Gates Says Life Can Return to Normal Only After We Pay Him for the SECOND GENERATION of Vaccines

"That is where we can finally start taking all the problems that have been created -- in education, mental health"

He’s not letting us off that easy

Technology tycoon Bill Gates said life can get back to normal only when a second generation of Covid-19 vaccines is widely available and the virus is eradicated worldwide – a higher bar than was set for any disease in history.

“The only way we’ll get completely back to normal is by having, maybe not the first generation of vaccines, but eventually a vaccine that is super-effective, and that a lot of the people take, and that we get the disease eliminated on a global basis,” Gates said Sunday in an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press program. “That is where we can finally start taking all the problems that have been created — in education, mental health — and start to build back in a positive way.”

According to that standard, Americans might need to live for years, or for life, under social-distancing guidelines and other Covid-19 restrictions. It’s certainly gloomier than the assessment Gates gave in a Fox interview last month, when he said progress on vaccines might make it possible for a return to normalcy in the US by the summer of 2021. He said he expects several of the first generation of vaccines to get emergency approval by early next year.

Source: RT

  1. Mad Hatter says

    His medical and research degrees are finally paying dividends…… Whoops!

  2. B Wilson says

    He should be treated like the French aristocrats along with every politician and bureaucrat that went along with the “live exercise”.

  3. VladtheSkewerer says

    Five minutes alone with Bill and an Estwing framing hammer, its all I ask.

  4. Mr. Evans says

    If There was an actual COVID19 Virus that would make sense, . . . but there is only the COVID-OP$1984 $camdemic Non Viru$ Which I$ A Psyops Or Psychological Operation In Fear And Control . . . Do Not Under Any Circumstances Take Any $hot Or Vaccines Which Includes Any ” Flu $hot ” Because They Are Deadly Toxic To You And Your Family And Children, And They Will Have The Tiny Microchip$ In Them So Do Not Let Them Do That To You And Your Families And Fight Back Against This Evil $hite . . . The Sleepers Must Awaken Now And Fully . . . . ;-0

  5. voza0db says

    I’m feeling very PROUD… A Portuguese Terrorist and Scoundrel is now a part of the Gang!

  6. rik pieters says

    Kill Gates, the monster.

      1. Le Ruse says

        It’s not the cream pie that should stuffed down his throat, but this ..

        After pulling the pin out of course !

    1. David Bedford says

      With pleasure.

    2. sabateur says

      the head of the monster. the real monsters are the minions and the masses baying for more. or rather, there are NO monsters, just deluded humans.

  7. Arktos Emerick says

    Trup’s Operation Warpsp



  9. Arktos Emerick says
  10. AlexanderAmproz says

    Sooner or later the Germans law on the way will go after the COVID Gang
    for Crimes against Humanity !

  11. Pablo says

    NO ONE should have to take this vaccine UNTIL Bill Gates takes the EXACT same vaccine he wants the rest of us to take. Well you first, Bill.

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      Ian Haydon’s experience should inform your own.

    2. David Bedford says

      I’d injected right in his neck.

    3. AlexanderAmproz says

      Casual hygiene, good sleep, healthy food, clean air & water, and exercises
      to entertain the immune system, is basic !
      Avoid any processed food and the US Junk-Food Culture !

      I wouldn’t advise any vaccination….

      Bill Gates Gang deserve Jail, assets sequestered !

  12. dadicha says

    May be the best solution for the world is to make mandatory vaccine on Gates! Personnaly and seen by the whole world like some of his friends made with other “victims” in the Middle East

  13. Raptar Driver says

    Sure I’ll pay him; blood for blood tooth for tooth.

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