Florida Governor DeSantis a ‘Strong Potential Presidential Candidate’

Wouldn't that trigger the death cult?


“Rep. Matt Gaetz on Sunday floated a potential presidential bid by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and implied the Biden administration is considering pre-flight testing and domestic air travel restrictions to “cast aspersions on the Florida experience” because DeSantis could be a rival.

“He is a strong potential presidential candidate in 2024,” the Florida Republican said Sunday on Fox News. “The Biden team knows that, and so they’re trying to somehow cast aspersions on the Florida experience because you know what, throughout America, there’s a lot of Florida envy right now.”

Gaetz’s comments came after Fox interviewed DeSantis on Sunday, with the governor accusing President Joe Biden of mulling travel restrictions to target Florida for its thriving economy and housing sector.

According to reports, the Biden administration has been looking into imposing domestic travel restrictions to curb the spread of coronavirus variants. The administration isn’t targeting any particular state but is reviewing how to stop the spread of the virus mutations that are surging in some states, including Florida and California. “

It would be very nice if Trump would hunker down and shut up so as to clear the way for a viable 2024 candidate like DeSantis.  Do I think he will?  No.  His hubristic self-destructive instincts apparently rage on even as he faces the prospect of criminal and civil legal action against him.

Do I think the left cabal did everything fair and foul they could manage to steal the election?  I do, but the time has come to march forward and the path forward lies in backing young Republican candidates like DeSantis.  The troop of howler monkeys that is now the Democratic Party will greet my statement about their dishonesty with all the usual Goebbels style screeching about Qanon, the Proud Boys, etc., etc., ad nauseam  

To hell with them! Ignore them. There are 75 million actual citizens out there in the much-despised flyover country who cry out for real leadership.

The Democrats are a party that despises traditional America. Despise them in return, but find viable leaders. DeSantis is one such.

Source: Sic Semper Tyrannis

  1. GMC says

    Ya , he will fit in Washington, a Yale man and he took all 80 members of his Florida staff to Tel Aviv with him in 2019, so he has the right stuff. Right ?

    1. ken says

      As a Floridian that was depressing as hell and is probably the one thing that would prevent me from voting for him. I saw no useful result in that trip. All aside he seems okay but then they all do……… until elected.

    2. XSFRGR says

      Considering the number of Jews residing in FL it was the prudent thing to do.

  2. ken says

    The only problem with Desantis is the republican party

    1. XSFRGR says

      So if he was a democrat you would be OK with him ?

  3. ken says

    Profile has zeroed out. From 164 0 554 15

    Damn,,, there goes my popularity!

  4. yuri says

    next prez installed by emperor Bezos gates tucker Carlson or perhaps trump, depending upon the price of caviar and Dom perignon

  5. Randy says

    Why would Trump back off when he’s in a good position to secure the 2020 election through the Supreme Court? Republicans can compete for 2024 election in about 3years time.

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