For the First Time Ever Russia Bombs Ex-Syrian Rebels in Turkish Service

Last year the two powers clashed when Turkey protected Syrian Al-Qaeda but this is the first time the Russians have targeted ex-rebels salaried by Turkey

  1. Raptar Driver says

    This maybe one of the reasons why the war continues indefinitely.
    All these rats have to do is scurry under the Turkish umbrella and bam, safe zone.
    Putin is truly the great compromisor.

    1. goyim 1 says

      Turkey is running out of money to support the rebels in Syria.

  2. Jodi1 says

    This has to be done. All Turkey and the West know is show of force. Give Syria back to the Syrians!

    1. Ron says

      Israel is the puppet master holding the strings. US, NATO, Turkey….just servants to The Greater Israel Project. If you want to kill a parasite, cut off the head.

    2. Chris says

      I am biased beeing an European but i do belive that Europe still has its biggest emphasis on diplomacy and agreements. I believe the US only understands show of force. It’s problematic that Europe and the U.S. are lumped together as “the west” in these regards.
      Have a nice day.

  3. Eddy says

    Bring it on, only good terrorist is a dead one, no matter what national umberalla they try to hide under. If the Turks and/or Americans get in the way, tough, they are occupying a county illegally anyway and deserve what they get.

  4. Malatok says

    The dog in Ankara will no doubt get the message. How long more will the hungry Anatloian peasant put up with the Natostan mad mullah that has turned Turkey into a fourth rate Turd World sewer?

    Doggy’s leash is getting shorter by the day.

    1. Chris says

      Yep. I too wonder how long even the military will allow the deterioration of Turkey. However, Erdogan is of course doing all he can to keep the military leadership happy. At the expense of Turkey and its people unfortunately.

      I do belive the clock is counting down on Erdogans rule.

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