“For the Next Pandemic, We’ll Have Gigantic mRNA Factories in India”

Gates is plotting mRNA injections for HIV, malaria, flu... and already has big plans for the 'next' plague

Last year, you talked about the possibility of ending the coronavirus pandemic by 2022. Do you still think it’s possible?

Everyone has been surprised by the Delta variant and how transmissive it is. India was the first place where there was, tragically, explosive growth in cases. The number of cases has come down from that peak, but we have to get these vaccines out far more broadly than we have done so far.

The foundation is very proud that back in the spring of 2020 we got $300 million to Serum (Institute of India). Serum has executed very well on ramping up the volume, making really record numbers of vaccines. Now, we wish we’d have even more, but in the months ahead the numbers are going to go up quite a bit. Novavax will come into the picture. We’ll have Johnson & Johnson. We’ll figure out what can be done with the booster. We’re not quite sure about that right now, but that’s probably beneficial as we get into 2022.

I’d say Delta was the worst variant that anyone ever expected, and so we probably will have cases into part of 2022, and the importance of getting the vaccine coverage up, very high, is even more clear now. My prediction, based on Delta, is that we’ll miss that goal somewhat.

In this year’s Goalkeepers Report you highlight the innovations that Covid-19 has triggered. Which are the ones that hold potential?

Now that the world understands its vulnerability to a pandemic, there will be a huge amount of research and invention of new tools. The diagnostics – we could scale that up much faster. The therapeutics we could do a lot better. We should have a goal that we have so much factory capacity that, even within 200 days, we could make enough vaccines for the entire world.

Will this work, to be ready for the next pandemic, and will it have benefits beyond the pandemic preparedness?

The answer is absolutely yes. The mRNA platform, we’re working with that German company, BioNTech, to do an HIV vaccine using their mRNA technology. We have a malaria vaccine. We think that we can do a very low-cost flu vaccine and bring the worldwide level of flu down dramatically.

Ideally, we would eradicate some of these respiratory viruses because they actually create quite a significant health burden even in normal years, and of course, they can mutate into a form that could cause the next pandemic. I’m hoping that all countries will increase their research in these areas. We’re working with the United States, Europe and the UK on increasing their research budgets. I would hope that India would join in that as well.

There’s a lot of vaccine wastage in several advanced economies. What should be done to prevent this and ensure global cooperation?

It’s been somewhat inequitable. We keep a spreadsheet of where all the doses of the world are, and where they should be given. We weren’t ready, the world wasn’t ready for this pandemic. And so, as we look back on Covax, where the foundation has been very involved, there are some lessons. We could have done some things better, but the key has been the supply, which no one was funding in the spring of 2020 other than the US government.

We got full cooperation between the Western inventors and the Indian manufacturers. The mRNA, sadly, is different enough that there was no capacity for that particular type of vaccine outside the rich countries. Even there, it was completely new.

For the next pandemic, we will make sure we have gigantic mRNA factories in India and the rest of the developing world to achieve our 100-day goal of being able to make vaccines for everyone.

Source: The Times of India

  1. ken says

    Another article here wondered where journalists have been during the last twenty years of the Afghan war…..

    Right here! Either overlooking the killing or somehow dreaming up ways wars will help humanity,,, and don’t get me wrong,,, covid is a war against all humanity not just a particular group.

    You know these journalists are aware of the VAERS and EUDRAVIGILENCE systems. They know how millions were injured and maimed, and tens of thousands killed, yet they continue to push the kill shots as a world savior. They know the killings will continue and multiply. Yet for a few shekels they continue the lies. The Pied Pipers of misery and death.

  2. Joe_Below says

    The pandemic comes from the mRNA.

    1. Kieran says

      you are spot on. all these mutant variants are coming from the vaccinated. the unvaccinated have to be protected now from the vaccinated. Red Cross also prefers unvaccinated donors for specific reasons related to antibodies

  3. Kieran says

    Ok, this is the original article. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/rest-of-world/for-the-next-pandemic-well-have-gigantic-mrna-factories-in-india/articleshow/86223792.cms

    go through the comments, (there are over 100). Indians intuitively distrust this faux philanthropist, fake doctor who’s unwilling to wave intellectual property rights for widespread vaccine coverage in Africa, they believe he is somehow involved in Wuhan labs that produced a weaponized corona virus and they also know his eugenics background and intent to reduce the world population to a ‘sustainable’ 50 million or so

    1. osa says

      500 000 not 50 million – see Georgia Guidestones.

  4. Mark says

    Brilliant prediction by Gates; we will miss our goal of getting 100% of the world’s population vaccinated, against a coronavirus for which herd immunity is not possible. There are still going to be ‘cases’ – although they will drop precipitously as soon as the public-health quacks are no longer allowed to use their beloved PCR ‘test’ as the ‘gold standard’ – because we have never been able to eradicate influenza, either. We just learn to live with it. In that case everyone accepts that your immune system will deal with it. Oh, there are some people who dutifully get their flu shot every year, believing the hype that it will mitigate your symptoms – did you know it was a vaccine? But mostly nobody seriously expects to die from the flu, although thousands do every year.

    So when ‘vaccination’ proves to be completely unable to wipe out COVID, Gates will say, “See? I predicted this would happen – our vaccination rates were not high enough”, even though herd immunity was never a realistic possibility. When further mutations of the virus render the spike-protein Alpha vaccinations completely useless, Pfizer and Moderna will shift to developing a new-variant shot that many will faithfully take every year, just as they do the flu shot. Cure the patient, and you have a customer once. Manage his symptoms so that he can live in relative comfort despite his disease, and you have a customer for life. Government mandates worldwide which ordered their citizens to get vaccinated was like a dream come to life for Big Pharma, but they’re already looking beyond that.

  5. Steve Kastl says

    Sociopath billionaire with messianic complex.

  6. Jerry Hood says

    For the next plan-demic we must round up all the cabal and jews …

    1. Jerry Hood says

      Vaxx all the ” elite”, jews and governments!!!

  7. silver9blue says

    If you didn’t notice they can only say you have covid by symptoms. As its never been isolated they can’t do things like a blood test and tell you that’s what you have. Symptoms are similar to colds or influenza so you get an mRNA jab instead of an antibiotic and don’t recover easily. Good one batman. Fooled everyone well, you can only fool some of the people some of the time.

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