German State “Allows” Groceries to Ban the Uninjected Even If They Have a Negative Test

But if they do it, they get to ditch the face diapers

Editor’s note: Hilarious stuff. How is someone who tested negative and is proven to not have virus to shed possibly a greater disease vector than someone who hasn’t but has been injected with a vaccine with zero or NEGATIVE efficacy against infection?

Supermarkets in Frankfurt and the surrounding region can now implement rules that only allow vaccinated and Covid-recovered people onto their premises.

The new Covid health pass entry rules announced by the central state of Hesse have upped the pressure on the unvaccinated by allowing all shops to implement the so-called 2G rule at their doors.

The 2G rule refers to public places being given the option to allow entry only to vaccinated (geimpft in German) or people who’ve recovered from Covid (genesen) and has so far been allowed in half of Germany’s states for certain public places like bars, restaurants, nightclubs and cinemas.

The government in Hesse said that it had taken the decision to go a step further and allow shops to bar entry to the unvaccinated “at the request of the sector”.

Implementing 2G rules allows shops to drop mask-wearing and social distancing rules.

“We expect that this option will only be used on some days and that businesses which cater to everyday needs will not make use of it,” state leader Volker Bouffier said on Tuesday.

The decision comes after a Frankfurt court ruled in favour of a barbecue utensil store which had launched a legal objection to the fact that it could not implement 2G rules on its premises.

The court said in its ruling earlier in October that it had “considerable legal reservations about the exclusion of sales outlets and similar establishments from the so-called 2G rule”.

2G has proved controversial, with many people complaining that it excludes people who can’t  vaccinate and that it has the potential to widen societal divisions over the pandemic response.

Many locations in the hospitality and entertainment sector have stuck to a 3G rule, which allows people to enter if they can show a negative Covid-19 test.

Throughout the pandemic, German authorities have excluded supermarkets and other grocers from most restrictions, such as lockdowns and entry rules, in order to ensure that everyone has continued access to essential goods.

With several million German adults still to be vaccinated as the winter draws near, authorities have sought to up the pressure on them by making access to some parts of public life more difficult or costly.

Eight federal states have allowed businesses and event organisers to adopt the so-called 2G option – that is to allow entry only to the vaccinated (geimpft) and people who’ve recovered from Covid-19 (genesen) – and not unvaccinated people who’ve tested (getestet) negatively for Covid.

Nationwide, the negative lateral flow test that is necessary to be allowed entry as an unvaccinated person is no longer free. The government has said that this decision was taken in order to reduce the tax burden of pandemic measures.

The Local approached the Hesse government for comment.

Source: The Local

  1. Malatok says

    YOU are the disease, their covaid$ death squirt the cure. Get the covaid$ death squirt. Your masters know best

    Evolution is a nasty business and life doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ who lives it or indeed who throws it away.

    Your kakistocracy only wants what’s best for you…..nudge..nudge…wink…sputter…. cackle.

    Professor Mattias Desmet on EweTueb “How can so many still buy into the narrative” The psychological manipulation of the herd is “nudging” the least intelligent to their demise, the rest of us will be forced to fight.

    PfiZer macht frei…permanently.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Isn’t that Impfung Macht Frei ??

      1. Malatok says

        It’s not “vaccines” that they are shooting into the sheeple.
        Of course one could say Spritzen macht frei….but I have a thing for the letter ZZ….it’s so NAZI

  2. Malatok says

    2G and 3G is evil garbage but when they light up the 5G towers in the coming Dark Winter and start frying the graphene oxide covaids death squirt poisoned sheeple then the real fun will begin. Can’t wait to watch the mass mutton barbie. Then we’ll see how long these covaid$ NAZI stores survive without us.

    1. Ron says

      ALL “man-made” radio waves are bad because they are not natural. However, don’t fall for the same misinformation and diversion tactics of 4G vs 5G bullsh*t. This is to divide people and make them take their eyes off the true scam. There is NO SUCH THING as the covid1984 virus. NWO, Globalists, Elite etc…are creating a new society of slaves. Slaves which will be tracked and surveilled forever and kept under lock and key with Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s). Big Pharma, Food Industry and your usual suspects are in line to consolidate (monopoly) to keep their slaves in debt, controlled and obedient. (((They))) want their serfs back.

      1. osa says

        You mean the robots?

      2. Quartermaster says

        The virus exists. The pandemic is a scam.

  3. ken says

    The Germans have a lot of experience in this sort of thing. After all, they invented Nazi tyranny. Yes, today’s Nazis have one upped their fore fathers.

    No National Socialists. Today its the Medical Socialists. No SS or Gestapo,,,Today everybody is Gestapo. No Heil Hitler,,, Today the mask marks the believers. No Jews,,, Today its the unvaccinated. No concentration camps to starve people… Today the entire nation is a concentration camp and will now starve people for heresy.

    The Fourth Reich is rising all around the world. Satan is establishing his dominion. Most of the major religions have joined him hand in hand. God will allow the destruction for the same reasons he destroyed Israel and Judea. The time for repentance is past.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      It’s never too late to repent.

      1. Jerry Hood says

        To the globalists ?

    2. Quartermaster says

      Merkel is an east German, and there is evidence that she had stasi connections.

  4. guest says

    Frankfurt is not really a German city anymore; more than half of the residents are cultural enhancements.

    In 1945 the marikano lynch-crew made the planet a safe place for the new world order —now enjoy the fruits of their laour and thank a veteran for covid pass.

    Between 1933 & 1945 how many vaccines were mandatory in Germany ?
    In the old soviet block TB and small-pox vaccines were mandatory.

  5. Ron says

    The “REAL” Germany was conquered and it’s lands taken over by a “fake” German government after WW2. Most Germans are brainwashed. There is NO such thing as a contagious virus that jumps from human to human. Yes folks, this has never been proven…repeat it enough times and it becomes truth. Germ Theory is a theory invented in 1880. Terrain Theory which was predominately used before 1880 explains illness better and with more truth.

    1. Helga Weber says

      Germany was taken over by the USA

      1. Mr Reynard says

        You mean Uncle Shmuel I think ??

  6. George W Obama says

    The death rate from Covid 19 is about 1%

    The death rate from starvation is 100%

    “Let us protect you or we will kill you!”

  7. Jerry Hood says

    Dear Western Goyim: 911 was 1st globalist horse of their Apocalypse! Covid 19 is their 2nd horse of Apocalypse, with more dead goyim like you, and more freedoms and right lost by you! The zionazi globalists will in end of 2022 and in 2023 unleash 3rd horseman, STARVATION! Many of you die, and there shall be no more any freedoms or rights! Only concentration camps!!! To Depopulate the goyim world on ideal 500 million slaves, they will unleash the 4th horseman= DEATH, trough Armageddon= WW3, where Russia is designed as ST.GEORGE-THE DRAGON = USAtan SLAYER!!! See their Two headed eagle at the center! It is Russia who has the elixir of immortal life and resurrection of the dead! See their GOLDEN APPLE and GOLDEN SWORD/ ROD of Earthly order anew!!! East is the place of 2nd Coming, and of Resurrection, plus new Sun rise!!! And Russia will slay the USAtan within one(1) hour!!!!!!!
    You are dead bodies already in the corrupted,degenerated West, and you don’t even know it!!! Amen.

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