CDC Changes the Definition of a “COVID Case” for the Vaccinated

If you have been vaccinated the CDC only cares about tests positive at or under 28 cycles

If you have been vaccinated and test positive for COVID on a PCR test the CDC only cares about your case if you tested positive at under 28 cycles:

All other test positives will not be looked at in its “virus breakthrough” investigation.

In fact, the agency plans to stop counting post-vaccine virus cases entirely.

As they won’t be counted it ensures post-vaccine cases won’t be a thing.

On the other hand, as Berenson rightfully points out if the COVID fanatics had been disregarding high-cycle “cases” as meaningless from the start they wouldn’t have had much of a panic to sell in the first place. Funny how the common-sense step of requiring significant viral load and the presence of a live virus only becomes common-sense when it becomes in their interest.


  1. ken says

    The PCR is bogus when using as a diagnostic tool. Its inventor said it should not be used and one would generally think the inventor would know…

    Even IF it is used to detect a virus,,, where did it get its sample genome sequence? Since no eyes have laid upon this virus since it hasn’t been isolated where in Gods name did they come up with the sequence!

    Then we have several countries that have banned the PCR saying it’s bogus.

    The bullshit fear mongering going on is pegging the needle. The injections do not prevent the disease nor its spread say the manufactures.

    In every animal test using this type of genetic therapy ALL the animals eventually died which is why they could never get it approved.

    For those that were dumb enough to take the injection without doing any research on it might want to get their affairs in order.

    1. Voz 0db says

      The sequence they are using is made in a lab using several software and collages from different RNAs.

    2. Art says
  2. Mark says

    Several sources forecast this, as the primary means by which the public would be convinced the vaccines had saved humanity – as vaccinations gain in numbers, the active ‘cases’ can be brought down so the overall appearance is of the vaccines prevailing over the pandemic and finally beating it into submission. Several sources speculated this could be achieved either through less testing or by adjusting the test values so that fewer test were positive. This will have the advantage, from Big Pharma’s point of view, of convincing doubters of the vaccines’ potency so more of the gullible will step up for six-month booster shots to keep their ‘immunity’ strong.

  3. TruthSeeker says

    If you do not understand that this is a WORLD-WIDE SCAM now then there is little hope for you, after trying to terrify everyone into believing this BS with cycle thresholds of over 40, (testing Asymptomatic (Healthy) people in order to create a FALSE Pandemic)
    which means the TEST is over 97% – 100% false positives, in other words USELESS now they want to change the game to suit the Vaccination narrative…What a JOKE!!!! Surely even ardent Covidians are starting to break free of the CULT…?

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