German Aid to Ukraine Will Include 100 Heavy Tank Transporters

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Source: Defense Blog

Berlin is planning to supply upgraded 4×4 vehicles, armored trucks, tactical buses, and nearly 100 HX81 heavy tractor-trailer systems to Ukraine as the Russian offensive in the eastern Donbas region escalates.

Citing a report from Bild, Militarnyi reported that Germany agreed to ramp up the supply of weapons and military vehicles to Kyiv, including HX 81 tractors.

The vehicle is based on an 8×8 MAN HX-series chassis. Germany’s new tractor-trailer systems will be used for transporting tracked and wheeled vehicles, containers and heavy equipment.

Two cable winches with a pulling force up to 20 tonnes each enable loading and unloading of defective equipment.

A self-recovery winch with a traction force of eight tonnes is mounted to the front of the vehicle.

Designed for maximum mobility, the tractor-trailer system will also be able to operate for long distances in areas with poor infrastructure.

The HX81 heavy tank transporter vehicle was jointly developed by MAN and Rheinmetall. Although Germany is the world’s fifth-largest exporter of arms, it has long avoided sending weapons directly to conflict zones.

Since Russia’s invasion began in February, the government of Chancellor Olaf Scholz has sent light equipment, ammunition, and given additional funding to German arms manufacturers sending supplies to Ukraine.


  1. Oscar Peterson says

    Any plan to interdict these as they roll ponderously eastward through Ukraine?


  2. guest says

    This would indicate that
    a) German leadership don’t believe this war will end any time soon
    b) German leadership believes in the future of Ukraine & its government
    c) German leadership believes that the Army of Ukraine will have time and opportunity to put these vehicles, and the tanks transported on them, to good use

    “Russian troops will hold night rehearsals of the Victory Parade on Moscow’s Red Square on April 28 and May 4 and a final rehearsal on May 7, the Defense Ministry said.”

    1. Oscar Peterson says

      Maybe it indicates that.

      How would Ukraine put them to use?

  3. SteveK9 says

    Russia has begun to bomb the rail transport system in Ukraine.

  4. Tom says

    When will Putin end the war — When will he nuke Washington DC?

    He needs take out only one target — and it’s over.

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