Georgia: Visit by US Defense Secretary to Usher Country Into “Civilized World”

Excerpted from Georgia’s Ministry of Defense release:

The meeting of the colleagues took place at the Ministry of Defense of Georgia after the official welcoming ceremony with the participation of the honor guard and the performance of the US and Georgian national anthems by the military orchestra.

Juansher Burchuladze historically assessed the arrival of the US Secretary of Defense in Georgia. As he noted, the visit sends a clear message to the Georgian people that the United States stands with Georgia, while for the region it means that the West has a strong interest in the region and no one can stop the Georgian people from becoming NATO members and part of the civilized world.

Hat tip to Anti-Bellum: Historic visit: Pentagon chief to usher Georgia into NATO, “civilized world”

  1. yuri says

    NATO wants zero to do with Georgia—the rump fake nation where Abkhaz and South Ossetians enjoy Russian passports and want nothing to do with Georgian language or culture

  2. guest says

    Yes, these amerikanos actually believe that Holywood culture and the New York sewer system is “civilization.”

    Has this Burchuladze guy ever visited Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco ?

  3. dr. Jack V. Banks says

    Criminals teaching law??? Moron WarMongers…

  4. steve kastl says

    At least Austin didn’t eat his tie during his crazy/insulting visit to Georgia just to provoke Russia.
    One word of advice to the Pentagon: please stop provoking Russia and China since they will kick our butts in any conflict situation causing many unnecessary US troop deaths. Their weapon systems actually work and are deployed.

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