GLORIOUS: Biden’s Fiddling With Afghanistan Withdrawal Has Ensured the Empire Is Exiting in the Most Humiliating Way Possible

Trump left him a decent situation but he had to tinker with it and cross the Taliban

Trump left him all the political cover he needed to retreat on May 1st but the Democrats just needed to dismantle all that Trump had left and do things differently for the sake of it, even though the September withdrawal date makes clear Biden (who advised Obama against the surge) had no fundamental disagreement with his predecessor on the matter

The Empire is exiting Afghanistan in the most humiliating way possible with the Taliban fast on their heels and throwing out the US-installed government from one district after another even before the Americans leave. It is absolutely glorious.

When the Americans are out the Imperial Capital will not be able to claim “peace with honor” even for five minutes. Its utter failure and defeat are already so readily apparent before they are out, and still they have no choice but continue their exit. 

And to think it could have all been avoided. Sure, after the Americans left the Taliban were always going to eventually reduce the left-behind US puppet government to Kabul, a few major cities, and a swathe of the north —— but it didn’t need to happen so quickly, and it certainly need not have happened before the Americans even left.

Trump had a deal with the Taliban to leave on May 1st, which caused the Taliban to largely hold back and refrain from offensives that might cause the collective US to change its mind. But when Biden refused to honor the deal the calculation changed and the Taliban sprung into action to apply pressure and show they were not to be trifled with. — Causing the current situation where Americans are retreating even as their clients are collapsing all around. If only Biden had honored the Taliban-Trump deal and retreated by May 1st he could have been spared the worst of the humiliation and could have claimed “peace with honor” at least for a few weeks after.

Trump’s deal wasn’t perfect. There’s a good argument to be made that by holding talks with the Taliban and cutting out the Kabul government he fatally undermined it, as it influenced the perspective on the ground in Afghanistan that the Taliban were the equals of a superpower while the Kabul puppets were nobodies that were going to be discarded by their backers. It would have quite possibly been the better move for the Americans to have simply packed their bags and left without bartering with the Taliban.

What made dealing with the Taliban attractive for Trump was that it gave him a way to bring down American casualties to zero without having to withdraw just yet, which he didn’t have the political courage for. In other words, to be able to stay a little longer Trump ended up humiliating and delegitimizing the clients in Kabul and was fine with it.

If that wasn’t the worst of both worlds already, here comes Biden and allows himself EVEN MORE indecision and counterproductive fiddling. The US troops wouldn’t retreat by May 1st. But they still would retreat. Just several months later. All that accomplished was that the Taliban were no longer bound to a deal the US had just broken and were no longer concerned with helping the US save face while it retreats.

This is a good thing however. The more humiliating the US exit, the more reluctance there will be next time before invading someone else. By inflicting this defeat and humiliation on the American war machine who knows how many other countries the Taliban have saved. Countries that will never know the Taliban aided their survival and will never thank them. So let us raise a glass to their accomplishment instead. You don’t have to like their domestic policies, but just like an abusive husband can still do good by fending off a robber/arsonist/murderer/rapist so the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, by giving the Empire a bloody nose it won’t fast forget, has done something for world freedom.

As they say in Moscow: “What is good for the goose…”


  1. Raptar Driver says

    Come on people you can’t blame Biden!
    Would be like blaming Kermit the frog for not loving miss piggy; I don’t know?
    Uh, end of joke, he is a muppet.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      I would like to designate Biden as a non human entity or NHE.

    2. Gi Joe says

      Yes its the racist supremacist global Jewish slave empire dictatorship who mke the decisions, Biden like Trump, Johnson, Merkle, Macron etc., is a puppet, joke of a dishwasher

  2. Pablo says

    About that Biden meme at the top of this article. It is obvious to ALL that Sleepy Ol’ Joe Biden is unfit for the Office of the US President. Joe Biden is a decrepit, frail old man who belongs in a Nursing Home. And, the People who put Biden in the White House know it too. Putting Biden in the White House is the Elite’s way of saying “In your FACE, mofos!!” The “Mofos” being the American People. Our elites have so much contempt for Americans and it Institutions they put Biden in the White House to show their contempt for the USA and its Voters/taxpayers.

    1. saoirse52 says

      He may be a frail old man now, but like all American presidents he, with the compliance of the US people, is a genocidal war-criminal. Americans are only exceptional in their sleezy ability to turn quietly away from the mass murdering genocidal policy of their consecutive governments…..they’re all equally guilty !

      1. Pablo says

        Maybe, but only to a point. Most Americans are opposed to the Wars. Are opposed to the slavish support of Israel. Are opposed to the Neo Con Agenda. The problem is, it doesn’t matter what the American Public think. Their Government is unresponsive to them! The US Government has been thoroughly captured by a tiny group of Billionaires, Foreign Interests with Israel being #1. And a number of large Interest groups such as the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Insurance Industry. And of course, the War Lobby.

  3. ken says

    “The more humiliating the US exit, the more reluctance there will be next time before invading someone else”

    I don’t know…. Exiting Viet Nam was about as humiliating as it gets. Only kept the empire down a few years.

    Only a economic crash and / or civil war can do the job. Gov has caused so much hatred in the US its not funny. I have never seen so much hate. Depravity and wokism and racial tension all directed at Whites,,, mostly by Whites.

    It’s pretty obvious they are pushing every button they can. Biden just EO’d the critical race theory to be taught. It appears gov is actually looking for a fight. After watching the general cowardice the last 18 months over a fake virus I’m not sure this will happen. Being armed is of no use to cowards.

    It’s also possible they’ll try to redirect all that hate to their next war,,, China and Russia. The gov and a good portion of the population are so deluded they actually think they can defeat these two. That won’t happen in a conventional war,,, only nukes. Then no one is a winner.

    But the crazies are in control. No telling what they’ll do!

    1. kkk says

      Zionist mafia in control

  4. anon says

    The CIA tricked the Russians into invading Afghanistan to give them their own Vietnam. Then I guess they decided we needed another one so we invaded. These wars are about military spending and all the other rackets including drug and human trafficking that happen when you have a supply line set up.

  5. kkk says

    Rats jumping the ship

  6. Jerry Hood says

    Senile, unelected, illegal squatter in the White( hoes ) House= Beijing Biden!!!

  7. grimfandango says

    Who cares how “humiliating” the exit is? Just get the hell out already!

  8. Denis Rancourt says

    What about the opium fields?

    1. Raptar Driver says

      That is worth quite a bit of money.
      Someone will take good care of that.

    2. Mr Reynard says

      Yea.. No more Opium from Afghanistan, then Kosovo Zio-Albanian mafia will have to concentrate only on Body Parts traffic taken from Serbian People ??
      The Medecins sans Frontiers Dr Kouchner ex-Kosovo Gauleiter will help in that traffic as he did in the past …
      Shekels are shekels ….

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