France to Imprison People Who Enter a Restaurant Without a COVID Passport for 6 Months, but Finds UK Quarantine ‘Excessive’

The biohazard terrorists who enter a restaurant

People in France who enter a bar or restaurant without a COVID pass face 6 months in jail, while business owners who fail to check their status face a 1 year prison sentence and a €45,000 fine.

Yes, really.

The punishments are part of a draconian effort by the French government to force citizens to get the coronavirus jab amidst multiple unruly protests across numerous major cities.

President Emmanuel Macron announced earlier this week that those unable to prove they’re vaccinated or a negative COVID test (at their own cost) will be banned from using public transport, entering a cinema, shopping mall, bar, cafe, restaurant and other venues from August 1st.

“People unable to present a valid health pass risk up to six months in prison and a fine of up to €10,000 (£8,500), according to the draft text of the law, while owners of “establishments welcoming the public” who fail to check patrons’ passes could go to jail for a year and be hit with a €45,000 fine,” reports the Guardian.

The sanctions represent the most authoritarian move to force vaccine compliance in the west, and probably outstrip a lot of actual dictatorships in other parts of the world.

The Guardian rather euphemistically describes it as a “big stick approach,” which would be true if that ‘big stick’ were an electric cattle prod the size of the One World Trade Center building in New York.

The government had to withdraw a similar law back in December following numerous riots, but merely re-introduced the same legislation with even tougher punishments for dissenters.

As we previously highlighted, police in Paris used tear gas to disperse demonstrators protesting against the measures in scenes that unfolded in several other major cities throughout the country.

We are now entering the phase of the pandemic where it’s becoming clear that those who refuse to take the vaccine will remain under the most onerous lockdown measures yet in perpetuity.

Source: Summit News

Meanwhile, Reuters:

France says UK quarantine decisions “excessive” – minister

Britain’s imposition of restrictions on travellers from France seems rather “excessive”, France’s junior European affairs minister said on Monday, after London said visitors would need to quarantine for 10 days after entering the country.

“We don’t think that the United Kingdom’s decisions are totally based on scientific foundations. We find them excessive,” Clement Beaune told BFM TV.

For its part the COVID Rouge in Russia wanted 2-3 year prison sentences for anyone who entered a Moscow restaurant with a forged passport:

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin supported QR codes as “the most reliable and optimal” way to avoid the fake paper certificates that “all these crooks” are offering for sale online, he told the TV channel Vesti (News) on June 26. He does not appear to have yet addressed the appearance of fake QR codes.

One senator in the Federation Council, the upper chamber of Russia’s bi-cameral parliament, asserts, however, that those involved in producing fake QR codes are, indeed, liable to criminal prosecution for violating “sanitary, epidemic rules.”

As such, those who use the codes could receive up to 2 years in prison, Senator Andrei Klishas, the chairman of the Senate’s constitutional law committee, told the RIA Novosti news agency.

The deputy head of the Senate’s social welfare committee, Tatayana Kusaiko, has urged up to 3 years in prison.

As in the French case, it was a bluff.

  1. ken says

    Fake virus
    Fake symptoms
    Fake tests
    Fake plandemic
    Fake covid deaths
    Fake full hospitals
    Fake cremations 24 hours a day
    Fake vaxxines

    and their concerned about fake QR codes! (lol)

    All politicians trying to force vaxxes by intimidation should be hung as were the perps after WWII. The new perps are actually worse than the old perps in that they claim to represent the People whereas the old perps were up front with their crimes.

    35,000 dead and rising in the US, UK and EU from vaxxes and counting. Notice how nobody ever mentions these numbers including much of alt-media.

    I remind people (uselessly) that the Geneva Convention and the Nuremberg Code signed by most nations in the West forbid this. Not only by these treaties but by legal statutes as well in most countries.

    Allowing government to break domestic laws and treaties invites a living hell for you.

    1. Mark says

      All ‘modeled’ prior to the ‘pandemic’ – including the challenges to compliance and ways the public-health communications sector might overcome hesitancy.

  2. Sally Snyder says

    As shown in this article, the impact of lockdowns and masking (among other NPIs) on the spread of COVID has been negligible:

    Obviously, governments are using the lockdown model as a template for future suspensions of what little remains of our civil rights.

  3. Jerry Hood says

    The French needs to storm the palace RAT and beat him to death….For that RAT is spreading viruses!!!!

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Hmm.. With any luck, he will meet his play in Place de Greve & his head will be paraded through Champs-Élysées on the tip of a pike …

  4. mehlinda says

    watch Vera Sharavs videos on the present day Nazism

  5. mehlinda says

    Nazism, plain and simple, only the spike protein shedding people will mingle together, we will be outcast Like the jews in the holocaust. Listen to Vera Sharav PART 1

  6. mehlinda says

    Vera Share Part 2
    on Nazism, which is whats happening now

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