German Study Shows Added CO2 Has Led to 14% More Vegetation Over the Past 100 Years

Crop yields will rise by up to 15% by 2050

Aside from photosynthesis in plants, C02 is also a participant in cellular respiration in humans (and other multicellular animals) and helps oxygen get to where it is needed and in sufficient quantities

Almost everyone with even just a fraction of a science education knows Co2 is fertilizer to vegetation and that the added 100 or so ppm in our atmosphere over the past decades have been beneficial to plant growth and thus led to more greening of the continents.

Yet, some alarmists still sniff at this fact, or deny it.

More trees (+7%) and vegetation (+14%)

In the 34th climate video, Die kalte Sonne here reports on a recent German study by Merbach et al that looks at the question of just how beneficial the added CO2 has been to plant growth globally.

The authors’ findings: Over the past 100 years, there has been increased global vegetation growth.

“The global vegetation cover increased approximately 11- 14%, of which 70% can be attributed to the increased CO2 in the atmosphere,” reports Die kalte Sonne on the findings.

Another result: “Since 1982, the inventory of trees has increased more than 7%”.

Crop yields will rise by up to 15% by 2050

The news gets even better, the scientists show. Food production is expected to surge due to the increased amounts of CO2:

As the diagram above shows, crops such as soy bean (Soja), wheat (Weizen), rice (Reis) and corn (Mais) will surge as CO2 concentration rises to 550 ppm by 2050, thus lending a huge hand in feeding the planet’s growing population, which could reach 10 billion by mid century.

Germany: more than 30% higher crop yields since 1990

Another example cited is Germany: “From 1990 to 2015 in Germany, crop yields for wheat, barley, corn and potatoes rose more than 30%, which the researchers attribute in part to the higher CO2 concentrations,” Die kalte Sonne reports.

“The authors hope that the CO2-related crop yield increase will secure the food and feedstuffs production and contribute to feeding the world’s growing population.”

The study appeared in the Journal of Land Management, Food and Environment at the end of 2020.

Source: Watts Up With That?

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7 months ago

I can remember reading about these results a long long time ago. Said that Australia would get a lot greener due to regular rain fall and more cyclonic rain depressions. No mention of mega tides etc. Just good rain fall and moar trees.

That soon got scrubbed from the manic, fake, woke, political con job, BS news .

Let’s be honest we live in incredible times. For those who care or can think, the truth has been revealed……the government/big business/financial parasites and military just lie through their teeth.
Have been doing it since the beginning of settle agriculture and village life.

There is no other truth.
End times just might mean that the people are free at last.

However people are their own worse enemy….unable to resist snatching the last chocolate biscuit in the packet. Sharing, caring, waiting their turn in a queue and seeing that’s everyone gets to equal portion seems to be the hardest thing to do. I try my best and it actually makes you feel good.

7 months ago

Like the fictitious virus,,, the fictitious global warming is just a control program. The fake virus makes its money from the killer shots and the fake GW makes its money from Carbon taxes.

Of course millions belong to both cults. The first will be killing them off and the second taxing those left to death.

We are at present at the lowest CO2 levels the earth has ever had assuming you go further back in time then the globalist high priests.

And without these ‘greenhouse gasses we would be using the heater every night.

Listening to morons like Fauci and Gore will be the end of human civilization.

Screenshot_2021-03-11 How to Think About Climate Change William Happer The Truthseeker(1).png
Ultrafart the Brave
Ultrafart the Brave
7 months ago
Reply to  ken

“Listening to morons like Fauci and Gore will be the end of human civilization.”

Problem is, Westerners seem to need a hero to follow, and there’s an endless supply of psycopathic megalomaniacs more than happy to oblige.

What we need are more charismatic dictators who actually give a rat’s arse about their people. Dictators who have the gonads to hold people like creepy Bill and his Mini-Me Fauci to account.

Eileen Kuch
Eileen Kuch
7 months ago

Exactly, Ultrafart the Brave; “Listening to morons such as Faustus and Gore will be the end of human civilization.”
Here’s the problem, Westerners seem to need a hero to follow, and there’s an endless supply of psychopathic megalomaniacs more than happy to oblige.
Actually, what we really need are more charismatic dictators who really give a rat’s arse about their people .. Dictators who have the gonads to hold criminals such as creepy Bill Gates and his Mini-Me Faustus to account; the sooner the better.

7 months ago

and hang them High

7 months ago

The Real Climate Story, Part 1: The Facts on CO2

The Real Climate Story, The Facts on CO2
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