First 350km/h Freight Train the World Rolls Off the Assembly Line in China

Maybe not the most economical, but then, who knows?

For when you need that mail parcel really, really fast??

A brand new 350 km/h high-speed freight electric multiple units (EMU) train, independently developed by China, rolled off the assembly line on Wednesday in Tangshan City of north China’s Hebei Province.

The development of the train was led by CRRC Tangshan Company and supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology’s key project “Advanced Rail Transport.”

Based on the 350 km/h high-speed EMU platforms in China, the train can meet the demands for 600 to 1,500 km medium- and long-distance fast freight services. It can operate in all weather conditions with prominent advantages of high efficiency and frequency as well as low costs.

As the train rolled off the assembly line, China became the first country in the world to realize 350 km/h high-speed freight, marking a significant improvement in China’s independent innovation ability in rail transport equipment.

Source: CGTN

  1. glib1 says

    This is going to be fantastic for the fish, meat, and fruits trade.

  2. Bob says

    “independently developed by China”, if you ignore the years of Chinese spying and illegal selling technology to the Chinese by the western nations.

    1. GOLDFINGER says

      Why did the Western Nations not build theirs if China stole from them the blueprint!
      Or, should we say they sold…
      Were all the original blueprint sold to China and the design institutes closed?
      The West’s decadence have moved from the moral to scientific and technological decay.

    2. Curmudgeon says

      That would be completely unlike the US stealing the contents of the German patent office post WWII, and using Echelon and subsequent programs along with “communication” satellites to spy on all of Europe, including the governments.

    3. Séamus Ó Néill says

      Still relying on the corrupt ,”we make nothing of value” western lying propaganda. America and Britain are at the bottom of the foodchain as regards innovation and technology !

    4. Voz 0db says

      A very small payback from when the western nations stole tech from the Chinese Empire!

  3. mel perry says

    bet there aren”t going to be any hobo’s
    riding this train

    1. Sharon Gibbster-Monster says

      Give it time for either Hobo Shoestring from America or the Crazy Russian guys from OnTheRoofs to do it.

  4. Sharon Gibbster-Monster says

    Well you certainly will not see anything like that coming out of Afrika.

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