Get Ready for Xi Jinping as the New Saddam Hussein (VIDEO)

The media starts working on it as the Pentagon sets its sights on returning to Philippines and Taiwan in a big way

Editor’s note: Below is the recent most episode of China Watch with Peter Lee. It’s a great show, good presentation coupled with Lee’s extensive knowledge. It used to be paywalled but this episode doesn’t seem to be. Let’s hope it stays that way. It’s hosted by Newsbud, a site founded by Sibel Edmonds which hosts a number of other similar shows.

America’s confrontation with the People’s Republic of China is heating up.  Not just the trade war and the 25% tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods announced by Donald Trump.  Not just the release and promotion of an ultrahawk Pentagon assessment of China’s military capabilities.

The real sign we’re getting serious about China is the appearance of the designated boogeyman: Xi Jinping to personify elite US anxiety and anger concerning China.

This episode looks at the road ahead: the road toward U.S. confrontation with the People’s Republic of China.  Its waypoints: the Philippines and Taiwan.  Its watchwords: “decoupling” and “UNCLOS”.

The estimated time of arrival: 2020.

Show notes

• Xi Jinping wanted global power.  He overshot

• Trump just had a great 24 hours on China

• Our Real Problem with China: Xi Jinping

• Top Philippine court orders government to protect South China Sea

• PH, US, India, Japan ships sail in SCS

• Lorenzana rejects proposal for PH to develop nuclear weapons

• Might China Withdraw From the Law of the Sea Treaty?  — Analysis

• Australia’s security agencies are run by ‘NUTTERS’ who have been going ‘berko’ at the Chinese since a journalist wrote a report for ASIO on their influence: ex-PM

Source: Newsbud

  1. JustPassingThrough says

    watched a good portion of “know your enemy,”
    the major flaw, imo, in the proposed scenario is that the u.s. is assumed to be believable.
    but the u.s. is no longer is believable as pompeo proudly states.
    their vaunted psy-ops will be looked as a 3 stooges fail.
    just as many of them are being viewed today from CN to VE and all stops in between.

  2. Godfree Roberts says

    The US is waking up too late. China outspends it 3:1 for R&D, in all weight classes Chinese missiles outrange their US counterparts by a hefty margin (mostly over 100%) and, by 2028, China’s defense budget will be bigger than America’s.

  3. Rowdy-Yates says

    As America enters the Philippines and Taiwan China enters South America

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