Germany to Ban the Double-Jabbed From Restaurants, Bars

Those treated with two mRNA doses still need a negative test

Editor’s note: I absolutely love this. Nice lesson for the doubly-injected sheeple. Probably won’t stick but whatever.

Access to Germany’s restaurants, bars and cafes will soon only be possible for fully vaccinated and recovered people with a Covid-19 test – or for those who’ve had their booster under new rules.

That’s according to an agreement by Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and the state government leaders, several German media sites reported on Friday.

Currently only fully vaccinated and those who’ve recovered from Covid-19 recently can enter most public areas, such as restaurants, bars, museums and non-essential shops (known as the 2G rule). People who choose not to get vaccinated are not allowed into these places.

But under the new agreement, the catering sector will have to introduce the 2G-plus rule nationwide. It means that fully vaccinated and recovered will have to show a recent Covid-19 negative test to enter bars, restaurants and cafes.

People who’ve had their booster shot on top of being fully vaccinated do not need to take a Covid-19 test. They will instead have to show proof of their top-up Covid shot.

Previously, some states and individual businesses have opted for the 2G-plus rule.

But it will soon apply nationwide and regardless of the incidence, according to the agreement from the government and states.

In enforcing the regulation, the states want to “pay special attention to bars and pubs,” the resolution paper states.

On Thursday, German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said hospitality was a “problem area”.

It is unclear when the new nationwide rules will come into force. An earlier draft earmarked January 15th.

Source: The Local

  1. Rebel Forever says

    All it would have taken to stop this bullshit in its tracks would have been for people to rise up and say HELL NO! Unfortunately there are many more sheep than there are lions in this world.

    1. ken says

      Sheep aren’t even this stupid…

      1. James says

        Right, I don’t think we can call them sheep. They’re drones.

    2. Abraham Lincoln says

      The sheeple can still stop it now. it will be stopped when so many sheep die they can’t cover it up any more.

  2. ken says

    Next the 4th,,,5th,,, 6th,,,7th,,, 8th, etc booster. Onward and Upward!

    Round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows!

    Stupidity doesn’t cover this. Insanity doesn’t cover this. Only satanic evil gets close.

    “Access to Germany’s restaurants, bars and cafes will soon only be possible for fully vaccinated and recovered people with a Covid-19 test”

    Remember the PCR has been dropped by the CDC just a week ago,,, yet here we are….. testing, testing, testing.

    In the states we have Supremo just-us Sotomyer saying we have 100,000 children sick from the rona on ventilators in hospitals,,, flat out bullshit. They put out these lies and the bobble heads just bobble.

    An idiot insurance company CEO from Indiana says there is a 40% increase of deaths from working age people, all from different causes, mostly heart attacks and clots, during the third quarter, still,,, says it’s due to the unjabbed. The vaxx that kills many within a couple of days gets no mention… just the unjabbed.

    Well what about 2020 when the rona was supposedly raging? Nope,,, no change in death stats. Why just starting in the third quarter. I’ll tell you why,,, because the second and third quarters is when the jabs really took off. And this idiot is running a 100 billion dollar insurance corporate scam.

    I need a drink!

  3. Mr Reynard says

    Impfung Macht Frei !

    1. Empire_Spokesperson says

      Good one, however it simply didn’t.

  4. edwardi says

    Who in their right minds would even allow themselves to be so called ‘tested.’. The PCR tests were a fraud from the very beginning, the inventor explicitly stated so on video before he “died,” and jamming a ‘nasal swab’ coated in suspicious materials, up the nasal cavity, was early on investigated and the swabs said to contain dangerous materials and coatings. So testing healthy people with no overt symptoms of anything is just part of this ongoing Fraud, as they fictitiously assert that asymtomatic people can transmit a symptom which the medical professionals I listen to say is pure baloney. People are dying as they die every year, from a variety of causes, mostly self- inflicted through the pie hole, and including the flu, which again, has largely mysteriously disappeared since they began attributing the slightest sniffle as Covid. In the U.S. many people that die in hospital are doing so as a result of the piss poor less than 3rd world standards of modern American medical care where MD’s are treated like subordinate robots handcuffed by the ‘official’ Dr. Fauci protocols. Fauci fast tracked a dangerous new drug called Remdemisvir which has a possible side effect profile a mile and half long with many potentially super serious such as Kidney failure. Yet he adamantly prohibits numerous repurposed drugs and treatments that have been w/o doubt demonstrated safe and effective in huge geographical other areas of the world like India and Japan. The only real Question remaining are the motives behind this Dr. Fauci Fraud, is it just the Big Pharma drive for vaccine profits which regarding the flu had waned to almost nothing since most sensible people preferred to take their chances with their own immune and resistance to the flu, rather than take a shot that many people who did take the shot were saying gave them ugly flu like symptoms that they doubt seriously they would have otherwise experienced. So did they gin up this alleged virus to be more contagious to give excuse to herd the public into their vaccine profit mill ( over 30 Billion for Pfizer alone in a 12 mo. period ) , or additionally because that scenario is laughably obvious, whether or not they gain of functioned some flu virus or just rolled out Plan 201 at the first sign of opportunity, but is this Ugly world reality we are all living in now part of a Wider Scheme of de-population leading to Charles Schwabb’s self described New World Order ? Our roboticized new fully digitalized human anatomy fully integrated with wi-fi and by golly life will be so good when we can visualize our refrigerator contents w/o getting up from our chairs. Driving that very plausible scheme is the pending Pop of the Banking Balloon the West calls a financial system, the rentier economy of usurious interest rates driven by 500 years of Colonial Imperialism is fast collapsing as they run out of new frontiers to victimize. they have been keeping that balloon inflated with Q/E digital $$, but the many Trillions being injected to keep the Rothchild Empire and associates solvent is exposing a totally non productive economy via the Wall St. Dow Jones ongoing Fraud, and pending hyper-inflation. So as bad as things are, have been the past two years, this next year, 2022 is looking Mighty Ominous.

  5. Empire_Spokesperson says

    Were we expecting anything less?

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