German Defense Minister Wants to Ban Russian Generals From Shopping at Champs Elysees

“We have to use the entire set of instruments that we have"

Bild: Russia has concentrated 100,000 soldiers and tanks on the border with Ukraine. How dangerous is that

Lambrecht : “I am watching what is happening there with great concern. I can also understand the Ukrainians’ fears very well. That is why my first mission on Sunday goes to Lithuania to the NATO rapid reaction force to get an impression of how the soldiers see the situation in the region. Clearly: the aggressor is Russia. We must do everything possible to stop an escalation. This also includes the threat of harsh sanctions. “

Bild: Does the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline also belong on the EU sanctions list?

Lambrecht : “We have to use the entire set of instruments that we have. Right now we have to target Putin and those around him. Those responsible for the aggression must feel personal consequences, for example that they can no longer travel to the Paris Champs Élysées to shop. “

Bild: Ukraine wants NATO soldiers in the country as protection. Are you ready to send Bundeswehr soldiers to Ukraine?

Lambrecht : “We have to exhaust all options of diplomacy and economic sanctions. And all further steps must be closely coordinated in the alliance.”

Source: Bild

  1. ken says

    So putting soldiers inside your borders is aggression. Putting soldiers, tanks, aircraft, missiles on the other side of your borders by a belligerent is peaceful.

    Anyone remember US history where the US went to war with Mexico over Texas to protect American citizens in Texas which at that time was part of Mexico?

    How about the great war with Grenada over American citizen students?

    How about Germany when Hitler went in to Poland to protect German citizens being robbed and killed after Poland refused to negotiate? My how the memories of Germans are so short.

    So I see nothing different with Russia wanting to protect Russian citizens in Ukraine.

    1. Giorgi Kladbishche says

      And how about that time Stalin amassed all his shit on his western border and was attacked for it by Saint Adolf and the Holy Germans.

      1. ken says

        How about the West declaring war on Germany for invading Poland but not Holy Russia for invading Poland?

        And the difference was?

  2. Mr Reynard says

    Hmm.. He will stop Russian Generals shopping in Paris ..×720?cb=1591969530991

  3. Steve Ginn says

    Lamebrain is just another Kraut puppet to the US of Israel!! What the hell does it have to do with her where the Russian generals shop?!

  4. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

    Ohhhhh noooooooooooooooo not Paris! Anything but that!

  5. nnn says

    EU whores are in charge

  6. Romeo LeBlanc says

    Germany needs to chill out and not push the false words of the USA/israel towards Russia.

  7. Phil says

    Old bitch, you have no memory.
    Maybe it’d be useful to recycle this derelict to the place where she belongs: sewers (sort for the sewers).

  8. Martillo says

    As STASI Erika Merkill marches off after a lifetime of lies and betrayal the Onkel Adolf themed SS torch light reminder is pulled out of the bag of totalitarian tricks right on cue. Leni Riefenstahl rides agin!

    As CIA shill and Germanistan “chancellor” Helmut Kohl before her bitterly declared  before his death “Merkel couldn’t use a knife and fork when I pulled her out of the pond”. STASI Erika, was bought and paid for by Al CIAduh 5 minutes after the “Wall” was moved and the plump  East German communist maggot then attached to Mr. Kohl’s fishing hook without the old boy ever understanding the setup. The ambitious and  globalist controlled Monica Lewinski of occupied Germanistan certainly knew how to stick that same knife in Kohl’s back when the time came to ascend the throne of the so-called Christian Democratic Union party, an organization as Christ like as Klaus Slob’s evil WEF and by pleasing her masters in Washing town and the anglozionazi empire of filth managed to survive as long as Kohl himself did running the USSAN Teutonic protectorate. The anglozionazi empire of filth can always count on its Germanistan meat puppets “doing the right thing” obviously.
    Germany knows it and hates her lying a$$ and knows there hasn’t been a real election since the occupation and installation of the anglozionazi empire of filth when the “winners” chalked up the now disdained Nuremberg Protocols to off the same thugs they had financed leading to the destruction and later permanent occupation of Urupp…currently the evil EUSSR, run by hairdresser in chief and never elected spawn of USSAN slave owners, the inimitable midget Uschi Van der Lyin.
    STASI Erika has shown she can “dance” to any tune…as long as she’s center stage.
    Once a lying, dancing fool…always a lying dancing fool…

    Goebbels and co would be proud that fascism is more “alive” than ever in Germanistan, whatever about the frantic culling of the once proud German race. Onward to Ouch Witz where the joke is on all of those who line up like docile mutts for the all new Zyklon B covaid$ squirted hollow cost, because you really are the disease and their covaid$ death squirt the cure.

     If it looks like fascism, wobbles its fat ass like Göring, lies like Goebells, marches like the SS, and spouts bullshit like Onkel Adolf, with vertical pigs all the while crushing anti covaid$ death quirt new “Jews” in the street, then it is FA$CI$M…pure and simple.
    The commie sow is gone but the destruction she has caused the ordinary German people in particular and Europeons in general will live on in infamy.

    One might have expected that the Germans at least would recognize mass slaughter when they see it but alas that was not to be as the STASI Erika gubermint retreats in chaos amid the ongoing financial collap$€…now comes this latest hollow man and meat puppet of globalist Satanic filth to show their Uruppean livestock how real NAZIS deal with unwanted useless eaters in the ongoing covaid$ cull.

    In Natostan sinkhole, province of the evil EUSSR the all new watermelon Germanistan gubermint (Greta retard green on the outside and Bolshevik red through and through) will prove to be a lineup of freaks that will out “shine” even the Onkel Adolf circus project of the global fa$cists when German livestock was last rounded up and butchered.

    The good news is that banning Telegram and human freewill will prove to be as ineffective as when the corrupt Church tried banning the printing press back in the Reformation. The 30% are now WIDE AWAKE and all the virtue signalling transgendermutantretard Gyorgi “Soros” junkie Aunty Fag, bankster reset punks, sundry political hoes, frothing geriatric philanthropi$$ and psychotic drug addled vertical pigs have no more chance of stopping it than STASI Erika dying of old age in her bed in Paraguay. The genie is out of the bottle and he is not amused.

    Let hollow man Scholz and the rest of these grey faced liars remember…we have all been here before and there WILL most certainly be a price to pay for the evil they have unleashed.
    We are the hollow men
       We are the stuffed men
       Leaning together
       Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
       Our dried voices, when
       We whisper together
       Are quiet and meaningless
       As wind in dry grass
       Or rats’ feet over broken glass
       In our dry cellar
       This is the way the world ends
       This is the way the world ends
       This is the way the world ends
       Not with a bang but a whimper.

    Pfizer macht frei…mein Schnucki$
    Same as it ever waZ

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