Ghislaine Maxwell Sentenced to 10 Unsupervised Minutes With Hillary Clinton

After a jury found Ghislaine Maxwell guilty on five counts in her sex trafficking trial, Maxwell’s sentence was quickly handed down: ten minutes unsupervised in a room with Hillary Clinton.

“Considering the gross immorality of your crimes, the court sees fitting to put you in a room with Hillary Clinton, turn off the cameras, tell the prison guards to take a short, ten-minute break, and, you know, see how it goes for ya,” the judge said. He banged his gavel. “May God have mercy on your soul.”

Maxwell, who had been stoic in court up to this point, broke down sobbing. Through her lawyer, she asked if she could have some kind of melee weapon during the ten minutes with Mrs. Clinton. The court relented and granted her a pool noodle.

At publishing time, the court had also declared that should Maxwell survive her ten minutes with Hillary Clinton, a millstone will be tied around her neck and she’ll be “yeeted into the sea”.

Source: The Babylon Bee

Text may contain traces of satire.

  1. Martillo says

    That double spitting hoe caged cat fight would be something to see. The good news is both of these vile reptilian low life vipers will burn in hell along with Mossad kiddy porn director Epstein and the rest of the Pedo Island frequent flyer filth Kill Bill gates of hell, Billybod Clinton and Satanic ilk. We know who this filth is and as to be expected most of the pedovore vermin are also involved in the ongoing covaid$ caper cull.

    It’s a very big club and they are ALL in it.

    When the herd finally stampedes in the coming spring there will be hell to pay as these psychopaths cannibalize one another in a final attempt to survive. The coming war to the death will decide the future of humanity. Light or darkness…there will be no shadow in which to skulk.

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  2. Cap960 says

    The pimp goes to jail. The Johns are making deals with the victims. The victims will finally get paid for their past services. This whole thing is a charade!

  3. Teya says

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    1. dirtballdurbin says

      fuck you asswipe

  4. 80085 says

    Clinton dressed in a head to foot muglim thingy just so we can’t see the ugly old witch and armed with a sword, . then we dress pedo porn mossad honey pot Ghislaine in her birhday suit just so we can see them old saggy tits swing armed with a mace. Let the fun begin.

  5. Jasonovich says

    The evil old witch gets to gloat at the fallen Mossad porn star.
    I can image she’ll be saying
    “I’m at top of the food chain b1tch, take these tablets or it’s the long rope in your cell”..

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