German Ambassador Says Russia “Would Suffer Huge Losses” in War With Ukraine

But the Ukrainian military intelligence claims Russia can reach Kiev with 94,000 troops, which one is it?

In the event of direct aggression against Ukraine, Russia would suffer huge losses, as the Ukrainian Army is now much stronger than it was back in 2014.

That’s according to German Ambassador to Ukraine Anka Feldhusen who spoke in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine, Ukrinform reports.

“There’ve been many opinions that Russia could strengthen aggression. We had such fears in April, but nothing happened. I can’t tell you whether Russia has such intentions either. But Ukrainian troops today are much stronger than they were in 2014. Russia would suffer huge losses,” the diplomat is convinced.

She noted that she was in Ukraine in 2014 and remembers the situation at that time. “I may be a little calmer just because I’ve seen it before,” Feldhusen said.

According to the diplomat, the movement of large numbers of Russian troops near the border is done so that “we do not know what they will do, so that we waste our time thinking about them.”

The ambassador stressed that Ukraine and its partners are already thinking of how to avoid another offensive by Russia.

“Unlike 2014, today it wouldn’t come as a surprise for us. We all, both in Ukraine and together with our partners, are already looking at ways of how to avoid this because no one wants a full-out war. A good result would be coordination between partners to clearly tell Russia what will happen if there another war is unleashed,” Feldhusen said.

Speaking about the consequences that the offensive would yield for Russia, the German ambassador said: “You know all these possibilities, we have been talking about it for seven years. Especially in the financial sphere, there are still steps that can be taken.”

Source: Ukrinform

  1. Jasonovich says

    I think Russia should sit at the table with the following nations Austria, Hungary, Poland, Romania/Moldova and discuss how Ukraine can be divided, so it reflects on the original national boundaries.
    Poland should regain Galicia region (home of Banderas), the East Ukraine that are predominantly Russian should be aligned to Russia.
    North and Southern parts split between Austria, Hungary and Rom-Mol and Kharzarian Jews can fight among themselves or find another host.

    1. Helga Weber says

      Good Idea, that would solve the problem…. but..

    2. brian says

      Good plan the Banderas will be right at home in Poland.

  2. Jasonovich says

    This woman has got a face like a slapped arse, these cowardly individuals fly over like seagulls to a troubled spot and deposit their load and leave the mess for others to clean.
    If she’s egging on the Banderas thugs to fight the Russians, she should remember how quickly the soviets stormed into Berlin after the Nazis capitulated in WW2.

    If there is going to be a war with Ukraine, it will end in a week and there will be no Ukraine for Vicky “Noodleman” Nuland to give out her cookies, no more fascists and stability will be restored in the region. Yes the best possible outcome.

  3. ken says

    Well, they have redefined about everything else now they are redefining aggression and defense.

    Seems building up ‘defenses’ on “your borders” because your neighbors are arming up is now called aggression,,, while your neighbors bringing new offensive weapons to your border is called defense.

    And all the cannon fodder watching governments putting them in harms way are buying every bite of propaganda dished out.

    Just like those dying taking the kill shot because they believe their lying governments many people of these bordering chihuahua states will be in smoldering ruins wondering what the hell happened!

    What we have are a few hundred paid off people in the various governments betting the lives of their populations on who has the larger sex organ.

    If you want to live then the best government is no government.

    1. Helga Weber says

      I could not agree more, and the Germans seem to have forgotten what it means to have a country destroyed. Now with the new government it will be worse, perhaps we wish we had Merkel back, although she did nothing for the people, just like in the USA, sold all the family silver…

  4. guest says

    As in every war, organized by the UK/US axis of evil, the participants on the battle field can only lose —Ukraine especially. Since the Obama &co started this war against Ukraine, the country turned into a basket case. Now they want bombardment and machinegun fire ? for the sake of the enemies of humanity.

  5. Terry says

    Absolute rubbish, what planet is this German on ?

  6. William White says

    Well it might take them 6 days instead of 5 but if they wanted to save more of their soldiers they could simply do it all from the air with no troops on the ground.

    1. XSFRGR says

      The U$ isn’t he only nation with drones, and Russia can eliminate the Ukrainian leadership pretty much at will.

  7. Mark says

    The concept of ‘suffering huge losses’ is regularly broached by those whose understanding of modern armed combat is limited to having watched “The Longest Day” all the way through when they were teenagers. They imagine Russian troops surging across the border, a wave of humanity smashing into the defending wave of humanity in a hand-to-hand melee that is missing only swords to be interchangeable with Thermopylae.

    Modern nations fight that way only when they have nothing else but ground troops. Russia has enough ground-attack aircraft, artillery and battlefield rocketry that the vaunted Ukrainian army would be ground chuck before the first tanks rolled in, never mind infantry.

    Perhaps she meant suffering huge economic losses, meaning more sanctions. Whoopty-doo. Russia is now much better insulated against such childish behavior thanks to Europe’s intractability of the last decade, and its willingness to implode its own economy for the devotion it bears Uncle Sam. As long as Russia has a moneymaker commodity – energy – that Europe will not limit because it would go under if it did. Russia has few worries on that score.

    One day Europe will realize that it willingly smears shit on its own face whenever its controllers across the water demand it, and that this doglike obedience brings only lip service and further demands from Washington. But getting back on the subject, Ukraine has no air force remaining to speak of, and what is left would never get near Russian ground forces. Russia would dominate the sky from the first hours, and ground forces without credible air defense are easy meat for air assets which don’t even have to directly attack; they can stand off and direct artillery and Grad barrages which would decimate Ukrainian forces. Ukraine itself would have no ability to see inside Russia and what might be coming up next unless it got satellite info from you-know-who, which it probably would. But knowing what is going to spank your ass next is of little avail if you can do nothing to stop it.

    Ukraine – and, apparently, the German Ambassador – thinks a handful of Javelins is some kind of super force multiplier that makes Russia quiver in terror. That’s not the case. Anyone who thinks what stops Russia from rolling over Ukraine like it was a speed bump is cautious respect is deluding himself. What holds Russia back is a complete lack of any objective to conquer Ukraine and a well-grounded certainty that an attempt is just what Washington wants. It is far more likely that Washington will goad Ukraine into an attack to which Russia will have to react, and all the stroking of Ukraine to make it confident it is a mighty military power is part of that process.

    1. XSFRGR says

      EXACTLY !!

    2. ken says

      A hell of a great critique!

    3. Leisure Larry says

      Why do you keep blathering about Washington when Washington is controlled from Tel Aviv?

  8. nnn says

    Just another German whore

    1. ken says

      Please don’t degrade whores….. They at least have a purpose.

  9. steve kastl says

    Is there any sane person Russia can talk in the West?

    1. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

      Not in a position of power, no.

  10. Eddy says

    Way I understand it, majority of Ukraine military is Conscripted, many unwilling to serve, but forced to by hastily introduced self serving laws. Check out the ages of the conscripted, that’s an eye opener. If any politician thinks such a military is a strong dependable military, then they should place Themselves right in the lead to show the troops how tough and courageous their leadership is. Well all know what the chances are of that occurring. More likely those conscripts will throw down their arms and surrender to the Russians, whilst the leadership will be on the first plane out to the U. K. or the U. S. with their ill gotten gains.

  11. GMC says

    Things haven’t changed much since I was raised on the streets of Chicago in the 50s and 60s. Professional Liars are still Con Men, Politicians and un-elected Gov. agency whores. And the Fuhrer Feldhusen proves it.

  12. Marcus says

    Russia is prepared to raise the stakes to convince NATO aggressor ( Washington prepares WW3 in Europe ) to respect Moscow’s red lines and stop sending troops and US/UK weapons to Ukraine.
    On paper, America’s European NATO allies have hundreds of thousands of “combat” troops — but does anyone seriously think that their governments would send them to fight in Ukraine, or that European public would allow them to do so? Britain might loyally turn up as usual; but due to recurrent cuts, the entire British Army is now capable of fielding 1,400 combat troops immediately, A fully capable division including a new Strike brigade will not be available for fielding until the early 2030s ! Ha-ha

  13. brian says

    I have sad news for Kofman. The Russians could water their horses on the Rhine and after a short rest go sightseeing in either Amsterdam of Paris. Their losses would be nothing compared to yours.

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