General Who Deposed Sudan’s Bashir Is Also Himself on US Sanctions List

Washington was thinking about bringing Bashir in from the cold, normalization talks now suspended

Bashir appointed Ibn Auf his vice-president in February — bad move

Having come to power himself in a 1989 military coup, Sudanese President Omar Bashir fell just shy of 30 years in power on Thursday, when the Sudanese military abruptly announced that he had been removed from power.

The move was announced by Gen. Awad Ibn Auf, who is both the country’s Vice President and Defense Minister, and now appears to be head of the junta. He said the intention is to rule the country for a transitional period of two years.

Protesters had been organizing against Bashir for awhile, and they were quick to reject this new coup, seeing it as a cynical attempt by the bulk of the existing regime to stay in power by shuffling out Bashir for another leader.

Going forward, the junta has already announced a three month state of emergency, which is likely to be used as a pretext to force the protesters off the streets. The US, who were just in the process of normalizing ties with Bashir, are suspending talks with the new junta.


A bit more at WaPo: link

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