Finland’s PM Sorry for Not Isolating After Clubbing Photos Surface

Can't be pinged if you don't bring your phone

Was out until 4AM after she knew she was a contact and without a phone (allegedly)

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin apologised to the public on Wednesday after a photo surfaced of her in a nightclub following the foreign minister testing positive for COVID-19.

“I did wrong. I should have considered the situation more carefully,” Marin said in a television interview by public broadcaster Yle on Wednesday night.

Marin said she decided not to cut her night out short on Saturday after being told she had been exposed to the coronavirus the day before, she wrote on Facebook on Monday after a Finnish gossip magazine published a photo of Marin in a crowded nightclub.

Economic Affairs Minister Mika Lintila attended a floorball match between Finland and Latvia on Sunday despite being advised to avoid contact with others, Helsingin Sanomat newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Defence Minister Antti Kaikkonen went to a dinner party on Saturday while Finance Minister Annika Saarikko and Science and Culture Minister Antti Kurvinen cancelled their attendance of the same event to avoid contacts, evening paper Ilta-Sanomat reported on Tuesday.

All three ministers were exposed on Friday at a meeting attended by Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto, who on Saturday tested positive for COVID-19.

Marin said she was at a restaurant when she received a phone call from her state secretary informing her about the exposure.

“He said ministers would not be quarantined because they all have been vaccinated twice,” Marin wrote on Facebook, explaining why she continued socializing.

The Prime Minister’s office later said it had sent the exposed ministers two text messages on Saturday recommending that they avoid contact with other people.

Marin said she had left her official phone at home and instead relied on aides reaching her on her personal phone.

Marin has since taken two COVID-19 tests that were negative. Lintila and Kaikkonen have also tested negative.

The Finnish Health Institute recommends avoiding social contact while waiting for COVID test results.

Masked in the huge parliament
But not in a crowded nightclub
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  2. Matrixdissident says

    That bird shirt screams Hunger Games.

  3. Kieran says

    Boris Johnson is also facing the same accusation which is yet more evidence of the class war. The serfs will wear the mask and get the jabs or get whacked or worse still excommunicated. the Elite don it only for photo ops to enforce the mandates. this is neocolonial serfdom in progress

  4. edwardi says

    Hard to believe she is somebody’s prime minister, single and horny not a good look for prime minister, out trying to get laid.

  5. Mr Reynard says

    What do they put in the drinking water in Finland ??

    1. steve kastl says

      Zionists run all Western countries for Israeli billionaires. Finland = USA = England, France, Italy, Spain, Germany,….in that respect.

  6. raymond lambert says

    In political speech. It is highly likely, that the probability of the supposed threat of contracting a scamdemic killer virus was possibly reduced to nil by the information given by an undisclosed informer, who then followed her to a familly gathering, and photographed her in order to profit from the incident.

  7. Cap960 says

    Another proof the virus is over…has never been. This PM needs to get kicked out of her chair.

  8. Victor says

    These unconscionable elites fill the day with fearmongering over Covid, then spend the night partying on with no care in the world. They don’t take this disease seriously, it is plain tobsee. So why should we? After all the disease has an over 99% survival rate.

  9. Romeo LeBlanc says


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