Fury, Resistance in Europe Over New Doomsday Cult Lockdowns

As governments once again shut businesses across Europe to stop a surge in coronavirus infections, acceptance of restrictions is fading and some small businesses are refusing to cooperate.

The sense of a common goal and solidarity with front-line medical workers evident in the spring has given way to frustration among restaurateurs, hoteliers, retailers and other business owners who are rapidly running through their financial reserves.

This month’s lockdowns are more targeted than in the spring and in some cases come with substantial aid for those affected. Yet they are raising more opposition everywhere, from lawsuits in Germany to riots and demonstrative flouting of the rules in Italy.

Restaurants, bars, clubs, entertainment and sport venues will largely close under the new measures. In France, curfews will confine people to their homes. Germany is barring hotels from hosting tourists for a month and banning normally legal prostitution.

“The government wasted the summer and didn’t prepare for the second wave which everyone knew was coming, and now they are using the same lockdown as before,” said Antonio Bragato, owner of the Il Calice restaurant in Berlin. “But this will not end the pandemic.”

Mr. Bragato took out a loan of €250,000, equivalent to $292,000, during the first lockdown. He has since invested into outdoors heating and an indoor ventilation system. The restaurant hasn’t had a single coronavirus case among staff or guests, he said.

The German restaurateur association Dehoga said it was considering suing the government, saying revenues between March and August had dropped 40% from the same period last year. A third of 245,000 businesses are now facing closure, it said.

Berlin bar owners successfully sued the local government earlier this month after it forced all bars in the city to close at 11 p.m.

Health clubs also are pushing back. “This is a catastrophe that comes after all the investment we made into hygiene concepts,” said Frank Böhme, chief executive of a gym chain in Cologne. “I am forced to take legal action against it…but I fear many businesses will not survive the winter.”

In Paris, Eric Hassan on Thursday was busy shutting down his large antiques shop in front of the Élysée Palace, seat of the French president, that used to cater to international clients.

“We were already sinking, and now we will definitely sink,” said Mr. Hassan, who also manages other antiques outlets in the French capital. “What we have been building our entire life is disappearing, the economy is collapsing—but those politicians and senators, they will still have their salaries and their pensions.”

Mr. Hassan, who said he was ill with Covid-19 in March, said the mood has changed this time around. “A lot of people won’t respect these restrictions. At the time, we were all good soldiers and did what we were told. But now, no longer. People have to feed their families.”

At brasserie Au XV Du Rond Point, evening shift manager Josiane Doyhenart warned that “if the government now tries to prevent people from seeing each other and their families on Christmas, there will be a revolution in this country.”

Politicians defended the new restrictions as necessary as hospitals swell with Covid-19 patients. France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, on Wednesday said the spread of the virus was exceeding the most pessimistic predictions.

France recorded over 50,000 new coronavirus cases Monday. Mr. Macron said the lockdown could help bring that figure back down to 5,000 by Dec. 1.

Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, warned that her country was in a dramatic situation after new confirmed cases reached 16,000 on Thursday, a record. The measures—which include shutting restaurants, bars, gyms, concert halls and theaters—are necessary and proportionate, she told parliament.

Yet opposition parties that supported her government in the spring now question whether the new constraints are worth the economic toll—and if they can ever be lifted for good.

“We hope that the measures will stop the current wave, but what will happen in December?,” said Christian Lindner, leader of the opposition Free Democrats, speaking to parliament. “Will there be another lockdown in January? No one is speaking about that.”

The German government wants to soften the economic impact with €10 billion in aid. While details remained sketchy Thursday, the Economics Ministry said it would offer quick support to large companies, small businesses and freelancers affected by the new measures.

The aid will include grants worth up to 75% of these businesses’ November 2019 revenue.

A Forsa poll for German broadcaster RTL on Thursday showed 50% of Germans supported the measures while a third found them excessive and 16% thought they were insufficient.

The French government said it would help out small companies that have to shut by contributing to their payroll and distributing cash payments of up to €10,000 to firms with fewer than 50 employees. French employers’ organizations say these measures are insufficient to stave off a wave of bankruptcies.

The Italian government approved aid to shore up businesses worth more than €5 billion, including grants, funding to extend furloughs and tax holidays.

So far, this has done little to defuse opposition in Italy, which spilled over into the streets on Sunday when the new measures were announced. Some protests turned violent, with fringe groups of far-right organizations and other individuals attacking shops and the police.

The latest Italian measures, introduced Monday and running until Nov. 24, include the closure of all bars and restaurants at 6 p.m., the suspension of many sporting and leisure activities, and a return to online classes for some high-school students.

“The new measures are based on principles of maximum caution, proportionality and adequacy,” Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte told parliament on Thursday.

Yet a survey by pollster SWG published on Monday found that only 28% of respondents in Italy considered the new measures adequate, while 36% believe they are insufficient and 25% excessive. The remaining 11% didn’t have an opinion.

“They are destroying ordinary people. They are taking away our future,” said Giorgio Perna, owner of Bistrot Bonaccorsi, a restaurant in the northern Italian city of Bologna, who said he makes 70% of his sales after 5 p.m.

Mr. Perna said he decided to keep the restaurant open beyond 6 p.m. and has already received three €400 fines. He stuck the fines on a wall inside his restaurant.

“It’s a matter of survival,” said Mr. Perna, who said he has debts of hundreds of thousand euros. On Wednesday night he served 250 meals, a sign that clients are supporting him, he added.

Clients are also backing Chiara Casatello, owner of New Diego Caffè in Rovato, a city in northwestern Italy, who has been keeping her bar open until 8 p.m. and has stuck a sign on the window reading “I am not shutting at 6. Arrest me.”  She said four lawyers have already offered to represent her if she gets in legal trouble.

“I am so angry,” she said. “This time is completely different. People just don’t understand what’s going on.”

Source: The Wall Street Journal

  1. Kay Bee says

    When will the people see that it is all about destroying them?

  2. Jse Tolteca says

    911, covid…
    I know that you know who’s doing this to us…

  3. neil sutherland says

    Eisenhauer said the world was governed by C students – like Trudeau, Bush jr., Biden, Obama, – while ‘news’ media are actors reading a script, while ‘experts’ are all blackmailed and bribed by Epstein and Gates. just tell them to F off. they should be shining our shoes, if not, get lost. tell them to take their fake tests for a cold virus with flu-like symptoms, and satanic vaccines, and go to hell

  4. Inferior says

    It is strange Swedish people aren’t rioting, looting, burning public properties in the mass confusion. I guess they are stupid, at least according to one of my friend. According to another they already suffered huge loses. It makes me laugh. Surprisingly, nobody is even talking about Sweden being the only country already reached Herd immunity from this virus. The world has gone mad and we are letting it disintegrate.

    1. sabateur says

      sweden seems to be at the forefront of getting microchipped.

  5. Jse Tolteca says

    Wake up people the Covid is a hoax…
    Is just common flu if it even exist…
    I know first hand because I work at hospital and nursing homes every day, you know how many people I have seen sick?
    You know how many overwhelmed hospitals I have seen?
    You know how many dead people I have seen?

  6. Julie Bronson says

    CASES NOT DEATHS! EVENT 201 proves this was all a PLANNED FARCE! Understand that Epstein GUILTY Trumpy is a deep state FAKE like all others before him and gave Gates GAVI group a BILLION to FORCE a vaccine on YOU using the MILITARY in a ‘powerful way’ Gates controlled and funded Fauci AND Birx and they ALL should be EXECUTED. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pV1U9s3vJ0

  7. Jse Tolteca says

    Ok now, what are everyone of you, personally every one of you are going to do?
    Is time to resist people…
    Is now or never…

  8. Mr. Evans says

    COVID-OP$1984 Is A Realm-Wide Psyop Or Psychological Operation In Fear And Control, And A $camdemic Using A Non Viru$ Called COVID19 To Force Bad For Your Lungs And Face Health Face Diaper Nappy Muzzle$ And Illegal-Criminal Lockdown$ To De$troy Everyone’s Job$ And Career$ . . . ;-( . . . Refuse Their Illegal Criminal Actions And Remove Your Damned Very Dangerous, Harmful And Deadly To Your And Your Children’s And Families Health Face Diaper Muzzle$ And Breath In The Air . . . Refuse Any And All Vaccine$ And $hot$ For They Are Not $afe, But Highly Toxic And Potentially Deadly To You, Your Children And Your Family . . . ;-( . . . . Refuse Them Because Your Lives Depend On Standing Up And Not Allowing Them Into Your Bodies . . . The Sleepers Must Awaken Fully . . .

  9. kierandsouza says

    one has to follow the money trail here. WHO is in the pockets of pharma
    companies and Bill Gates who have invested hell of a lot in the COVID
    vaccines. So this charade has to be kept alive until the trials are
    done and an acceptable vaccine can be given the go ahead for mass
    production for mandatory vaccination therein lies the payback for all this Kabuki. The fly in the ointment is the
    Russian Sputnik5 vaccine which has come out of trials earlier and is awaiting sanction from WHO to enable Russia to market the vaccine
    globally. Will Bill Gates allow this? Will the WHO withhold the Sputnik5 vaccine on some pretext or other? the credibility of WHO and the sincerity of their intent to fight the COVID pandemic lies in their acceptance/rejection of Sputnic5 vaccine and reasons assigned thereof

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Vaccines don’t work period!
      You’re immune system doesn’t make antibodies to dead viruses.
      Why would it do that? It is a waste of energy.

      1. kierandsouza says

        The vaccine may not work but sure is a money spinner with Gates saying he will get back 20 times his investment. All that philanthropy talk is just hogwash. . Is Russia part of this Kabuki drama or not is what we will find out soon

    2. ke4ram says

      I can’t see how they can make a vaccine without an isolated virus. I would not trust my life to any vaccine. The Flu vaccine has killed over 40 people in South Korea but they still keep pumping it out. Why???,,, According to CDC the flu has disappeared this year! They’re not even going to track it! Now if that doesn’t throw up red flags then your not paying attention.

  10. stevek9 says

    As pointed out by Etienne de La Boétie in 1552 … the population (or a sizable portion) needs to withdraw its consent, and it will be over.

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      There aren’t enough in the population that understand consent to withdraw it.

  11. eduardo says

    Hope Trump wins! All these governments of clowns in Europe will soon disappear. End of Covid and of he first attempt of the world government to impose the sanitary dictatorship.

  12. ke4ram says

    “to stop a surge in coronavirus infections, ”

    Stop it for Gods sake. How many times does one have to say,,, A PCR test CANNOT determine an infection. Is this soooo hard to grasp? It’s easy to verify,,, even the inventor, Kary Mullis, said so.

    The test can only determine if a virus somewhat matching the genome sequence is present. Hell, it could be any corona virus or any other virus, bacteria or even your own cells.

    Like a drug sniffing dog. The dog can detect a drug BUT it cannot tell you which drug or how much drug.

    The only damn way to “prepare” for a virus is to catch it,,, get over it,,, and forget it. Yes, a few with impaired immune systems may die but unfortunately that’s the way it is and always has been.

    This particular virus has never been isolated. They guessed as to its makeup. They are padding the death numbers by paying hospitals and doctors to find every death as Covid (See how the flu has mysteriously disappeared!) and the fraudulent test is used to scare people by falsely stating it can find “infections” which it cannot.

    1. Michelle Magee says

      EXACTLY! WHY isn’t this the main point? This would STOP this whole thing!! No proof of a virus at all, so what good is a test for something that hasn’t even been isolated to prove it is real? THIS POINT NEEDS TO be the number ONE POINT!!

    2. Mensch59 says

      It seems as if all upper and lower respiratory infections which can cause pneumonia — from seasonal flu to influenza-like illnesses to the common cold to all infections of rhinoviruses, coronaviruses, adenoviruses, and others — are now labeled as causing some umbrella disease named “Covid”.
      From another one of your posts down-thread:

      According to CDC the flu has disappeared this year! They’re not even going to track it! Now if that doesn’t throw up red flags then your not paying attention.

      What primarily is there to pay attention to? The masses are unable and unwilling to reason. They are unable and unwilling to imagine that they are being played, conned, propagandized. They are being expected to join the Covid Cult.

      How do you deal with cult members? “While it is crucial to continue reporting the facts and sharing them with as many people as possible — which is becoming increasingly difficult due to the censorship of alternative and social media — it is important to accept what we are up against. What we are up against is not a misunderstanding or a rational argument over scientific facts. It is a fanatical ideological movement. A global totalitarian movement … the first of its kind in human history.” ~ CJ Hopkins, “The Covidian Cult”, CONSENT FACTORY, INC., Manufacturing consent for private and public sector clients for over 250 years, https://consentfactory.org/2020/10/13/the-covidian-cult/

      And what does Hopkins get for his trouble warning of this “fanatical ideological movement” toward the totalitarian State from (so-called) “leftists” — who tout their anti-liberal and anti-capitalist and anti-fascist street creds? Hopkins gets labelled a “right-winger”.

      You cannot make this shit up. Leftists backing totalitarianism. It’s like they never learned a thing from the horrors of Stalinism and Maoism.

      There is this blog — leftist politics, moderated by cult members who call themselves “socialists” — which regularly censors videos like this one from being posted — https://youtu.be/f8aJ3lb-LTs — and also censors comments such as:
      I prefer to think of your interlocutor more as a cult member who belongs to a (secular but still hyper religious) political ideology — which ideology is divorced from common knowledge and reason — instead of a “troll”.
      I also prefer to think of “trolls” in psychological terms — i.e. the dark tetrad of personality traits — rather than political ones as per https://www.thecriminalcode.com/index.php/2017/03/29/why-internet-trolls-arent-harmless-the-dark-tetrad/
      Anyway, this short video — the one I posted above — explains a little bit as to why working class Americans/proletarians are voting for or otherwise supporting Trump.
      On a related note, it’s been another interesting presidential election campaign watching from the sidelines from British Columbia.

      My point in re-posting comments here removed by the censors there, is to demonstrate that, overall, libertarians have more of a commitment to free speech than do (fake) “leftists” who call themselves “Marxists” or “socialists” or “communists”.

    3. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      A thermometer is the best way to determine infection.
      PCR can’t tell the difference between a virus and random pieces of viral RNA.

    4. Joe Spotfly says

      Technocracy in action. The only constituent the government represents. If they get their way, every good, every service, even currency itself will be connected to the net. Their aim is to eviscerate everyone’s individual sovereignty, property, identity, mind and body.

      1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

        That will probably be fine to those whose every whim is satisfied by their smartphone, until the cellular Internet goes down.

        1. Mr. Evans says

          It Is 3 Thru 5G Which Is The Real Culprit Here Because We Are Being Cooked By Deadly To Us Microwave Radiation Which Is Making The B$ COVID19 Symptoms, And Not A Damned Faux Viru$ Called COVID19 . . . . The Sleeping People & $heeple Must Awaken And Arise And Stand Up And Refuse Any And All Illegal-Criminal Fascistic Orders From The Monsters, And Fight Back And For Your Lives, And Your Children’s And Families Lives . . . .

          1. kierandsouza says

            we can’t do much about it. in future there may be only 5G coverage for our mobiles. what should we do then

            1. Kay Bee says

              Then we don’t use mobiles. If something makes us sick, why use it? Do we eat or drink poison?

            2. Mr. Evans says

              Do What You Believe Is Right, Especially If You And Your Family Are Under Attack . . . Protect Yourselves . . . ;-0

          2. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

            It is more those who insist on spending large amounts of their waking time with the phone pressed against their ear that have the greatest effects, regardless of th generation of service. Have you ever heard of cosmic radiation?

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