Germany Discovers Ukrainian Refugees Are Uninterested in Vaccination, and Wary of the Vaccinators

“Unfortunately, we’re finding that the refugees aren’t exactly snatching the vaccines out of our hands”

Editor’s note: Ukraine’s vaccination rate is even lower than Russia’s. Good people.

Source: Eugyppius

Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Public Radio) notices that Ukrainian refugees are overwhelmingly unvaccinated:

Only about a third of Ukrainians have been vaccinated against Corona, in part with vaccines that are unapproved in the EU. The low vaccination rate could cause problems in the refugee centres. The city of Nürnberg, for example, has set up three gymnasiums to accommodate 600 people, where many must share a small space. …

Anyone who wants to can receive a vaccination a few hundred metres away … free of charge for Ukrainian refugees.

“Unfortunately, we’re finding that the refugees aren’t exactly snatching the vaccines out of our hands,” says Nürnberg Mayor Marcus König.

“Many new arrivals are very worried about ‘forced vaccinations’,” adds Thomas Jung, Mayor of Fürth. He says you have to approach the topic with sensitivity. …

It’s been months of overt coercion to accept vaccination from politicians and the press here in the Federal Republic of Germany. Months of social exclusion and jeopardised careers and all the rest of it. Nobody has given the slightest thought to “sensitivity.” Why are they now at pains to accommodate the feelings of Ukrainians?

Jung explains that city officials pressed a Ukrainian doctor into service, to begin delicately preaching the Gospel of Vaccination to refugees last Friday. It’s rare, because the West is so totalising, but every now and then you get an idea of what it must be like to look into this funhouse from the outside. You flee a war-zone and end up sleeping on the floor of some repurposed gym, while the locals scheme madly about how to inject you with their latest mRNA tech.

Dear Ukrainians: You’re entirely right to be terrified of forced vaccination. We are too.

  1. Kointel Killah says

    Vax Lies Matter

  2. jim says

    The people there are smarter then I thought. At least they know what happens from the lethal injection. I never thought ukrainians had any brain matter at all. Guess this proves me wrong. That is good this time though.

  3. ken says

    The Ukies are very smart but like the US and the West they have allowed the lunatics to take charge. The clot shots will kill more Ukrainians than the Russians in the long term. There is over a 1000% increase in US military deaths and injuries since the kill shots have been mandated.

    Yeah,,, somehow the forcing of experimental DNA changing injections today is different than the Germans we hung at Nuremberg for doing basically the same in WWII.

    1. Stig says

      Sorry, about the Germans, Nurnberg and WW2 you are, basically,,,, a bit confused.

  4. William White says

    Show good common sense, no thinking intelligent adult would subject themselves to an unproven and mostly useless shot.

  5. Kieran says

    meanwhile more and more sportsmen are complaining of chest pains and breathing difficulties, the latest being tennis star Nadal. whether this is an adverse reaction linked to the killshot is anyone’s guess but the Ukrainian refugees should not be coerced until things are more clear

    1. Juan says

      Karma’s a bitch Nadal.

    2. Novax says

      the Ukrainian refugees should not be coerced until things are more clear

      Nobody should.

    3. Stig says

      Do I read your logic correctly: once things are more clear, they should be coerced to take the killshots?

      1. Kieran says

        under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should they be coerced i should have made that clear.

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