Florida Is a Beacon of Liberty in a Nation Hijacked by COVID Tyranny

"Floridian live so much more freely than people in New York, California, and the dozens of other lockdown states, that we may as well be living in two different nations"

President Reagan famously touted America as a “shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.” However, today in 2021, that beacon light has dimmed significantly, and most of America has become entirely consumed by COVID Mania, while the masses have surrendered their liberties due to a virus with a recovery rate of 99.8+%.

Although most Americans and their elected leaders have failed to uphold our sacred principles, there are still pockets of brave, freedom-loving Americans who seek to continue abiding by our founding ideals and their emphasis on the protection of individual rights.

Florida is the largest of the handful of currently-functioning “free states” that has lived up to the American principle as a beacon of liberty, in a nation that has surrendered to tyranny, corruption, & idiocracy. Floridians, along with Americans in only a few other states, live so much more freely than people in New York, California, and the dozens of other lockdown states, that we may as well be living in two different nations. Never in my life would I have imagined that so many Americans would surrender their precious freedoms in the name of a flu-like respiratory virus, but here we are.

Martin Luther King Jr famously reminded us that “the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” Over the past several years, Americans had lived incredibly comfortable lives. With COVID-19 came a sudden crisis, and the ultimate test of fortitude. Tragically, most of our political leaders and “public health experts” not only failed that test, but then weaponized the situation to unleash terror and chaos upon the people who put their trust in them.

Governor Ron DeSantis is one of those leaders who has shined through challenge and controversy. Through the course of corona hysteria, he has acted admirably and bravely, using his platform and power as an anchor for the battle against the forces that seek to intrude upon our rights. Had he lost the gubernatorial race to a corrupt,  degenerate politician named Andrew Gillum, there is no doubt that Florida would have been locked down at this moment, and millions of Floridians would be suffering under the weight of the COVID regime. DeSantis has almost single-handedly ensured that his constituents have been able to live free and prosper in a time of absolute chaos, corruption, and tyranny.

Sure, Florida is still far removed from where most of America was in 2019. Most businesses continue to require masks in indoor settings, and power hungry city mayors and county officials enjoy attempting to enforce draconian absurdity on their populations (DeSantis has signed executive orders to make sure these leaders cannot enforce criminal penalties against people who don’t abide by draconian COVID policies). Yet at least inside of Florida’s boundaries, you get the feeling that the momentum is heading in the direction of Team Reason. Restaurants, bars, shops, schools, and most entertainment venues are fully open, without destructive capacity limits or draconian curfews. Citizens are out and about instead of locked down in their homes, and people of all ages don’t often hesitate to have in-person gatherings and meetings. Life is becoming very normal again in Florida.

If you read the legacy media and watch establishment television channels, you probably have no idea that life is thriving in Florida. The media and corrupt, tyrannical politicians don’t want you to hear about the real COVID success story here. Having been open for many months, Florida is the ultimate control group to all of the madness happening around the country. Their COVID stats are objectively better than comparable lockdown states, so the media and “public health experts” have taken to endlessly smearing DeSantis with fake statistics and baseless innuendo.

In Florida, we even have a massive — albeit unreported in the media — “COVID refugee” population. These are Americans from lockdown states who made the semi-permanent, but quiet departure to Florida so that they could live a more normal life. Many don’t acknowledge their reason for being here, because doing so would be politically incorrect in a time when safety is the ultimate virtue and triumphs living one’s life to the fullest.

The “COVID refugees” claim that they’ll head back once things open back up. But will things actually return to normal? And when?

That much remains unclear. What is happening now in lockdown states seems more like a signal of what is to come permanently, and what is already here.

new survey reported this week shows that only one in four respondents will stop wearing a mask after receiving the COVID vaccine. This speaks to an issue that isn’t going away soon.

Tragically, the Safety Regime might be here to stay. We are now one full year into lockdown madness. It is prudent, and inevitable, that more Americans will consider leaving their lockdown states for good, take advantage of federalism, and relocate to one of the handful of the states in America where you can still live free and thrive.

Tens of millions of Americans wasted a year of their lives hoping that their state or local government would “allow” them to return to normal life. The aspiring tyrants and power drunk ruling class have been granted unprecedented control over their populations, and there are no signs that they will return it to the people any time soon.

In Florida, we are so thankful that Gov. DeSantis and his team are defending our right to live our lives as we see fit. In doing so, Florida has become America’s brightest beacon light of liberty in a nation that remains hijacked by COVID tyranny.

Source: The Dossier

  1. yuri says

    miraculously this communist hasn’t been assassinated

  2. Costa Latorre says

    I like how you put it..”there are two Nations”. Since the lockdowns began Ive travelled to different States, and have been returning to Florida for many years now. Most States like PA, NY are depressing, empty shelves at their gas stations. Half of WYO, and most of MT, TX, are Free, and so on. There are indeed two Nations, civil war like, and this promises to heat up just as it became in the mid 1800’s. For those of you who live in lockdown states just look at your governors and get rid of them.

  3. ken says

    I live in the Free State of Florida. We were gifted Governor Desantis. I believe he knows the whole covid thing is a scam but he is trying to walk the middle road.

    That said,,, the idiots here do not appreciate the gift as I would say over 90% are masked up,,, even very young children. The businesses do put up signs but the cops here have no desire to become mask cops and besides Desantis does not allow fines and jail.

    These fines and incarceration other states do are about as unlawful as it gets. There are “NO LAWS” requiring masks, only silly “rules”. Masks don’t do jack,,, says so right on the box.

    The city nearby has mask rules so we avoid it and their businesses. Let them go bankrupt over this fake disease.

    1. Mark says

      News media throughout North America are now talking openly about the wisdom of wearing two masks at the same time – according to ‘studies’, I heard on the radio today, one mask stops only about 40% of particles ‘approaching the face’. Probably they are talking about bacterial particles anyway, which are about three times the size of viral aerosols. Either way; wearing TWO masks, if you can imagine anything so stupid, and you’ll getcherself 80% protection, buddy.

      The whole mask thing is horseshit, but government will not be told and public-health officials are getting used to running the country.

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