From Clapping to Sacking — 18 Months in the Life of a Nurse

"At times, over 80% of our patients had acquired Covid in healthcare"

“I constantly flagged this up, but it wasn’t a popular observation in the NHS hierarchy. …I was told that it was not well received”

I care. It’s a reflex, and the reason why I could only ever have become a nurse. I don’t consider that this makes me a more virtuous human being. I certainly never wanted to be clapped for it. You can’t switch caring off. The role of the nurse is to relieve suffering. Sometimes this might mean making someone physically better, but not always – more often it is about making the individual feel better regardless of the outcome.

It was strangely fitting that on the 5th September, the day we were told that NHS staff might be forced to have the Covid-19 vaccine, I noted that 100% of the patients I look after as part of a Covid patient remote monitoring service were vaccinated. Not the majority of the patients, all of them.

The Covid patient remote monitoring service was set up in Autumn 2020, as a sort of virtual Covid ward, to monitor Covid positive patients remotely, facilitate early intervention should there be any deterioration in condition, offer support for symptoms and reduce the need for hospital admission.

This week, every single patient on the virtual ward is double or triple vaccinated.

A number of things struck me about the patients who were being referred to us. The first was that they were ill. This might seem obvious, but what I mean is that they were ill regardless of their Covid status. Many reported a deterioration in pre-existing conditions, citing difficulty in accessing medical care, chronic conditions not being managed etc.

Fast forward a year and this is an even more prevalent picture. Many patients have not seen a doctor for 18 months, blood tests are delayed, there has been no hospital follow up appointments, lost e-consults, hours spent waiting in phone queues and there is still fear of attending appointments. We often spend longer sorting out patients non-covid related health problems than their covid symptoms.

I’m not GP-bashing, merely stating that the present system is not fit for purpose and that the restrictions imposed over the last 18 months have had significant implications for public health.

The second thing that became apparent was the extraordinary role that nosocomial infections were playing in the cases and transmission of the virus, particularly during the autumn/winter surge. At times, over 80% of our patients had acquired Covid in healthcare. Sometimes this could be directly attributed to a recent hospital admission of the individual. Patients were admitted for falls, cancer treatment, blood transfusions, heart attacks and then, unfortunately, discharged Covid positive. These were often the sickest patients – the very people who we were all ordered to stay at home to protect.

Then they would infect their families and carers once they were home.

This is why the statistics for nosocomial infections are not representative of the true picture – one hospital admission for one individual could result in numerous cases within a household and beyond. This is not officially measured but, from my observations over the months, it is a huge problem.

I constantly flagged this up, but it wasn’t a popular observation in the NHS hierarchy. There were conversations in hushed tones. With the go-ahead from my line manager I undertook unofficial audits of our patients so that I could demonstrate the scale of the problem. I was told that it was not well received and it was certainly not escalated.

If you have any understanding of the structure of our health and social care, it’s not difficult to see why and how this situation occurred. There are fewer hospital beds, insufficient staffing, lack of effective PPE, lack of/haphazard testing and even the structure of our hospitals all lend themselves to an unavoidable rise in nosocomial infections. Over the last 20 years, many smaller hospitals have been closed. Beds were incorporated into huge hospital ‘villages’ which are easier to manage because all facilities exist on one site, often under one roof. This suits many aspects of health care but it is an infection control nightmare, as highly infectious patients are under the same roof as those that are already sick and immunocompromised.

The PPE provided for the average staff member was and is a joke. The big suits, F95s and goggles were reserved for ITU. The rest of us had plastic aprons and blue masks, which is probably why so many healthcare staff have ended up with Covid. In one area of the hospital there was literally a red line taped on the floor – those on one side were in full PPE and those on the other in a paper mask and pinny – to control a virus primarily spread through aerosol.

Vaccination started in earnest in December and I was offered mine in the first ‘wave’. I have had numerous vaccinations and boosters as a nurse. I’ve worked in healthcare long enough to understand the prevalence of iatrogenic harm, but you look at the evidence and conclude that the risks are small enough and the benefits great enough to be worth it. In this case, personally, I had some reservations.

The Covid vaccines have been developed to reduce symptom severity rather than to provide sterilising immunity, and I am relatively young and in good health. Crucially, I have had Covid-19 and have antibodies. I am confused as to why previous infection is not being taken into consideration when assessing individual need for vaccination especially as all available data showed negligible risk of reinfection.

Vaccines do not stop transmission. That’s clear to me as a nurse. Why would we introduce a vaccine passport? Why would we mandate vaccinations to access venues or public places or make it a requirement for jobs? Why should I lose my job if I decide not to be vaccinated?

I feel appalled at the idea of a two-tier society.

Informed consent is the bedrock of good clinical practice. You document that consent has been obtained for every procedure. How would you obtain informed consent from someone who you know has had no choice but to be vaccinated else they’ll lose their job? How do you consent a child who has been told that if they don’t have the vaccine they wont be able to go to a football match or out for dinner? Plenty of adults have been vaccinated because of the potential risk to their freedoms rather than any potential health benefits. This is ethically wrong and scientifically unsubstantiated.

I have been a nurse all my working life. I care. It’s a reflex. But if vaccines are forced on NHS staff, I want no part of it.

Source: Laura Dodsworth

  1. guest says

    (The premise of Laura’s article is that there was a Wuhan bat-flu epidemic, roaming the streets and hospitals in 2020.)

    In March & April 2020 was the time when all the nurses and all the doctors should have been in the frontline of protesting against the insanity. They should have been the loudest. They were the authority on the subject, people would have listened to them. They should have told everyone: “there is nothing here, stop this foolishness” Not a beep out of them through 2020. Now they should all be “vaccinated” and “vaccinated” often.

    The same goes for nurses in old-age warehouses. They whole-heartedly participated in putting the inmates into solitary confinement; they participated in killing them. In New York State 45,000 people were killed in warehouses.

    In 2020 you didn’t see one nurse or doctor on the street protesting the criminal insanity of lockdowns. No need to feel sorry for them in 2021.

    1. guest says

      Our favourite Samantha Bailey in New Zealand uploaded a report on covid and the fraud

      “This fraud, then, relies on the attribution of meaning to the amplified sequences, which is supplied by: (a) reference to the imaginary in silico genome and not to a proven physical entity called SARS-CoV-2; and (b) a “disease” that with absurd circular reasoning has been defined by the PCR result itself.

      ” SARS-CoV-2 has never been located in a human subject, isolated, purified and subsequently photographed and biochemically characterised as a whole unique structure.

      ” It has not been proven to exist in nature; in fact, key component parts were patented in 2007 which, by definition, would require them to be man-made.”

      “the go button was pushed on this globalist fraud when a 41-year-old worker presented at the Central Hospital of Wuhan on 26 December 2019 with symptoms indistinguishable from other respiratory illnesses commonplace among the 11 million residents who endure suffocating pollution in the capital of China’s Hubei Province. Lickety-split, the genome of a virus no one had seen let alone isolated and purified, was published in early January 2020, renamed SARS-CoV-2 by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses on 11 February”

  2. ken says

    Last time I was in the hospital those nurses were not the caring mothers everyone makes them out to be! Some were downright mean! The doctors were assholes,,, if you ever saw them,,, wouldn’t listen to any of my complaints. While lying in bed after a heart attack I was asked for immediate payment. (lol) Hell I didn’t have any clothes much less a wallet. I had to call my wife to come pay them before they threw me out.

    Another time I went to a medical outpatient clinic where a nurse demanded my co-pay, $10, up front or no visit even though my insurance explicitly said to pay “after services rendered”.

    So my point is most nurses I had to deal with as a patient were in no way a caring mother Teresa.

    That said,,, this no clot shot no job is just wrong on all levels and I believe to be illegal, but when businesses and government are ignoring or breaking many laws calling them rules one has very few choices.

    When government does not abide by its laws and abuses citizens it is time to dissolve that government hopefully by peaceful means.

    Many people state they are against violence but what is it that this government and the medical nazis are doing? Over 18,000 dead and thousands more injured sounds like violence to me. Removing your livelihood sounds like violence as well. Does it really matter if you die from bullets or injections? Dead is Dead!

    When a marriage gets to the point that neither side can resolve their differences then it’s time to part ways…..

    1. XSFRGR says

      It seems that you have had the same experiences with the hospitals that I have had. The doctors, nurses, and especially the bean counters are jerks. My wife had a massive stroke after 20 years with her local hospital. I’ll give the nurses, and doctors credit for protecting on of their own, but the bean counters were disgusting. The bean counters were calling to collect 7 days after her event while she was still in critical care, and not expected to survive. She has YOUR insurance, and if that isn’t enough for you that just too bad. If you call here again you’ll be sued; put it in writing. I never heard from then again.

      I was sent to the local hospital for follow up from a quad. bypass, a hip replacement, and a stroke. In all instances the care was minimal, the attitudes were hostile, and the business staff was predatory. In the last instance they refused to take my VA medical card, and bill the VA. Imagine their surprise when the VA told them that by refusing to claim against the VA they passed the time limit for payment, and lost it all. Seems there are federal laws to protect vets against this sort of thing. I laughed my old Ranger butt off.

      My experience with VA medical care has been excellent. I came out of ‘Nam, after 3 tours, with wounds, and vast agent orange exposure. The wounds healed, but the agent orange is slowly killing me. I have brittle type 2 (toxin induced) diabetes, coronary artery disease (quad. bypass, and mild stroke), and other crap. During all of this the VA has been in the fight with me, and never let me down. That said the VA fired my Doc of 4 years for refusing the death vax.

  3. pureblood17 says

    They test for the flu since they’ve never isolated Covid-19. Which makes me wonder how they can tell there is a delta variant. They never isolated the virus but they use a test to show the damage of a solution does on monkey kidney cells then show the cellular debris as proof of the virus. So, they can use this method to claim an UNENDING! amount of variants. A lot of cancers and “viruses” are probably just different forms of parasites. Since the tests can’t differentiate between cold and flu and covid then doesn’t that mean ivermectin cures both the cold and the flu? Welcome to “they’ve been lying to us our entire lives about everything”. Get your Ivermectin

    1. XSFRGR says

      EXACTLY !!!

  4. Bobby says

    Wow, this is low down dirty. I’ve never seen this in m life.The democrat elite are sick people, supported by a sick “doctor” and sick newsmedia.

    1. Bobby says

      was this here or in Australia?

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