Freedom-Loving Americans Not Bombing Iraq For Some Odd Reason

Eccentric lockdown protesters talking as if the real threat to their freedom was the US government. What an oddball idea

Watching footage from the Pennsylvania anti-lockdown protest I was stunned to hear the speaker say the attendees were fighting for their freedom. Surely that can’t be right. Everybody knows to fight for their freedoms Americans have to sign up for the military and travel to exotic countries and occupy them. The speaker was making it sound as if the real threat to Americans’ freedoms were not foreigners an ocean or two away but their own local, state and federal governments — just preposterous!

Credit where it is due. So far it is the Americans who are leading the resistance to the Covid Rogue occupation. So far no other country has a comparable protest movement. Could there actually be something to the “Land of the Free”? Let’s hope so.

Aside from the few thousands marching 22 percent say they support the protesters. That’s 60 million people. That’s a lot of freedom-lovers.

About 2,000 people honked, cheered and jeered against coronavirus restrictions Monday in Harrisburg, Pa., the latest and one of the largest rallies in a growing movement nationwide against governors balancing healthcare and economic concerns.

Motorists honked horns while circling the Capitol. Protesters waved flags and signs that said “Freedom is essential” and “Rednecks 2 reopen PA,” while urging Gov. Tom Wolf to end the shutdown of non-essential businesses.

“Unfortunately, some people have lost their lives to the virus,” said state GOP Rep. Aaron Bernstine, amid the signs for “Work not welfare” and “Church is essential.” “My heart goes out to every one of those people. But my heart also goes out to the 1.5 million people in Pennsylvania out of work.”

But Wolf, a Democrat who threatened to veto a bill to ease restrictions from the Republican legislature, has said the nationwide lack of testing materials remained an obstacle to gradually reopening the economy.

“We each feel that we are responsible citizens,” said Matthew Bellis, a member of ReOpen PA, one of the groups that organized the rally, with Pennsylvanians Against Excessive Quarantine and End the Lockdown PA. “We are adults and want to be treated as such.”

Banners flew across the West during the weekend demanding governors reopen states for business in Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Washington state. But healthcare workers in Denver also demonstrated their concerns by wearing scrubs while blocking protesting motorists.

Across Tennessee, hundreds of people urged an end to Gov. Bill Lee’s statewide shutdown order, with protests Sunday outside the Capitol in Nashville, and in cities including Knoxville, Chattanooga, Jackson and Memphis.

After Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers extended his stay-at-home order to May 26, about 1,000 protesters protested the move with signs and flags Saturday in Brookfield and about 70 people turned out Sunday in Madison.

“We have never cowered to a virus in this country before – ever,” Kirsten Lombard, 53, of McFarland, said outside the Capitol building. “I don’t know why we are now.”

More protests planned

More confrontations are on tap, organized through social media often with just a few days’ notice. Rallies are planned Tuesday in North CarolinaWednesday in Virginia and Friday in Wisconsin.


  1. ke4ram says

    Oh the Constitution huggers. Haven’t they watched the slow painful evisceration over the past few decades. Many, most, millennials out there are openly hostile to ‘rights’ due to their hypersensitivity to those that disagree as this ‘offends’ them.

    This whole scamdemic was to grab more power and we voluntarily gave it to them. You know, or should know, it’s a scam when they tell you what you can or cannot buy. Walmart stays open while Kohls, Best Buy and others are non essential. You know it’s a scam when they tell you not to go outside in the sun (vitamin D) and exercise. You know it’s a scam when they say farts may spread the disease. You know it’s a scam when they tell you the virus hides in men’s testicles only to come out when the coast is clear. You know it’s a scam when they falsify the deaths,,, anyone dying for any reason is now CV 19. You know it’s a scam when 81,000 died of the flu from Nov 2017 – March 2018 and they have to falsify the deaths from CV 19 and they still haven’t reached 81,000. You know it’s a scam when they still haven’t isolated the virus itself. So,,, is there a virus? You know it’s a scam when they tell you T cells indicate you are immune when in the past it meant you were sick and fighting the disease.

    Well,,,, apparently not, as 2/3 of Americans believe everything pols say as gospel. Sweden is proof that shutting down the economy is not only illegal (in America) but is complete insanity. Governors can do many things in an emergency but they cannot take your livelihood, destroy your businesses, or lock you up in your house which is what they and their gestapo police have done while none of them have lost a paycheck…. and still get the $1200 payoff. Can’t beat that!

  2. Per says

    Fakebook/Fecesbook/zuckerbook or whatever it is called just banned those groups and all of their users from organising demonstrations on their platform.

    1. Mary E says

      Is anyone surprised?!? Zuck is a Tump man…and his company follows the Dear Leader not wanting to annoy him….

      1. Per says

        zuckie is a demoncrat and goppy guy, he hedges his betting..

  3. widhalm19 says

    By June 1st the lockdown will be lifted as people will simply return to their lives and work and damn the government authoritarians.

  4. cechas vodobenikov says

    I do enjoy satire. digging a bit deeper—employing sociological conflict theory preferred by Simmel, Marx, Bauman, etc I would suggest that this is less about freedom and more about sociology—
    Tocquelle among many, especially in recent times Marxists, Richard Sennet, Lasch, others, Herzen, Bauman, etc have observed that individualism produces a self doubting, conformist, ANTAGONISTIC and anxious people……these protests reflect the inherent childishness and antagonism observed in the USA—the democrats appear to all endorse martial law while many in the GOP resent the democrat imposed destruction of jobs and small businesses in the USA

    1. NorthEastHeathen says

      that all sounds impressive, but those of us who like to dig a bit deeper with the actual facts, have spent time looking at the available data from the CDC and in my case our local state data from the Dept. of Health as well as several others. Someone as bright as yourself ought to have no problem tracking that down. Try it and see what you find out. Sometimes childishness manifests itself in the form of naive and bright-eyed submission to authority, with the best of intentions.

      1. cechas vodobenikov says

        since the masses r eager to believe in something nothing is so easy as to arrange facts for their benefit
        Charles Talleyrand

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