for supplies like gas, food and other necessities for the truckers and instead dole that money out to charities of the company’s choosing, unless donors fill out a request form.

Why the company has decided on this policy, instead of instating automatic refunds for donors, isn’t clear. But as Levant joked, “what a windfall” for Black Lives Matter, Greenpeace and Planned Parenthood.”

GoFundMe claimed that the fundraiser is in violation of “Term 8” of its terms of service clause, and also explained that it often works with local authorities to “make sure we have a detailed understanding…of facts on the ground.”

The decision was made in order to ensure GoFundMe “remains a trusted platform”.

Others wondered how any of this is legal.

The Ottawa police, meanwhile, insist that demonstrators in the city are acting “unlawfully”. Several have been arrested (mostly for charges that may seem serious but actually aren’t) for making threatening statements on social media and for other issues.

Ottawa Police have also warned that they will be collecting as much digital and financial information as they can from both the truckers and anybody who donates to support them.

In a threatening statement, the police implied that supporters of the Freedom Convoy could face prosecution just for donating.

At this point, there’s really nothing else for users to do but request their refund (so that GoFundMe doesn’t simply take their money) and never donate to another fundraiser on the platform again.

Readers can find the link below:

After all, there are plenty other crowdraising platforms out there.

Source: Zero Hedge

  1. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

    GoFundMe just cut its own throat.

    1. Cap960 says

      The thousands of Karens and Mangina will still use it.

      1. Mr Reynard says

        So ?? Let GoFundMe live of Karens & Manginas ??
        Like Shitberger Shitbook way ??

  2. Rebel Forever says

    GoFundMe鈥bviously a bunch of commies. Never should have trusted those bastards.

    1. jim says

      Why didn’t you see that after they screwed Rittenhouse? Remember the kid that was trying to get funding to hire a lawyer? ANYONE remember that????????????

      1. SonOFtheMightyBozo says

        These people have the memory capacity of a goldfish. And to boot, their mouths hang open when the same companies like GoFundMe, FB, Twitter and the others sabotage them, then a week later they’ve forgotten already, ready to be suckered again. Then want to act righteous about their own gullibility.

  3. ken says

    The only thing left is for all truckers to unite and shutdown everywhere, including the US. All transactions will have to be cash as sites like GoFundMe are no longer trustworthy.

    This is a fine example of digital terrorism by governments. Corporations like GoFundMe can rob your money any time they desire. Banks own your money as soon as it’s deposited.

    Digital currency will be even worse. If you try to donate to a cause the government doesn’t like then they’ll just shut down your account and that’s the end for you and yours.

    Ignore this warning at your own peril. Stop using digital and start using cash as much as possible. Consider a tax revolt.

    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

    1. Jer么me says

      GoFundMe shall be towed away soon, by one of these trucks!

    2. Mark says

      Apparently Gofundme is just another arm of the political machine. And that’s too bad, because at least it created the appearance of regulating donated funds. Donors can, of course, ask for a refund and I am sure this craven surrender will inspire most of them to do that. But the suspicion will now extend to all online fundraisers, with the result that organizers will more often be entrusted with large amounts of cash. That’s the very thing the government was trying to prevent.

      Watch this timely and amusing video of Andrew Bolt, of SkyNews Australia, filleting Trudeau like a trout. Bolt describes him as a ‘Woke flake’, and it would be hard to argue with that characterization. As Bolt relates, the legacy media simply grabs stories and runs with them, sorrowfully blubbing about the clandestine burials of native children on the grounds of residential schools in secret graves which, detected by ground-penetrating radar, turned out to be tree roots and other natural disturbances. Too late! The media had already whipped the natives into a frenzy of church-burning and statue-toppling…which inspired Trudeau to confide that the anger was ‘totally understandable’.

      Yes, of course it is. But not if you are a non-native complaining about the government’s absurd vaccination coercion and freedom-killing policies. That’s unacceptable.


      Standing offer – we’ll give Australia Justin Trudeau and 30 million booster vaccine doses in exchange for Andrew Bolt, to take over the office of Prime Minister within two weeks of arriving in Canada.

  4. Jer么me says

    Communist Videl Trudeau( is illegitimate son of Fidel Castro who screwed up Pierre Elliot Trudeau wife) will soon end up in China forcefull exile…. Or in Canada, publicly executed….

  5. jim says

    I don’t understand how people did not learn this lesson after the Kyle Rittenhouse RIPOFF they pulled. I knew this would happen and I did not donate anything for just that reason. And besides that what happened to the plans of shutting this country down? Instead all we see now is pigs going from rig to rig handing out MVA tickets so as to bankrupt the men. Trucks are not running through baricades? Protests are being sent to places miles from ground zero in most cities and the truckers are cooperating with them following their orders where to drive. Here where I am It looks like its still all running good. All the stores are full and there is very limited empty shelves here. The trucks are still running and people are still driving their cars around?? So how come ALL trucks are not now parked because of this ripoff? EVEN THE PEOPLE THAT DID DONATE AINT DOING ANYTHING to stop the country. The only way we are gonna win this is if the country is completely PARALYZED. ALL trucks need to stop working. Everything needs to go to shutdown strike mode until the truckers get their money. STOP THE COUNTRY NOW.

  6. Juan says

    Basically once they accept the money they HAVE to give it to the intended destiny. Otherwise it’s just a bait and switch fraud. Yeah like the state. If they have problems with the cause, just say it so and don’t accept money donations. They acted perfidiously and that’s easily proven in court.

  7. James says

    Wait a minute, didn’t this same scam happen to the truckers with GoFundMe a few weeks ago? And they STILL continued to trust that corrupt platform?

  8. Mark says

    They caved and are now saying they will issue automatic refunds to all donors, at least half of whom will likely just shift the money to the new platform, Givesendgo. The liberals and their pets are trying hard to take it down through DDOS attacks, but it’s up periodically. Can’t help noticing they modified their return policy after several Twitter users advised donors to process a fraud claim through their bank, in which case they would have gotten their donation back AND Gofundme would have had to pay a service charge. Multiply that by 8 million plus, and…

  9. GMC says

    That’s a killing offense – I suppose their offices have relocated to Tel Aviv by now.

  10. Eric the Red says

    The only way peaceful protests work is if your enemy has the same morals as you do. In less than four weeks, these trucker protests are going to fail, unless they make plans to step up the level of physical force. None of them seem to realize that WWIII was declared, but they’re not fighting it, they’re just collectively standing around.

  11. Jer么me says

    Fidel Trudeau sooner or later will fall…Hope, this communist globalist seek exile in Israel!

  12. Rebel Forever says

    Harvard ‘professor’ Juliette Kayyem wants the government to “slash the tires of the truckers, take their fuel, etc.” What a stupid AND evil bitch. I think she should go to Ottawa herself and attempt her recommendation. One trucker would stuff her stupid ass into a trash can and roll her down the street, and I would pay to see that spectacle!

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