FSB Plumbs the Depths of Cringe and Fake

Pro-Putin false flags get cringier and faker

Take a look at the photo above. What would you say this photo is depicting?

Here’s some help. It is claimed this is a photo of a human skull.

That checks out for me. To me that indeed looks like a human skull.

It is further claimed this is a skill of a human who was killed in an IED explosion while driving in a car.

Does that look like the skull of somebody who died in an IED blast? Does that look like the skull of somebody who was alive when they got into the car?

Or does it look like the skull of someone who had already gone through a gunshot to the head, and an AUTOPSY?

Allegedly Ukrainian infiltration commandos blew up a civilian car on a Donbass highway out of sheer nihilism. They have done nothing of the sort for 8 years, and this would be the most ridiculous time to start, but hey let’s say we buy this.

Okay then so what were the names of the victims? No, we don’t get the names, nor the interviews with grieving relatives. We get footage of charred skeletons:

Very convincing.

If this was remotely real we would know the names of the people killed, and the enlarged war which Russia clearly wants would break out that very minute.

The only reason Ukrainian commandos can blow up civilians on a highway and Russia doesn’t immediately cross the border is because this stuff isn’t remotely real.

And yet there is going to be no shortage of fools who will self-delude themselves into proclaiming that Russia had not decided on escalation months ago (probably a year ago),  but only moved in reaction to EuroKiev’s “provocations” in February of 2022.

“Provocations” which are so obviously being staged.

Euromaidan prevailed thanks to a false flag. You could say the entire Euromaidan Ukraine is built on that false-flag lie.

I doubt placing the foundation of coming East Slav unification on equally rotten material is a great call.

  1. Grog says

    Midwit meme applies. As in: The vast majority of people in the middle will be fooled by whatever the media tells them. So it doesn’t matter how good – or bad – the false flags are. So long as Russia controls the airwaves they can shape the narrative to their liking.

    See also: Douma, Assad’s Crematoria, Incubator Babies, …

  2. edwardi says

    Utter nonsense. As if those Nazi boys from the W. are causing no harm themselves, no it is just the Donbas boys shooting themselves and bombing their own shit. What utter horse crap. Is Mike Pompeo a guest ghost author here or is he just channeling.

  3. Gideon Njoku says

    Marko from your analysis these day seem you are now an officially anti-putin/anti-russia,am not saying one shouldn’t criticize Putin if he’s doing something wrong,but the way you go about yours seem straight out of the playbook of the west.
    I use to enjoy reading articles here,but of recent I seem to be losing my taste as you have gone against whom we thought you are here to protect,it’s all fine.
    You should renamed the site pro-empire as it seem befitting for the the new line you have taken,greetings.

    1. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

      He’s been openly pro empire for at least a year and a half, just abandoned all pretence now. When I pointed out this – as I did repeatedly – earlier, I was attacked by everyone.

  4. Steve Ginn says

    This Marko Marjanovic idiot who you have writing this drivel is so obviously a Ukronazi gobshite. Get rid of this bloody fool!

    1. AfricanLeopard says

      Come on Steve, respect the Hussle, the man is earning his kep. lol

  5. EstibenDelMar says

    i’m checking all other russian related english alt media websites abd they are buying each piece of propaganda by the pound.

  6. Fred says

    why is this site trying to push people away by printing this nonsense of this Marko moron? this used to be a good site but this Marko idiot has destroyed the credibility. Goodbye Anti-Empire and good luck with your Marko propaganda.

    1. nnn says

      Yes, this Nazi bastard is trying to destroy this site

      1. drk says

        Yeeessss. (Forget)…..Marko is a Nazi BS ….. More and more $$$$$$$

  7. padre says

    This doesn’t even deserve an answer!

  8. Dave Newman says

    Well, dear Marko, that does it. What utter BS you’re penning. Looks like you got some undeclared checks flying into your Cayman accounts…
    Not a Putin apologist, but I’m definitely not on the Empires side. “Anti-Empire”? Who are you kidding? I’m checking out – au revoir…

  9. drk says

    Kazes da si Srbin, Kazes da si Anti-Empire, ………. A ono ispade … da si DJUBRE Ljudsko….I majka bi te se odrekla….Okreces dupe onom ko ti vise da $$$$… Molis za crkavicu da prezivis (kao i tvoj drug kepec Edward)
    Nisi dostojan porekla, nisi dostojan oca i majke koja te rodila, nisi dostojan istorije tvog naroda (zaboravio si ko ti dao drzavnost). Probudi se ……. i bori se za pravu stvar… Ovo su istorijski momenti….Budi na pravoj strani …. Opravdaij Ime i Prezime koje nosis. Privuklo me ime tvog sajta…Kad ono…..Ljudski Sljam.
    PROBUDI SE !!!!! (Gde ti je dostojanstvo)

    1. drk says

      Machine translation :
      You say that you are a Serb, You say that you are an Anti-Empire, ………. And it turns out … that you are a GARBAGE Human …. And your mother would give you up …. You turn your ass to the one who you hang on to $$$$ … Pray for the little church to survive (like your dwarf friend Edward)
      You are not worthy of origin, you are not worthy of the father and mother who gave birth to you, you are not worthy of the history of your people (you forgot who gave you statehood). Wake up ……. and fight for the right thing … These are historical moments …. Be on the right side …. Justify the Name and Surname you carry. I was attracted by the name of your site … When that ….. Human GARBAGE.
      WAKE UP !!!!! (Where is your dignity)

    2. Jeb says

      Ne shvacas ga, Drkedzijo. Marko je uvijek bio izrazito rusofilan, samo su Ruje pocele da kopiraju Amere, sto se laganja i manipulacija tice.

      1. Jeb says

        A to jadno.

      2. drk says

        Ti ne shvatas Jebani….. Znam ja njega dobro. Neka Rusi Kopiraju Amere … Tako i treba …. Bolje je imati dva losa (nek se biju medjusobno …. i neka ostave druge na miru …. Kao za vreme hladnog rata……P.S. nista ti ne shvatas … Treba ti prevodilac

        1. Jeb says

          Nek se biju medjusobno? Ako ti kao Srbin tako razmisljas, onda je to zalosno.

          1. drk says

            Gledaj, slisaj i uci. Jel’ si video i razumeo komentare o tvom prijatelju Marku. Koja sramota…….. Svi napustaju ovaj sajt… Ti mozes ostati… Istog ste nivoa. Jesam Srbin i poznajem odlicno istoriju….. Hvala svima koji su nam pomogli. A ti pogodi o cemu i o kome pricam.

  10. XSFRGR says

    The rear section of the skull has obviously been removed, but the penetration is not readily discernible as an entry, exit wound or even a bullet wound. To me the big question is who’s skull, and who made the wounds.

    An interesting aside is Ron Brown who was Clinton’s Secretary of Agriculture. On CSPAN I watched a U$ Navy pathologist (Commander), and his assistant (Lt. Commander) state that the cause of Brown’s death was a .45 caliber gun shot wound through the top of his dead downward into this body (common FBI/CIA technique). The pathologists didn’t discuss the cause of death for the other dozens of people who were on the airplane where Brown’s body was found. When asked if he was certain the Commander’s reply was, “Do you think I would be flushing my career down the toilet if I wasn’t. It seems that all of these agencies, regardless of the nations involved, are staffed with murderous psychopaths.

  11. nnn says

    The rope is crying for this Bandera bastard Marjanovic

  12. Rebel Forever says

    Is this the Washington Post, or anti-empire.com?

  13. Helga Weber says

    True is, Ukraine had 8 years, to give the russian population in this 2 areas some rights.

  14. eyes open says

    What’s going on with all this hate in the comments? The site’s name is anti-empire, and that goes for all empires. It seems like you people are all too willing to root for an empire as long as its not spearheaded by the western imperialist characters. Remember the oligarchs raping and plundering the russian people, remember putin’s and his gangs collusion with the WEF, pharmaceutical devils, and other supranational entities. Remember the fake-vaxx and biometric control being implented in Russia, the same as in the west. It’s a small club and you’re not in it. Stop rooting for these liars and enslavers of mankind, no matter which brand of the NWO they might be selling.

    1. drk says
      You have to contribute every three months to anti-empire.com, a Nazi site. To contribute to kill the Russians of Ukraine. Welcome They are “Undermenshen” dixit Germany. And don’t forget Sholz comment about genocide !!! Marko is a great analist !!!!!


    2. peterinanz says


  15. drk says

    Are you alive ? Have you seen the comments? Do you understand everything???
    Poor analyst… Your site must be called PRO-EMPIRE or NAZI-EMPIRE!!!!

  16. Cap960 says

    Russia learned from Americans that lies work better.

  17. GMC says

    Russia doesn’t need any more reasons – to attack the Ukie Merc army – they have killed Russian citizens, Russian/Ukrainian citizens and they need to be destroyed to the point that they will think twice before they do it again. They already have started the surgical strikes inside Ukraine and I hope they do it for a long time
    Crimeans are being evacuated from the Ukie/ Crimean border , so Russia will be heading just over the border for recon purposes. Ukraine doesn’t deserve a country of it’s own if it has a warring military backed by the Americans, Jews and Europeans.

  18. EstibenDelMar says

    i see lots of putin worshipers here! hahaha…perhaps they believe putin is the reincarnation of Jesus?

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