Fully-Vaccinated and QR-Coded Music Festival in Netherlands Results in Case ‘Outbreak’ With 1000 Positive

Stop testing, treat the symptoms, protect the elderly, move on.

Only those with the QR-code pass issued to those vaccinated, tested, or recovered could get in

Nearly a thousand people who attended the Veknipt festival in Utrecht on July 3 and 4 tested positive for Covid-19, health service GGD announced. 448 who attended the festival on the first day now have the coronavirus, and 516 people who attended on the second day. The festival attracted about 20 thousand attendees, NOS reports.

The organizers of the Verknipt festival is shocked by the number of infections. The organizers and municipality of Utrecht were in talks about the permit and coronavirus measures until just before the start of the event, the organization wrote in a response. “This resulted in, among other things, a 45 page document with additional coronavirus protocols.”

And the organization stuck to those protocols, they said. Testing for Access QR codes were also strictly monitored. “However, we could not see from the QR codes whether people got in through a recovery certificate or Testing for Access or on the basis of a Janssen vaccination.”

The GGD confirmed to NOS that the organization indeed held to the coronavirus measures. “The access test was allowed to be 40 hours old and young people currently have many contacts. The explanation may be there,” spokesperson Lydia van der Meer said to the broadcaster. She added that the source of the infections is hard to determine, so she can’t say whether everyone got infected at the festival.

Utrecht mayor Sharon Dijksma also attended the festival on July 3, posting a picture on Twitter. “It’s quite exciting to see so many people close together after such a long time. People only gained access with a QR code because even the 1.5 meters no longer applies here,” she tweeted at the time.

This festival is the largest single source of coronavirus infections in the Netherlands so far. Previously some 200 people tested positive for Covid-19 after spending a night partying in an Enschede night club. That was about a third of the people in the club that night.

Source: NL Times

  1. Ying Jun says

    Stop testing and stop being dramatic. If you are sick or have symptoms then stay home and recover. If you are afraid then lock yourself in and don’t come out ever again. If you need emergency help then go to hospital. This was how we dealt with the flu. COVID19 is no different than the flu but everyone has gone insane. Oh by the way, give up on smoking would help with your breathing.

    1. Ilya G Poimandres says

      Hot lemon tea! Never failed me. Half a lemon a cup, some caffiene, the necessary sugar/honey, maybe some ginger, as hot as possible, constantly.

      Interestingly in my neonatal course 5 years ago the nurse tutoring to!d (that’s actually quite cool in meaning!) us that the NHS now advises flu and cold patients to be cold and take meds. I don’t swear much but I wasn’t nice.

      1. edwardi says

        I use the juice of one lemon in a glass of hot water, sweetener not necessary, when feeling off, at all. But immune system enhancement to Prevent infection should be part of protocol. Check blood levels of vitamin D and increase accordingly to get above 60. other inexpensive supplements, Zinc is essential and a substance like Quercitin which acts much like hydroxychloroquine, in that it allows cells to better absorb the zinc which effectively blocks the virus of any sort. Also when we supplement with D, as who lays around bare butt enough these days in the sun on a regular basis, to assure the Calcium buildup get properly distributed also simultaneously take K2MK7, approximately 100 iu’s per 1000 of D, and also Magnesium, of which there are like 10 different types, as magnesium never appear alone but binds to other things, so use several types, I use the L Trionate. And as others write here, if you or anyone come down with what you perceive as symptoms, get to a doctor and demand the Ivermectin protocol, I think when prescribed as early treatment they might have other add ons, like a mild anti biotic with it. Also once hospitalized intravenous vitamin C has shown to lead to a very high rate of complete recovery. Why ? are these bastard in government not emphasizing these things of natural immunity, but just some GD vaccine. I may feel differently about the Russian or Chinese or Cuban vaccines if they were proven to be no harm with limited side effects, but even then I would go the natural prevention way. But these dastardly US vaccines, let them rot in Hell.

    2. Ultrafart the Brave says

      … and we also know for an indisputable fact that cheap and supremely safe Ivermectin kills Corona Chan stone cold dead within a couple of days.

      No emergency use authorisation of untested experimental “vaccines” was ever required or legally justified.

      Ivermectin Saves India

      Ivermectin Destroys Corona Chan In Mexico City & India

      Ivermectin Obliterates Corona Chan in Delhi

      Indian Bar Association Prosecuting Indian WHO Member For Mass Murder

      Corona Chan – Ivermectin Studies

      1. edwardi says

        My friend in India came down sick and recovered quickly and completely with Ivermectin. Christ even in that poor country they are handing out home kits containing Ivermectin to be used at users discretion. Here in the F’ing US doctors are prosecuted for prescribing Ivermectin even though it has been used safely with Zero side effects for over 60 years. What a Scam.

  2. Ultrafart the Brave says

    The term “Cognitive Dissonance” comes to mind.

    Sort of like thinking happy thoughts to keep the sun shining, and then being completely blind-sided and disoriented when it actually starts to rain – and then ignoring the rain and pretending that the sun is still shining!

    At risk of being uncharitable, how obvious that the frigging “vaccines” don’t stop Corona Chan does it have to be before these imbecilic idiots will finally wake up?

    What will it take for the lemmings to finally rise up, kick ass and chew bubble gum?

    1. Raptar Driver says

      When they run out of bubble gum.

  3. fresnoman4man says

    So masses of these foolhardy youthful peeps have taken these toxic death injections and then claim they have the nonexistent Covid19 flu and this was I assume verified by submitting to the bogus PCR?

  4. ken says

    How many times during a flu outbreak have you observed government looney loons chasing people down to swab them? Me,,, none, even when a couple of times they had flu epidemics. No government stooge chasing you, no Karen screaming for you to put on a face diaper.

    See,,, since the virus doesn’t exist they have to appropriate symptoms from real diseases. Flu, Pneumonia, etc, but if no one is sick,,, what to do! Well, You need a test which is easily manipulated… and the PCR is just the thing. Give it enough cycles and it will find Elvis for you. Perfect for this fraud.

    Need a thousand cases? >=45 cycles should do.
    Need proof the kill shots are effective? <=20 cycles will do.

    And wow! At an average of $50 per test,,, can you imagine the money these vampire parasites are sucking out of the People, or the government,,, which gets its money from… the People!

    Same-o with the kill shots. All paid for by taxpayers everywhere.

    This con is off the charts. Not only are they making a ton of money,,, you are paying for your own genocide.

    1. edwardi says

      Excellent analysis.

      1. Brian HOULAHAN says


  5. Voz 0db says

    The only thing I still am sad about is that the MIRACLE JAB is not efficient enough!


    Every modern moron slave that accepts being jabbed/tested just for attending a music show deserves no less than a proper jab cull.

  6. Steve Kastl says

    mRNA vaccines are Jonestown in a syringe. Fauci is the new Jim Jones, cult leader.

  7. Albericus says


  8. lizzie dw says

    Why do people keep getting tested? If they are using the pca(?) test that test is notoriously unreliable! Just testing positive means nothing really. What is important is if you know you are positive, i.e. you have flu symptoms. Media keeps harping on the number of cases when the real story is the number of deaths. If 8 hundred million people get the flu and nobody dies, well, a lot of people had the flu.
    This is so misleading and scaremongering. I am really tired of it. Is there no other news in the world? Like the floods in Germany or the assassination of the Haitian president by maybe USA personnel?

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