Fauci Warns Americans Face Having Booster Shots Indefinitely

The prospect of never being able to stop taking boosters? Fauci won't rule it out

Editor’s note: Vaccines were supposed to be the miraculous silver bullet. Now they won’t even rule out the prospect that you’ll have to inject one every six (or four) months like a junkie.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Thursday that he can’t rule out people having to have COVID-19 booster shots indefinitely as the virus continues to surge.

Fauci, the chief medical advisor to the president, made his comments in an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN in which he also warned that fully vaccinated people with so-called breakthrough infections can still get long-term COVID.

‘We know a lot more than we did to start, but there’s obviously, you know, we need to be humble in the face of this virus,’ Fauci said.

Fauci said ‘there are a lot of factors’ that go into making decisions such as whether people will routinely have to get vaccinated against COVID-19 like an annual flu shot.

He said researchers have already started conducting studies giving boosters to people who have already been full vaccinated, which have shown hopeful promise that future booster shots beyond a third jab may not be needed.

‘The good news about that is that the acceleration of the response goes way up. I mean even better than what you get with the two doses together. In other words, it goes up and up and then if you give a boost, it goes way up,’ he said.

‘I don’t know for certain, but that could mean that you induce a response that’s high enough – and durable enough – that you may not have to worry about what people are concerned about, needing a so-called boost every year or so.’

He continued: ‘I would hope that the degree of elevation of response that we will see with the boost might actually give us a lot of wiggle room of not necessarily needing a boost often.’

‘But I have to be, as you say, we are humble and we are modest about it. We don’t know the answer to that.’ 

Fauci said ‘the only way’ the public health officials will become certain whether continued booster shots will be needed will be by conducting clinical and observational studies.

Source: The Daily Mail

  1. Ilya G Poimandres says

    Love it, sign them up. Whatever. I’m tired of pleading politely with ideologues. They paved their own path in their own quicksand – let them suffer the consequences of their own actions/beliefs.

  2. Michael Arnold says

    Continues to surge? Are you kidding me? Of course, it does not impart immunity, but only lessens the severity of the symptoms. You are not immune thus boosters shots forever over a disease that has a 99.9 per cent of recovery! We have been flimflammed my friends. And on top of everything, they have never approved this drug to this day, therefore they are using the sheep as experiments. Where are the upraises, I mean, a true rebellion, one that takes back humanity for the betterment of all mankind, instead of the selfish world, that allows all to benefit from our only one planet. We teach children to care what happened to us?

  3. Raptar Driver says

    Keep chasing the dragon.

  4. Sally Snyder says

    As shown in this article, the Director of the CDC recently made some very startling comments about the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines:


    Given the pending rollout of boosters, it will be interesting to see how many times we have to roll up our sleeves to remain in compliance with the requirements of our governments’ vaccine passport rules.

  5. ken says

    Here we are once again. The bullshit just gets deeper and deeper but no matter what…. “the virus is real”.

    As an aside,,, I have offered $100 dollars to a very popular pundit to prove Sars 2 and the variants exist like they say they do. No response. You can’t even offer money for the truth these days. It boggles the mind…. I’m considering upping it to $1000. I love to see these liars cringe at the truth.

    So now we need 3-4-5 ad nauseum kill shots. What?,,, not enough people dying or maimed from a virus they never isolated, never proved its existence, never obtaining the actual genome but rather making up one they humorously call inslico which is lab nazi code for computer (silicon) generated.

    Adolf (take the jabs) Fraudci is a medical quack that never practiced medicine, never did research, only played administrator to THE most corrupt medical organization on the planet. He was central to the AIDS/HIV debacle. Made his money killing off thousands back in the day with the drug AZT. He is at it again, this time he is a super crook having the health nazis of the several states and the federale’s covering his behind.

    They’re now targeting children saying they are the new super spreaders of the more dangerous delta variant when in reality these variants are but adverse reactions to the kill shots. Any supposed unvaccinated persons said to have the variants are either persons with only one kill shot or an outright bs. (If you only had one kill shot you are considered unvaccinated.) Children are now having heart attacks and strokes, clots lung problems and on and on and stupid parents seem not to notice still lining them up for the take down.

    It’s one thing for adult idiots to offer themselves up for sacrifice to their new gods but quite another offering up their children.

    I realize there is little hope waking up the covid cult but one has to try…

    The Adolf Fraudci Bullshit-O-Meter

  6. Val says

    Fauci is insane.

    Repeated Booster Jabs May be Lethal Researcher Warns


  7. Val says

    UK Vaccine Watchdog Member Says He’s Skeptical About COVID Booster Shots for Everyone


  8. John Charlton says

    “We have to be humble about it” says the man who continues to reject the amazing effectiveness of IVERMECTIN that has been proven to TREAT Covid-19 in 63 clinical studies from around the world. The arrogance and narcissism of Dr. Fauci cannot be overstated.

  9. jerry wayne carver says

    This epidemiologist says niacin cures covid.


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