Germany Ponders ‘New’ Freedoms but Only for the Injected

Didn't get the 'emergency use' injection? You don't get the "extra" rights and freedoms — actually just the normal pre-2020 rights that everyone had

Germany innovating in “extra freedoms” once again

Germany is considering new plans to give extra rights and freedoms to people who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

The proposed changes to the existing pandemic rules would involve lifting certain social contact and movement restrictions. Inoculated and recovered people will no longer need a negative test if they want to go shopping, to the hairdresser or to visit a botanical garden, according to examples laid out by the German justice ministry.

People who live in Germany would also no longer have to go into quarantine after traveling abroad, if fully inoculated, with a few regional exceptions.

The legislation now has to go through the lower and then the upper houses of parliament. The lower house — the Bundestag — will meet Thursday to discuss the proposals, but questions remain over how people will prove they’ve had the vaccine and whether the possible loosening of the rules is confusing, unsafe or unfair.

The legislation could come into force over the weekend.

Vaccinated people will also be allowed to meet in private without restrictions, according to the plan, which if voted through Germany’s parliament could come into effect as early as Saturday. But mask wearing and social distancing in public spaces will remain on the cards.

German Health Minister Jens Spahn also voiced cautious optimism due to the success of Covid-19 vaccines so far. “The fact that we can — one year after the pandemic began — deal with how to return freedoms to those who are vaccinated, is due to the fact that vaccines were developed in record time,” he said.

Source: CNN

  1. Richard says

    We will just play the waiting game. In a few months those who had the jab will either be home sick or dead. Then, who will have the freedom? The living of course.

    PS. The wrong picture was used in this article, it should have been from the anti-Christ Soviet Union.

  2. ken says

    Germany is always numero uno when it comes to totalitarianism. It’s in their genes.

    1. Juan says

      Hey bigot

  3. Mark says

    At least we will know in future that when governments start blabbering about how free and democratic the country is, that it’s just talk and doesn’t represent any real state of affairs. The whole world is preparing to celebrate apartheid, after the snotty west condemned it for generations and wars were fought, ostensibly for ‘freedom’.

    Western governments have ambitious plans about reopening all borders based on use of a ‘vaccination passport’ which will attempt to usher in a two-tier society based on turning what were your rights into privileges that you have to jump through hoops to gain. But industries like tourism need to be constantly expanding to survive, and will be starting from catastrophic low levels of activity. They need a hard, fast rebound and then a steady climb to remain viable, and cannot sustain long-term reduced levels.

    While most countries seem to be going along with this blatant coercion, most seem also to have a backup plan where they will accept a negative COVID test within a given period in lieu of vaccination. That’s inconvenient, but it should lead to the development of a realistic test given the PCR’s abundant false positives, and eventually when the world does not end they will have to drop even that or tourism will collapse; the numbers that reject vaccination are actually quite substantial.

    Meanwhile I am okay to vacation in my own country – there are lots of places I have never been and would like to visit, and I’m okay with driving if they don’t want to let me on a plane.Gas-station owners will be happy.

  4. Ronnie says

    First come the rules, then come the laws then come the round-ups.
    You know the rest.
    Only this time its gonna also be USSA + Euro vassals and the “World Power,” GOON BRITAIN.
    ……”and the man in the back said everyone attack and it turned into a Ballroom Blitz.”

  5. Ronnie says

    Dear Richard Cranium.
    The editor was spot on with the photo choice. For the love of God give the Russians a day off.
    I notice the Jew hating nutters are silent….photo approved no doubt!

    For the record concentration camps where created by the British and deployed in South Africa during the Boar War. Hitler copied the idea and Germany over engineered the concept to the level of mass, industrial murder.
    Stalin signed on to the program as it was so effective.
    FEMA camps ready too….. Roll, Fight tonight, Tools in the box. “Get some you Bad Actors.”…sound bites and primary colours are the preferred delivery.
    The worlds average IQ is 81…..this will not stop politicians racing to the bottom.

  6. silver9blue says

    People with a vaccine can go on holiday. People with no vaccine can carry the plague. If you don’t know who has a vaccine or who could bring in the plague what then? You ban everyone.

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