Freedom Shithole Australia Invited Novak Then Ejected Him for Having the Wrong Political Views

Were his politics a big mystery when his arrival was greenlighted?

The reason Novak had to be kicked out according to Australia’s legal team:

“He has now become an icon for the anti-vaccination groups,” government lawyer Stephen Lloyd said. “Rightly or wrongly he is perceived to endorse an anti-vaccination view and his presence here is seen to contribute to that. He could set the record straight if it needed correcting. He has not — that has important consequences.”

Djokovic could have stayed if he “set the record straight,” AKA if he publicly spoke out against “anti-vaxxerism”. Funny stuff, Australia will let in the unvaxxed on a medical exemption but if they’re high profile enough it will then twist their hand and try to blackmail them with detention, deportation, and a 3-year ban to get them to publicly renounce their privately-held heretical views.

Are you completely off your rocker?!?

Of course, you are. No need to actually answer that.

Were Novak’s political views (medical freedom) any great secret? No, they weren’t. So you’re luring in heretics to stage witch trials against them. You’re positively deranged.

It is incredible how 75 percent or so of Australians allegedly support this and consider themselves rightous and feel they are the ones who have grounds to be furious at Djokovic. The mind virus has rotted your brains and you have turned into beasts. Or bugs. 

And what of the 20 percent of Australians who are unvaxxed? Are they allowed to have a prominent mRNA-untreated guest from abroad? Of course not. They’re not even allowed to have an organ transplant.


The Daily Sceptic:

Before delivering the orders, Chief Justice Allsop explained that the case wasn’t about whether the Immigration Minister made the right decision but whether the decision was so irrational or unreasonable that it was unlawful. Given the scope of discretion given to the Minister under Australian law it would have been extraordinary if the court had overturned his decision. The court has now adjourned and will set out the reasons for its decision later.

The political backdrop in this once liberal and tolerant country was underlined by an opinion poll published by the Age newspaper on Sunday which showed almost three-quarters of Australians believed Djokovic should be sent home without playing in the Australian Open, while just 14% of the 1,607 people polled said he should be allowed to stay. The Government is likely to have an eye on the approaching election.

It is truly shocking that the country would deport the world’s No. 1 tennis player and defending champion over not being vaccinated. Worse, it has done so despite him coming to the country on the understanding that he has an exemption, and despite a court already overturning one attempted visa cancellation. Indeed, in making the latest cancellation the Government no longer claims Djokovic doesn’t have an exemption or a valid visa, but simply uses its prerogative to cancel the visa on what amounts to political grounds – that Djokovic’s presence may “foster anti-vaccination sentiment”. To back this up it pointed to his “history of ignoring Covid safety measures“, the relevance of which to fostering “anti-vaccination sentiment” is unclear. It is a naked political act for political reasons and no one is pretending otherwise.

Prime Minster Scott Morrison said: “It’s now time to get on with the Australian Open and get back to enjoying tennis over the summer.” But following deportation Djokovic faces the prospect of a three-year ban from entering Australia and difficulty entering other countries as well, unless exceptions are made. What appalling treatment of someone who should be an honoured guest and who only came to the country because he was assured he had a valid exemption.

Disgraceful behaviour from a supposedly liberal and tolerant democracy. Australians should be utterly ashamed of themselves and their country and when they finally wake up from their lockdown-induced mass psychosis, perhaps they will be. [Or they can just keep their shithole going ad infinitum, fine by us. Other than the 15-20% who haven’t had their brain rotted yet there really isn’t anything of value — anything human — left there.]

  1. Margaret says

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  2. guest says

    Why would this Novak guy give them the opportunity ?

  3. Juan says

    Da protestrs are sum nazeeeeees who pees in monumentz.

    Told to me by an aussie, 4 real, no joke.

  4. London says

    America has long been ruled by the very rich who talk only to each other. More obviously Britain. And Russia, though lately not always, and not everything, which is why they hate “him”. Unlike Trump, who only talked of ideas from outside the very rich clique, “he” has done things outside the interest of the very rich families, though not always. Like Trump, “he” finds that pandering to the genetic relations of the very rich families is not enough to avoid punishment. The world has been ruled by very rich families for a very long time. As Novak is discovering too. And a few Australians, but not many. Not having had access to anything written but the bible for many hundreds of years back in Britain, they do not doubt what they read or are told today by the media (which is also owned by the very rich families). It is as well nothing that can be done to save them, as it turns out they are not worth saving. Sad for the very few who must go down with them.

  5. Ultrafart the Brave says

    ““He has now become an icon for the anti-vaccination groups,” government lawyer Stephen Lloyd said.”

    It’s not about health – never has been. It’s about getting everyone injected with fake “vaccines”, to enforce universal “vaccine passports” and railroad the country into the Great Reset.

    “It is incredible how 75 percent or so of Australians allegedly support this and consider themselves rightous and feel they are the ones who have grounds to be furious at Djokovic.”

    That’s the official narrative, which is propaganda. Truth is less than half of Australians are “fully vaccinated”, and most of them were coerced into it. The Government BS is intended to make the majority feel like the minority.

    Are Australians “furious at Djokovic”? The Satanic Globalist government stooges, Big Media and Big Tech apparently are – but what about the common folk, the silent majority? Judge for yourself…

    Meanwhile, I bet a few of those “fully vaccinated” tennis players are wishing they’d followed Novak’s lead right about now…

    Double-Jabbed Tennis Players At The Australian Open Start Dropping On Court

    FWIW, now the Australian children are dropping dead too. Who didn’t see this coming?

    Australian Children Injected With THeir Parents’ Blessing Are Already Dropping Dead

    Needless to say, Big Media and Big Tech are tickled pink with that development – but they’re making sure to keep it secret.

    I say, drag all the Satanic Globalists and their complicit stooges out into the streets and hang the bastards. And it’s not just me – more people are thinking along those lines with each passing day…

    1. ken says

      Double-Jabbed Tennis Players At The Australian Open Start Dropping On Court”

      The video linked happened on Jan 20,2020. The lady could not breath due to excessive smoke in the area.

      We have to be careful as they will place these videos to entice us,,, then ruin our credibility.

      1. Ultrafart the Brave says
        1. ken says

          The News Service is out of North Queensland Australia. Yeah,,, I would not trust any news source out of Australia or New Zealand or any of today’s Neo Nazi nations.

          Everyone should be very cautious of that news service and others in the future. They should have vetted that video.

          The fact they didn’t date the video makes me suspect it was purposeful.

          I’m to the point of I trust no one. My wife, who is better on the internet, discovered the error.

          1. Ultrafart the Brave says

            Checked the site again today – that article has been removed.

      2. Mr Reynard says

        Ken.….“Double-Jabbed Tennis Players At The Australian Open Start Dropping On Court” ??
        That because the air is polluted with tobacco smoke ?? See those thousands of people smoking Marlboro Cigarettes outside Rod Laver’s arena ??

        1. Ultrafart the Brave says

          “That because the air is polluted with tobacco smoke?”

          No, it’s because there were raging bushfires at the time polluting half of Victoria, including Melbourne.

  6. ken says

    Unbelievable! The info is out there about the faulty PCR. Why People will not believe credible info is a mystery to me.

    Many are allowing their children to take the experimental concoction. They simply should not be parents as parents are supposed to protect their children. I personally would not allow my children to take anything ‘experimental’ until it has been thoroughly vetted.

    A PCR test cannot distinguish between “live” viruses and inactive (noninfectious) viral particles. This is why it cannot be used as a diagnostic tool. As explained by Dr. Lee Merritt in her August 2020 Doctors for Disaster Preparedness1 lecture, media and public health officials appear to have purposefully conflated “cases” or positive tests with the actual illness in order to create the appearance of a pandemic.

    Furthermore, a PCR test cannot confirm that SARS-CoV-2 is the causative agent for clinical symptoms as the test cannot rule out diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens. The inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, who won a Nobel Prize for his work.

    Which is why the US CDC stopped using it although they have no replacement and the other tests are just as bad. They have no valid test for this alleged virus or its alleged variants and the virus has not been isolated, purified, sequenced or proven to cause the disease called covid 19. This is from the data and comments at the CDC itself.

    Why we have to wait for someone with a MD/PhD tell us this I don’t know. Everything in that article has been available since the beginning of this fiasco. And worse,,, it’s MD’s and PhD’s and their political buddies that got this scam going.

    Research, Read and make your own conclusions,,, don’t wait for the people that are running the shit show to tell you

  7. Phil says

    All same! US, Australia etc, can’t be trusted. They act like US with Indian treaties : signed on day one, infringed or broken.on day two.
    About Australia, this bunch of schmuck blatherskites changed a possible paradise into a true hell.
    Blast them.

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