Germany’s Greens Are In Trouble. That Is a Good Thing

The Greens are imitating all the worst features of American liberal interventionism

Recent polling out of Germany indicates that the race to succeed Angela Merkel is looking better and better for the incumbent Christian Democrats, who were thought to be in serious danger of being overtaken by the German Green Party only a couple of months ago. As recently as late April, the Green Party leader, 40-year-old former trampolinist Anna Baerbock, was being touted as a breath of fresh air after 16 years of the stodgy Merkel.

That was then.

By mid-June, a poll released by the Allensbach Institute showed the Christian Democratic Union ahead of the Greens by 8 percentage points: 29.5 percent to 21.5 percent. Over this past weekend, a new poll saw the Christian Democrats holding steady, while the Greens slipped another percentage point.

So with just about three months to go before German voters head to the polls, the Greens look like they’re on their back foot.

And a good thing too, because the Greens, in the person of Baerbock, represent some of the worst tendencies in Western liberalism, especially in her support of foreign intervention in the name of human rights.

Indeed, Baerbock has made it a point to take a more hawkish stance than the conservative Laschet on Ukraine, which she supports for full NATO and E.U. membership. Baerbock has also called for sending military aid to Kiev, a policy that Merkel has long (and wisely) resisted. For this, Baerbock has drawn fire from one of the few remaining left, anti-imperialist outlets in the U.S., which has characterized her foreign policy as a combination of “aloof complacency, ignorance and aggressiveness.”

In an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Baerbock sounded like a German version of our own Samantha Power, asserting that she would consider deploying the Bundeswehr abroad even in the absence U.N. sanction, and noting that in some cases “action and inaction is sometimes a choice between plague and cholera…There are moments when military action can prevent the worst taking place.”

To no one’s surprise, Baerbock’s promise to support Kyiv come-what-may and her promise to scrap the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has won her praise from American neoconservatives. The NATO-funded Atlantic Council confidently predicts that “the Greens [sic] party would be aligned with the Biden administration on a slew of issues—despite its anti-establishment past. And that includes a tough line on Russia and China.”

Indeed, Baerbock has, consciously or not, adopted a number of the latest neocon talking points as her own, describing a world now divided between a “competition of systems: authoritarian powers versus liberal democracy.”

This is in stark contrast to the rhetoric of CDU front-runner Armin Laschet, who in a recent interview with the Financial Times expressed misgivings about waging liberal culture wars abroad. “I’m not sure,” said Laschet, “that always speaking out, loudly and aggressively, in public about a country’s human rights situation really leads to improvements on the ground.”

“Often you can reach more in the area of human rights by addressing issues in private conversations with leaders of other countries than by talking about it in press conferences,” he added.

Yet, in other respects the Green Party’s hawkishness resembles that of American progressives who, in a fit of adolescent rage against Donald Trump, spent much of the past four years turning themselves in to the party of cold war, military intervention, and national security state overreach. All this as they quite happily abandoned what had been for decades their core constituency of blue-collar workers in favor of an alliance with Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and the identitarians of the American academe.

As a critical article by the German leftist Sascha Doring pointed out, today the Green Party’s message “mostly resonates with a young, middle-class, and university-educated electorate, generally more focused on individual consumption habits and shutting down industries such as soft coal mining and manufacturers of cheap meat, either through direct closures or raising food prices,” which naturally puts them at odds with working-class voters.

Should the Greens come to grief on September 26, may it serve as a warning to the Democrats that their embrace of military intervention and corporate America at the expense of the working class is in need urgent of reconsideration.’

Source: The American Conservative

  1. Paster joe says

    Does nobody think it odd that the biggest concern of the average Joe in the Anglo-American world at the moment, is the threat of a transsexual talking to their child, compulsory homosexuality in schools, and a ‘Marxist’ black Civil rights movement bending its knees, ‘leftist’ paedophiles on every street corner, and censorship of people calling ‘a spade a spade’.

    All of these issues are irrelevant to the average working man’s life, but he is told 24 hours a day that these are crimes against him that he must rise up against and fight.

    But the working population are not being told about the substantial crimes being committed against him. The removal of food safety regulations and protections, their impoverishment through inflation, the removal of workers rights in Prop 22, passed in California where GIG workers get, no healthcare rights, no workers rights, and are victims of blackmail employment, which we used to call slavery.

    In parallel to this demotion of labour, a re-enactment of the Highland Clearances, is taking place across the economy, where the population in the form of small businesses are being cleared OFF the ‘Highlands’ of the free market economy, which is being made the sole domain of large corporations and a small powerful elite class able to price gouge the population with zero competition & with government complicity.

    The latter are of course real issues that directly affect the lives of the population, the former are Aunt Sally issues that demonises the left and turns them into a grotesque caricature of evil.
    Despite the true left being the only political movement, that has ever challenged the power and dominance of the capital owning class, the working population now detest and loath them, fearful of them and see them as a threat to their very lives.

    This is an amazing feat of mental engineering, and is a tribute to the power of the CIA’s ability to alter perception. They have achieved the psychological equivalent of persuading a rat to eat its own body, without the use of any drugs.
    Ever since the flight of Charlie Chaplin and the socialist in the 50s during McCarthyism the CIA have been intensely engaged in this war on the left. We today are seeing its weird and wonderful results, coming out of the MSM and in turn the mouths of the working population of the west.

    1. ken says

      All of these issues are irrelevant to the average working man’s life, but he is told 24 hours a day that these are crimes against him that he must rise up against and fight.”

      I really don’t see anyone saying we have to rise up against transsexuals, homosexuals, pedophiles and especially BLM Marxists or Antifa 24 hours a day…. In fact it is just the opposite. We are told how bigoted we are 24 hours a day for not accepting this societal demented trash.

      I would say those ARE relevant issues especially to those families that are trying to raise children and for a normal functioning society.

      Yes, food safety regulations, worker rights, etc may be important but I would consider them a bit less important then the total breakdown of morals and societal norms.

      My apologies if I somehow misread your post.

      1. pogohere says

        I agree that “In fact it is just the opposite. We are told how bigoted we are 24 hours a day for not accepting this societal demented trash.”

        Still, “the total breakdown of morals and societal norms” is a culture war being fomented to keep the (formerly?) employed population diverted from the theft of US wealth and the betrayal of US sovereignty by the entrenched oligarchy, both Wall Street and the global corporate behemoths. See BlackRock, a WEF board member.

        There is class war being waged.

  2. ken says

    With the medical nazis trying to kill most of us off, locking us down, restricting travel, bankrupting businesses, destroying livelihoods, threatening to needle us with an experimental who knows what, basically ruining any pleasure in life,,, it’s a bit difficult to get back into the political games,,, ya know…

  3. kkk says

    Green fascism is spreading

    1. geraldo says

      EcoNazis – forced sterilisation and chasing the locals down for committing ecocide by not recycling enough. all coming our way soon

  4. Mr Reynard says

    Quote:As recently as late April, the Green Party leader, 40-year-old former trampolinist Anna Baerbock, was being touted as a breath of fresh air after 16 years of the stodgy Merkel.
    Hmm that “fresh air” did reminded me of a cesspit odour ?

  5. Malatok says

    Bouncy Barebock the trampoline circUS act is just another dumb bought and paid for CIA shill from the dying anglozionazi empire that hasn’t a chance in hell of taking over occupied Germany for her masters in Washing town. Though the tattooed brain dead injected masses love politicians that are even more stupid than themselves… the circus act pudgy watermelon socialist greenie has become a laughing stock to every male left standing in Germany and after the bitchy STASI Erika performance of the last 20 years the woman thing is definitely out. Even hollow cost collective guilt traumatized hostage Germans eventually learn to get off their knees. Bouncy and her greenie BLM Soros BBB BS insanity was just the circUS act to get them vertical. Molotov Fischer could have coached her better if he could have gotten a word in edgeways at the watermelon socialist gaggle hen parties.

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