Gigantic Demonstration Against the New Normal in Berlin, Police Crack Down

Governing class was celebrating BLM mass events just weeks ago

The police in Berlin began dissolving a large demonstration in Berlin against the federal government’s corona policy on Saturday evening. The demonstration was organized by the Stuttgart Initiative lateral thinking 711. The organizer cannot guarantee that the corona requirements will be met, said a police spokesman for the AFP news agency.

Criminal charges have been brought against the head of the meeting for non-compliance with the hygiene rules. The police repeatedly used loudspeakers to indicate compliance with the corona requirements. She asked to keep her distance and to wear a mouth and nose covering. Violations were documented according to the police, so that they could be punished afterwards.

“Please move away quickly and if possible alone or in small groups from the former rally site,” the Berlin police later tweeted in the afternoon. The approximately 1,100 emergency services on site would ensure that “no new groups of people form”.

Again and again the organizers called out thank you from the stage to the police officers, who are sweating full of equipment in the sun. It was emphasized several times that the police officers came to protect the participants.

Visitors told the Epoch Times that police officers told them they were on the protesters’ side. According to one participant, a police officer said literally: “We are on your side. Please keep us in the heart! “

When the police asked to clear the square, chants from the audience replied: “We’ll stay here!” Others shouted: “Peace – Freedom – We are the People”. An appeal was also made to the police: “Join, join, helmets, helmets”.

When police wanted to clear the stage where there were only a few people, participants courageously jumped out of the audience area and on the part of the organizers to help and sat on the stage. The police faced no power.

Both the demo participants and police officers seemed interested in a peaceful solution. Police and organizers have been negotiating a peaceful solution since 5 p.m., so the police should not clear the rally. According to information from the Epoch Times, the negotiations dragged on until at least 8 p.m. At around 9:00 p.m., the bestselling author Thorsten Schulte was taken away by the police in the presence of a lawyer.

Controversial number of participants

At midday, the police wrote on the short message service Twitter that the meeting on the street Unter den Linden had “got quite crowded”.

Visitors estimate the number of participants far higher than the 10,000 to 20,000 people reported in other media. A speaker said during the rally that over 1.3 million people were on the street on June 17. It was reported that the police had informed the organizer of this number of participants. People were swarming between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column. It was like a soccer fan mile or New Year’s Eve celebrating over a million participants. Not all visitors got through to the event location.

After the event was canceled, many participants gathered for a rally that was registered at short notice in front of the Berlin Reichstag.

Source: Epoch Tmes

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