Germany, Netherlands to Install NATO Missile Battery in Slovakia

Source: Associated Press

Dutch military says it will team up with Germany to install Patriot battery in Slovakia.

NATO requested the anti-missile system’s installation along alliance’s eastern flank, says the Netherlands.

Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren said Tuesday that the Dutch ruling coalition agrees “in principle” to the deployment on the alliance’s eastern flank as a defensive measure.

Ollongren says that some 150 to 200 Dutch troops will head east with the missile system as soon as the Cabinet gives formal approval. The defense ministry said the missiles can take down airplanes, helicopters and cruise missiles up to an altitude of 20 kilometers, or some 12.4 miles.

The Dutch military’s Patriot systems have previously seen service in both Gulf wars and were stationed in southern Turkey from 2013-15 to intercept missiles from Syria. [Sic.]

Germany announced late last month that it planned to send Patriots to Slovakia.

  1. ken says

    Stupid is as stupid does. Pretty obvious Russia doesn’t want a bunch of ghetto states ruled by soy boys and girls to care for.

    The Patriot system is old,,, might be able to shoot down a Fokker from back in the day when the Dutch had a yearning for learning. Today they leave all the thinking up to their step daddy,,,the USA.

  2. SteveK9 says

    Who cares? They don’t work anyway.

  3. guest says

    At the same time Germany sent message to Poland, please don’t send anymore trains loaded with Ukrainan refugees. (how is the train service between Budapest and Munich ?)

    1. Geraldo says

      Europe! the new Ukraine! Let them deal with the nazis in their neighbourhoods, the mafia, the prostituion and child abuse, Ukraine is the worlds worst country for Child prostitution (it even has its own wikipedia page, impressive!) see how the Germans like that! Ah the west in its ignorance and eagerness to hate russia – a country they know nothing about.

  4. Geraldo says

    pahahaha! Patriot just another pile of overpriced US junk. Didn’t help the Saudis when the houthis used a few thousands of dollars drones to take out 8% of oil supply a few years back. Syrians were shooting them down with old S300 system and new Russian EW systems. I’m sure nobody in Russia is worrying. And if things gets frisky there is always the hypersonics which the west cannot even track via radar, thus making them invisible.

  5. Kolokol says

    Gotta defend from those Iranian missiles. Remember that.Well, they may actually need them.

    1. Kolokol says

      The finest, most comprehensive ‘table turning’ in history!

  6. GMC says

    At least we get to see who the real enemies in the West are. Germany is digging a bigger Hole for themselves every month. Especially with their new Greenhorn Administration.

    Here comes more Russian Heavy metal into Belarus because of this stupidity.

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