Germany Announces Plans for a 2-Tier Society, With Some Given Privileges Over Anti-Vaxxer Filth

If you don't want an injection whose trials will be completed in 2023 and who you can't sue anyone over if it messes you up, you are an anti-vaxxer terrorist

Pfizer macht frei

Germany has announced plans to allow people vaccinated against Covid-19 certain privileges over their unvaccinated peers, in a significant step towards introducing so-called “vaccine passports.”

Jens Spahn, the country’s health minister, said on Sunday that vaccinated people would be allowed to travel without quarantine, visit hairdressers and go shopping with minimal restrictions after new research indicated vaccinated people only pose a minimal risk of transmitting the virus.

“Anyone who is vaccinated can go to the shop or the hairdresser without further testing. In addition, according to the Robert Koch Institute (Germany’s peak health research agency), completely vaccinated people no longer have to be in quarantine,” Spahn told Germany’s Bild tabloid on Sunday.

He did not give an exact date upon which the rules would come into effect, although German media reported the measure would be introduced in the coming weeks.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce a Covid vaccine passport system this week. Currently, people arriving in Germany from risk areas are required to quarantine for ten days, while some states allow Germans to visit shops and hairdressers only with evidence of a recent negative test.

Under the plan, people who have received both vaccine doses will be free to shop, travel and visit hairdressers from 14 days after their final shot, when their risk of transmitting the disease becomes negligible.

“According to the research, the risk of virus transmission by people who have been fully vaccinated from the 15th day after the second vaccination dose is lower than an asymptomatic person who has tested negative with a rapid antigen test,” Mr Spahn said.

He added that the “current state of knowledge indicates that vaccinated persons probably no longer play a significant role in the epidemiology (i.e. transmission) of the disease”.

Vaccinated people would still have to comply with social distancing, hygiene and mask requirements, however.  The German government has come intense criticism for its laboured vaccine rollout, highlighted by continual policy changes on the AstraZeneca jab.

By Sunday 12 percent  of Germans, or 10 million people, had received one injection. About 4.3 million people, just over five percent of the population, had received both shots.

In the UK, 59.8 percent of the population, or 31.5 million people, have had one dose, with 10.2 percent, or 5.3 million people, receiving both doses.

 Germany is expected to put in place a stricter, nationwide lockdown after the Easter break, which could include some of the toughest measures since the outbreak of the pandemic.

According to the German tabloid Bild, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has grown dissatisfied with regional approaches and wants a large nationwide lockdown to curb rising infection rates.

Measures on the table include nationwide stay at home orders imposed either at night or for a 24-hour period. It would be the first time such a measure has been put in place in Germany.

Schools would close, while companies would be required to regularly test their employees or force them to work from home.

Source: The Telegraph

  1. archangelofjustice says

    This is a blattant discrimination. Based on an estimation that has nothing to with medicine, the politics of important countries based on abuse and discriminatory measures to impose a police state which control everything and assures implementation of satanist state in which people are just objects, submitted to state’s will.

  2. Andra says

    German Gov’t. No memory. No conscience. Just power and money.
    Back to the future.

    1. ken says

      And far more infectious than the covid…. with no apparent cure or vaccine.

    2. RIP says

      History on the verge of repeating itself. Where are the NEVER FORGET choir members??? I guess they forgot!!

  3. ken says

    Will we have to wear those yellow armbands? Get free rides on trains? Be subject to even more drug testing?

    And what is the difference between that and these vaccine passports?

    All over a bug, if real, has damn near a 100% recovery rate no worse than the flu that has mysteriously disappeared. Anyone else smell a rotting rat?

  4. Bo B says

    Merkel & Co message – Fuck the Nuremburg laws, let´s impose Medical apartheid like in Israel.

  5. Mark says

    You would think this offers a perfect window for a leader to emerge whose platform would be “Elect me, and immediately get back to normal”. You better believe I’d vote for someone like that, although I otherwise will never vote again. World leaders right under everyone’s nose are espousing policies we grew up loathing; we were taught to hate the very nature of segregation and a privileged class – it’s the whole reason the unbelievably rich have to pretend to do good with some of their money, so they won’t be thought of as an ‘oligarch’. It is as illegal as hell to force someone to get a government-sponsored vaccination when (a) the drug has not completed clinical trials, and is only approved for emergency use, and (b) the illness or disease is not vaccine-capable. Vaccination against COVID-19 will not prevent you from being infected by the virus; all the manufacturers say so. It will merely mitigate your symptoms. So once you have accepted the vaccine, you’ll have to get a booster shot every year, to keep your non-existent immunity up, because the prevalence of immunity conferred by ‘;the jab’ is just another of those ‘so many things we don’t know about this virus’, although you would think there is nothing they don’t know if you asked for advice on how to protect yourself from it. They know plenty about that.

  6. Kieran DSouza says

    this is a money making scam by the vaccine pushers of Bill Gates ilk who have governments in their pockets. By now herd immunity or people with antibodies having being exposed to the virus could well be 50% of target population. IN which case mass vaccination and certification makes no sense except to benefit the vaccine pharmas bottom lines and the governments of course who get a slice of the cake also. The real sensible thing would be to test for antibodies as millions get infected without breaking a sweat as they have primed immunity for this mild virus that has less that 1% mortality. Many Indian cities have crossed 50% herd immunity and Russia is expected to reach 60% by August

  7. yuri says

    the clerics in Germany only permit covid poison for those over 65…who needs the elderly?
    the clerics in spain only permit the same vaccine for people under 60
    the new theology is virology…

    1. Bear says

      It’s all scientism. I pay ‘scientists’, to find ambiguous evidence, for whatever abstract concept I can come up with and it’s Educated and Propogandized as Fact. Corporate sponsored, politically controlled, Scientism. More dangerous than anything that has plagued mankind. Very little we’re taught of this Universe is True.

  8. XSFRGR says

    Such is the fate of cattle.

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