German Infectologist Decimates COVID Doomsday Cult in Open Letter to Merkel

A medical expert with integrity asks the German Chancellor five devastating questions about her mindless coronavirus lockdown

Editor’s note: Dr. Bhakdi released a now-viral video in which he calmly explained why nationwide lockdowns are “collective suicide”. Now he has written an open letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel and it is fantastic

An Open Letter from Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Professor Emeritus of Medical Microbiology at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, to the German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel. Professor Bhakdi calls for an urgent reassessment of the response to Covid-19 and asks the Chancellor five crucial questions. The let­ter is dated March 26. This is an inofficial translation; see the original letter in German as a PDF.

Open Letter

Dear Chancellor,

As Emeritus of the Johannes-Gutenberg-University in Mainz and longtime director of the Institute for Medical Microbiology, I feel obliged to critically question the far-reaching restrictions on public life that we are currently taking on ourselves in order to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

It is expressly not my intention to play down the dangers of the virus or to spread a political message. However, I feel it is my duty to make a scientific contribution to putting the current data and facts into perspective – and, in addition, to ask questions that are in danger of being lost in the heated debate.

The reason for my concern lies above all in the truly unforeseeable socio-economic consequences of the drastic containment measures which are currently being applied in large parts of Europe and which are also already being practiced on a large scale in Germany.

My wish is to discuss critically – and with the necessary foresight – the advantages and disadvantages of restricting public life and the resulting long-term effects.

To this end, I am confronted with five questions which have not been answered sufficiently so far, but which are indispensable for a balanced analysis.

I would like to ask you to comment quickly and, at the same time, appeal to the Federal Government to develop strategies that effectively protect risk groups without restricting public life across the board and sow the seeds for an even more intensive polarization of society than is already taking place.

With the utmost respect,

Prof. em. Dr. med. Sucharit Bhakdi

1. Statistics

In infectiology – founded by Robert Koch himself – a traditional distinction is made between infection and disease. An illness requires a clinical manifestation. [1] Therefore, only patients with symptoms such as fever or cough should be included in the statistics as new cases.

In other words, a new infection – as measured by the COVID-19 test – does not necessarily mean that we are dealing with a newly ill patient who needs a hospital bed. However, it is currently assumed that five percent of all infected people become seriously ill and require ventilation. Projections based on this estimate suggest that the healthcare system could be overburdened.

My question: Did the projections make a distinction between symptom-free infected people and actual, sick patients – i.e. people who develop symptoms?

2. Dangerousness

A number of coronaviruses have been circulating for a long time – largely unnoticed by the media. [2] If it should turn out that the COVID-19 virus should not be ascribed a significantly higher risk potential than the already circulating corona viruses, all countermeasures would obviously become unnecessary.

The internationally recognized International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents will soon publish a paper that addresses exactly this question. Preliminary results of the study can already be seen today and lead to the conclusion that the new virus is NOT different from traditional corona viruses in terms of dangerousness. The authors express this in the title of their paper „SARS-CoV-2: Fear versus Data“. [3]

My question: How does the current workload of intensive care units with patients with diagnosed COVID-19 compare to other coronavirus infections, and to what extent will this data be taken into account in further decision-making by the federal government? In addition: Has the above study been taken into account in the planning so far?  Here too, of course, „diagnosed“ means that the virus plays a decisive role in the patient’s state of illness, and not that previous illnesses play a greater role.

3. Dissemination

According to a report in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, not even the much-cited Robert Koch Institute knows exactly how much is tested for COVID-19. It is a fact, however, that a rapid increase in the number of cases has recently been observed in Germany as the volume of tests increases. [4]

It is therefore reasonable to suspect that the virus has already spread unnoticed in the healthy population. This would have two consequences: firstly, it would mean that the official death rate – on 26 March 2020, for example, there were 206 deaths from around 37,300 infections, or 0.55 percent [5] – is too high; and secondly, it would mean that it would hardly be possible to prevent the virus from spreading in the healthy population.

My question: Has there already been a random sample of the healthy general population to validate the real spread of the virus, or is this planned in the near future?

4. Mortality

The fear of a rise in the death rate in Germany (currently 0.55 percent) is currently the subject of particularly intense media attention. Many people are worried that it could shoot up like in Italy (10 percent) and Spain (7 percent) if action is not taken in time.

At the same time, the mistake is being made worldwide to report virus-related deaths as soon as it is established that the virus was present at the time of death – regardless of other factors. This violates a basic principle of infectiology: only when it is certain that an agent has played a significant role in the disease or death may a diagnosis be made. The Association of the Scientific Medical Societies of Germany expressly writes in its guidelines: „In addition to the cause of death, a causal chain must be stated, with the corresponding underlying disease in third place on the death certificate. Occasionally, four-linked causal chains must also be stated.“ [6]

At present there is no official information on whether, at least in retrospect, more critical analyses of medical records have been undertaken to determine how many deaths were actually caused by the virus.

My question: Has Germany simply followed this trend of a COVID-19 general suspicion? And: is it intended to continue this categorisation uncritically as in other countries? How, then, is a distinction to be made between genuine corona-related deaths and accidental virus presence at the time of death?

5. Comparability

The appalling situation in Italy is repeatedly used as a reference scenario. However, the true role of the virus in that country is completely unclear for many reasons – not only because points 3 and 4 above also apply here, but also because exceptional external factors exist which make these regions particularly vulnerable.

One of these factors is the increased air pollution in the north of Italy. According to WHO estimates, this situation, even without the virus, led to over 8,000 additional deaths per year in 2006 in the 13 largest cities in Italy alone. [7] The situation has not changed significantly since then. [8] Finally, it has also been shown that air pollution greatly increases the risk of viral lung diseases in very young and elderly people. [9]

Moreover, 27.4 percent of the particularly vulnerable population in this country live with young people, and in Spain as many as 33.5 percent. In Germany, the figure is only seven percent [10]. In addition, according to Prof. Dr. Reinhard Busse, head of the Department of Management in Health Care at the TU Berlin, Germany is significantly better equipped than Italy in terms of intensive care units – by a factor of about 2.5 [11].

My question: What efforts are being made to make the population aware of these elementary differences and to make people understand that scenarios like those in Italy or Spain are not realistic here?


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Translation generously provided by SPR

  1. Wael Ahmad says

    It’s becoming more obvious day by day, that this created panic & confusion is only masking some much bigger catastrophe hidden, specially when we see the main stream media, the parrots & stenographers of the officialdom, are in perfect harmony with the governments.

    Maybe this epidemic will serve as a scapegoat to blame the coming economy downfall, or for declaring martial laws to control the possibility of upcoming riots & social disorder, our Jewish planners & thinktankers, like Rham Emanuell, will not let a good crisis go to waste, and f there is no crises, they don’t hesitate to create one.

    1. jbwilson24 says

      Yep, there are things going on behind the scenes.

      Crony disaster capitalism (Jewish capitalism) appears to be one such trend. Crash the markets, and then which group is able to swoop in and purchase assets at reduced prices? Why the very same group that runs all the banks.

    2. franknfree says

      This has given (them) the excuse to mobilize the military among us. The orders on whom to kill have yet to come. When that happens, the MSM will tell us that those killed fully deserved it. Until (they) come for the MSM….

      1. dreamer says

        Powers never dismiss media & propaganda machines…

      2. Ulricht says

        Hit lists work both ways.

  2. Mary E says

    Quite an insightful piece, with very thought provoking statements and questions!
    It most likely will boil down to 0.01% mortality rate around the world….despite the
    ravaging panic by governments (Note: not the people causing it)….Hopefully, this will
    be proven out sooner than later.

    1. Ulricht says

      The people are not causing the panic, agreed, but they are responding to it and the relentless inundation of negative projection by the media is to be deplored and indeed, suspected.

  3. CHUCKMAN says

    Some superb questions.

    I think it should be noted that Ms Merkel is a very intelligent woman.

    She has a doctorate in physics and she speaks Russian.

    1. thomas malthaus says

      A gifted mathematical and science mind.

      Being Germany’s long-term chancellor may say something about her political instincts, but the Muslim issue is trying what remains of German’s tranquility.

      Italians and Greeks don’t hold her in high esteem. Who knew?

    2. Ulricht says

      A doctorate in physics proves nothing but that she read a lot of books and remembered what was in some of them. She speaks Russian because she had to, it being the second language in the DDR. She can’t be proficient in it though because her discussions with VVP are in Deutsch.
      She is instructed in all things by her associates in the Atlantic Council, Tel Aviv and Washington, oh and the CDU..

      1. Canosin says

        perfectly answered….Merkel is a fraudster

    3. Isaac Nussbaum says

      But is she a good person? Is she working to advance the good of the citizens or to advance the agenda of the globalists?

      1. Ulricht says

        Short answer, No. She sold out to the zionist long ago.

    4. Canosin says

      what a stupid comment……you forgot to mention that she can speak German, is capable to eat with fork knife and spoon without hurting herself, lace her shoes…..she can wipe her ass without any help……and above all of her sensational skills, she is the absolute master of all classes in crawling the deepest in the ass of all US Presidents to date….and she is the most hated politician in Germany….

    5. fluttershield mlp says

      And she has been bought and sold like all US politicians. She is part of the problem not the solution.

  4. Undecider says

    People need to keep hitting back like this. It will demonstrate to the New Underworld Order we’re not idiots and willing to take their crap lying down.

  5. Jim Davies says

    This is a game-changer, and Dr Bhakdi deserves a Nobel.

    Let’s do all we can to disseminate what he says. I’ve begun a Blog here to do so.

  6. Poorboy SandWitch says

    An interesting alternate perspective to the coronavirus hysteria.

  7. Deanna Clark says

    I’ve not seen such passive hysteria since the Nuclear bomb shelters of the 1950s…I learned to pray seriously and trust my Heavenly Father. Visited and helped AID’s friends when everyone deserted them. Say the 23rd Psalm over and over until you can feel the same.

    1. Ulricht says

      Stuff your psalms.

      1. Robert Clark says

        Not a believer eh?

  8. widhalm19 says

    Good essay! Thanks.

  9. olde reb says

    link to doctor’s 100% cure of 350 patients six days max to cure–min time 4-6 hours.

  10. The General says

    “Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Professor Emeritus of Medical Microbiology is about as German as Trump is a Chinese. When I see articles referring to Indians, Chinese or Blacks as German I click to another site. Multicultists spend all their waking hours for non-whites to be magically transformed into Germans, French or Scots and some even believe it to be true, but nature accords that unless you are very closely related by genetics, you cannot become one of them.

  11. Mike Bollinger says

    To those still thinking with the entire brain, this pandemic model has already been used. In the AIDS hysteria. From Dr. Fauci to every newspaper and news reporter, even to Oprah, the consensus was “WE ARE ALL VULNERABLE”. What happened with that? Answer is, we found out that if you don’t have anal sex or use intravenous drugs, you don’t get AIDS. They still though define the disease of AIDS, as being first HIV+ then several symptoms. Of course if you are HIV+ you are “a walking timebomb” whose life is just waiting to be destroyed by eventual AIDS. There has never been proof that HIV causes AIDS, it may be an “accidental virus”. “Accidental virus” refers to the fact that humans all have multiple virus in their body, and antibodies for them. As with COVID-19, the ASSUMPTION is that a positive test means infection. Yet people who had measles, mumps or chicken pox in the last century like I do, if tested would be considered positive for these diseases under current assumptions. Read materials by alternative AIDS researchers, like Peter H. Duesberg , Kary Mullis and more. Learn the character of the man heading this operation, the methods of their discovery, and the quick jump to the viral theory on HIV+=AIDS, which never has been proven. It has not been proven because there are the many cases of HIV+ patients who never develop AIDS or develop symptoms. This leads to the question of, is the disease named AIDS a disease caused by a virus or bacteria? Or does the answer lie elsewhere.? Koch’s Postulate, learn it and follow the trail of how medical science has historically and successfully cured and treated disease for centuries versus the new model that is heavy on theories. Get on it people, this is a battle that is 36 years in the making, and may undo the 2 biggest medical scares of modern mankind.

  12. crushlimbraw says

    This edifying article will be archived in DaLimbraw Library to join others – – on Coronavirus PERSPECTIVE!

  13. novictim says

    Did this guy just blame air pollution for the overwhelming of Italian ICUs? Really?
    Look, he made the core argument, the same argument that has been made since January, which is that we do not know the prevalence of infection and so we do not know the actual death rate. And that is the only point he made that is helpful here.
    But the precautionary principle suggests that you do take this as seriously as we are because this NOVEL virus is, by definition, unique. It has potential to be even more dangerous than we know at this point.
    Is it a bioweapon? The CCP will never let us know. What happens next winter? We do not know if the second time you get this you won’t then kick the bucket, young and old alike, due to a cytokine storm/immune response so that too is an unanswered question.
    Admit that this is unknown.

    So in Sweden you have migrants carrying out the “Corona Challenge” where they cough on the elderly. In Germany they are much more sophisticated about it. This paper is proof.

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