Fauci’s Claim That 99.2% of COVID Deaths Are Unvaccinated Was a Big Filthy Lie

In news that surprises no one

“It is simply impossible that only 80 fully vaccinated people died in June, based on the CDC’s own data”

In the last few weeks, politicians and senior public health officials have insisted over and over that unvaccinated Americans account for essentially ALL of the deaths of people from Covid.

At a White House press briefing on July 22, for example, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said that “99.5 percent of Covid deaths and 97 percent of hospitalizations are [emphasis added] among the unvaccinated.”

Note that “are,” please. Are is PRESENT tense, something happening NOW.

Murthy isn’t alone.

On Independence Day, Dr. Anthony Fauci answered a question on Meet The Press about deaths IN JUNE by saying that “if you look at the number of deaths, 99.2 percent of them are unvaccinated. About 0.8 percent are vaccinated.”

To be clear on the math here, Fauci’s answer would imply that only about 80 vaccinated people – 0.8 percent of 10,000 – died in June.

These are – how do I put this delicately? – big fat stinking lies. They are off by a factor of at least five, and probably 10 or more.

Let’s put aside that the way public health authorities define vaccinated is NOT the way most people think of being vaccinated. Had one shot of either the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccines? You’re not vaccinated. Had two? Still not vaccinated, not for two weeks.

In countries where health authorities are more honest, statistics on hospitalizations and deaths have three categories – “fully” vaccinated, “partially” vaccinated, and “unvaccinated.” Many cases fall in the middle category. In fact, data show that the vaccines can cause an increase in infections and deaths for up to two weeks after the first dose, possibly because they temporarily suppress immunity by recruiting so many white blood cells to the area of the injection.

The truth is that if we were treating vaccines like other drugs, we would include the “partially” vaccinated cases in the “vaccinated” category because they have occurred AFTER treatment has begun.

The United States does the opposite. When it reports statistics on vaccine hospitalizations or deaths, it ignores partly vaccinated people. They are lumped with those who have never received a dose as “unvaccinated.”

This trick is particularly galling now that the vaccine companies and the government have acknowledged the fact that the mRNA shots begin to lose their protective effect in a matter of months and that many people will need boosters soon.

It is no longer even clear whether “vaccine” is right term to describe these therapies. Most other vaccines protect for decades, if not a lifetime. (The main exceptions, the influenza vaccines, are known to be only marginally effective and have done almost nothing to reduce the virulence of the flu over a multi-decade span.)

But as I said, even putting aside the issue of how we classify the partially vaccinated, Fauci and Murthy lied about what percentage of coronavirus deaths are now occurring in FULLY vaccinated people. It is much higher than the sub-1 percent figures they offered.

This fact should have been obvious to anyone who has seen the data from England, Scotland, and Israel. Those countries vaccinated a greater percentage of their populations more quickly than the United States. They have also been much more transparent about reporting hospitalizations and deaths among vaccinated people. And in all three countries, hospitalizations and deaths have spiked since May – and vaccinated people have accounted for more than HALF of all deaths recently.

The difference does not come from the type of vaccines, either. Israel used only the Pfizer vaccine, which until recently was considered the better of the two mRNA vaccines. The United Kingdom gave many Pfizer doses too.

So the comments from Fauci and Murthy defied credibility – how could other countries have so many more deaths in their vaccinated populations?

The answer is that Fauci and Murthy are – intentionally – using the wrong denominator. They say “now” or “are.”

But they are comparing deaths among the fully vaccinated – which have essentially been an issue only since May – with ALL deaths beginning from the day the United States offered its FIRST vaccine dose (or even possibly from the beginning of the epidemic).

The United States has had roughly a quarter-million deaths from Covid this year (the CDC reports 216,000, a number that will rise somewhat). It has had closer to 300,000 since the first dose was offered on Dec. 14. But more than half those deaths occurred in December and January, when essentially no one was fully vaccinated. Not even 2 percent of Americans were fully vaccinated as of February 1.

Deaths began to fall in February. After March 1 – when only 1 in 13 Americans were fully vaccinated – they plunged further. In the five months since, perhaps 80,000 people have died from (or with) Covid – fewer than died in January alone.

Vaccine advocates rarely acknowledge the fact that deaths started dropping long before most people had received shots. In reality, even acknowledging that many people who received vaccines in January and February were older and vulnerable, seasonality and herd immunity seem to have had a greater impact on broad Covid trends than vaccinations.

But for the advocates, the big winter death numbers are handy in one way – they make the breakthrough numbers seem tiny.

While Israel and the United Kingdom are rigorous about reporting Covid and vaccine data, the United States is not. Only a few states report breakthrough numbers with any regularity. The Centers for Disease Control does not, either.

Instead, the numbers dribble out essentially at random. But enough states have reported over time that we can say with certainty that the United States had almost no breakthrough deaths before April, and very few in April. For example, Minnesota reported none as of March 24. Washington state said it was investigating two as of March 31. Nationally, the CDC reported 160 deaths as of April 30.

Essentially ALL the “fully vaccinated” breakthrough cases and deaths have come since May. As of June 21, the CDC reported 750 deaths nationally. As of July 19, the number had risen to 1141.

All by itself, those figures prove Fauci lied when he told Chuck Todd on July 4 that 0.8 percent of deaths “are” in vaccinated people. The CDC currently reports about 24,000 deaths since May 1 (CDC reporting lags state reporting) – which would mean that fully vaccinated deaths have been about 4 percent of the total since then, FIVE TIMES what Fauci claimed. It is simply impossible that only 80 fully vaccinated people died in June, based on the CDC’s own data.

The real percentage is likely significantly higher. Breakthrough cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have all swung up recently, and the CDC’s lags mean that it has not caught up.

For example, Illinois is now reporting 159 deaths, New York City reported 94 through mid-June, and Massachusetts 80, North Carolina 61, Washington state 45, and Oklahoma 19 as of mid-July. That’s 458 deaths in geographically diverse states (and a city) with a combined population of roughly 50 million, just over 1/7 of the United States population. That implies as many as 3,000 vaccine breakthrough deaths nationally, almost all since May 1. (California and Texas have reported relatively low numbers of deaths, but it is not clear if they actually have fewer or are just counting very slowly.)

The CDC’s reporting lag means that the actual total number of COVID deaths since May 1 is closer to 35,000 than its reported figure. If 3,000 vaccine breakthrough deaths have occurred since then, they’re running closer to 10 percent than 1 percent of total Covid deaths.

Further, in those few states that report regularly enough for trends to be clear, including Tennessee, Utah, Washington, and Oklahoma, the total percentage has crept over 10 percent in the last couple of weeks.

The tragedy here is that Fauci and Murthy DON’T have to lie.

If 5 percent, or 10 percent, or even 15 percent of American Covid deaths are currently occurring in fully vaccinated people, that’s impressive protection considering that more than half of adults have been vaccinated – and more than 80 percent of the elderly, who are most vulnerable. The vaccines look to be holding up better in the United States than Israel, the most comparable country (though whether that gap will continue is not clear, since the United States was a few weeks behind Israel in its vaccination campaign and Israeli cases and hospitalizations have surged this month).

But they won’t offer the real numbers. And as they hype the Delta variant, they refuse to admit the United States has had far fewer Covid deaths overall in July 2021 as in 2020 (while the United Kingdom is now reporting more deaths now than it did in late July 2020, despite having better overall vaccine coverage).

Their reluctance is part of a much larger problem, the unwillingness to offer a serious cost-benefit analysis of the vaccines. Because the truth is messy. The vaccines are clearly far from the miracle that the initial reports promised last November.

Yes, they appear to offer decent protection in the short run. But they don’t end transmission, and their effectiveness is fading fast in the most vulnerable people. Their side effects are real and worsen with the second dose. Their greatest benefit by far is for the elderly.

Instead, of admitting these truths, the vaccine fanatics insist on offering numbers they must know are false – as, increasingly, they attack those Americans who choose not to be vaccinated.

And demonize those of us who point out the truth.

Source: Substack

  1. Occams says

    And just by some strange coincidence, 99.2% of people believe him!

  2. Raptar Driver says

    I have noticed that most people don’t care if he or others like him are lying.
    Most people live in a matrix of lies.
    The truth is alien to them.
    So they follow what they know.

  3. ken says

    Well it doesn’t do any good but I’ll repeat myself. The covid Sars 2 virus is a hoax,,, genome does not exist except in a computers memory.

    Yeah,,, ask these brilliant morons how they know they had the covid….. duhhh,,, Cuz the docktor said so,,, and the PCR test verified. (lol) The docktor could have easily told them they had the damn flu but he wouldn’t get the government bribe.

    Okay,,, if you were a sorry assed POS docktor they are turning out today and you could get big $$$$ for saying the word covid or get a big fat nothing for saying the word flu which do you suppose the quack will choose?

    How about this? “Yes, they appear to offer decent protection in the short run…”
    No they don’t. The manufacturers don’t even make that claim… It’s those “Exspurts” you hear about that half or more don’t even have a medical background and their all mentally disturbed.

    People,,, if you have a death wish then be my guest,,, go get vaxxecuted, otherwise you better do some serious research and I don’t mean CNN or MSNBC….

    And ask yourself, why do you think Kill Gates bought a testing lab. Do you think it’s because he cares for his fellow humans?

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “Well it doesn’t do any good but I’ll repeat myself. The covid Sars 2 virus is a hoax,,, genome does not exist except in a computers memory.”

      Yes it does. The boogey-man Corona Chan virus does actually exist – creepy Bill and his Mini-Me Fauci spent a lot of money getting the naughty “gain of functioned” coronavirus hobbled together at various labs (Chinese and American) so they could file all those juicy patents (among other things).

      The sneaky bit is that it’s not actually the “cause” of any “COVID-19” disease (maybe they used it initially just to get the ball rolling – who knows?), and no-one can demonstrate it’s isolation from any Corona Chan “case” now because it won’t be found in any of those “cases”.

      So in that sense the Corona Chan “virus” is a hoax – the bug exists, but it’s just a prop sitting in a laboratory storeroom somewhere to give plausibility to the whole BS Globalist narrative that there’s a “pandemic”. The “pandemic”, meanwhile, is being accomplished with all manner of smoke and mirrors – fake tesing, mass hysteria, media hype, government collusion, lockdowns and shit-for-brains cops feeling important as they get to beat up bystanders, shit-for-brains nurses & doctors & volunteers feeling important as they get to stick needles in everyone, shit-for-brains politicians and beauracrats feeling important as they get to push everyone around and hold out their greasy paws for their kickbacks from creepy Bill and Uncle Klaus, etc etc.

      And the coup de gras, so to speak, is the “vaccination” campaign to sterilise, maim and kill as many of the clueless lemmings as possible before they figure out what’s actually going on (if ever). Pure genius – a bioweapon disguised as a “vaccine” which maims and kills the lemmings running scared from a fake “pandemic”.

      Whatever the evolution of the preplanned and globally orchestrated Corona Chan “pandemic” may have been up to this point, it’s quite clear now that the “vaccines” are Corona Chan. Who knows what new surprises are coming with the “booster shots”?

      They’ve had decades to plan all this shit, and we ain’t seen nothing yet.

      Cyber Polygon Live is just around the corner.

      1. Tony says

        Oh it surely exists. If you hear it from the MSM it must be true, right? All BS fearporn propaganda. As long as they have people believing in the FALSE GERM THEORY OF DISEASE, they will keep coming out with scary new viruses and variants to beat the world’s population into submission just like they have been doing for many decades now. No pathogenic virus has ever been scientifically proven to exist. We live in a world full of lies and deception, wake up!!!

      2. Andra Saltzberg says

        Quite the God-less world. For most, no faith even in oneself
        to develop a base of knowledge to counter the nonsense
        aka lies, fraud, scams.

    2. Tom says


    3. Eileen Kuch says

      You tell those idiots, Ken; at least you do the research (Fauci doesn’t even do that; he’s too lazy). I fully agree that the Covid Sars 2’s a hoax. No epidemiologist and/or virologist has been able to find CV-19 in their petri dishes, no matter how hard they tried; it just wasn’t there.
      Fauci’s nothing but a pathological liar .. It’s time for him to STFU. He – along with Bill Gates of Hell will eventually be tried before a tribunal, followed by either imprisoned at GITMO for life, or executed .. Those are the choices.

  4. Helga Weber says

    A lot of people know that Fauci is a liar.
    He is working on an mRNA vaccine for 20 years now and before he retires he wants to see it tested.

    1. Tom says

      Correct, this is his last chance at going down in history as the hero, and they have denied that time and time again because they knew he was incorrect. But now he has allies and is going for the full court push!

  5. Helga Weber says
  6. tunamelt says

    “The vaccines look to be holding up better in the United States than Israel, the most comparable country”

    The credibility of the gate keeper of these statistics is pathetic. Why would any rational person believe anything the federal government much less any government would tell them?

  7. Tom says

    And the Flu which has hounded us for decades is GONE, like MAGIC! What utter nonsense from so many fools!

  8. Jerry Hood says

    Fauci is fil5hy jew, and all they know and do,is LIE,LIE AND MORE LIE!!! In Covis jew plan-demia, the bigger jew lie, the more goyim die!!!!

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