Facebook to Provide Pop-Up Warning When Your Friends Begin Thinking for Themselves

Facebook has introduced a new feature that will warn you when one of your friends is sharing free and independent thoughts on its network.

Should you encounter an unapproved opinion, Facebook will provide a pop-up warning letting you know that if you’re concerned about a friend expressing opinions derived from free thought that is not in line with big tech companies, major corporations, Hollywood, universities, or the government, you can get them help.

The social media platform will allow you to take steps to report people who are sharing unapproved opinions. You may report them to Facebook, who will reach out to them to help them by forcibly sending them to a Facebook reeducation camp.

“Yes, the camp is mostly brainwashing,” Mark Zuckerberg admitted, “but the food is pretty good. They serve mac and cheese with the little cut-up hot dogs in there every Tuesday. Plus, we’ve got one of those big inflatable launcher things out on the lake, which you can use to relax and launch each other into the water. It’s a ton of fun. If we kidnap you and take you to our camp, we guarantee you’ll love hanging out there on the lake.”

“Once you finish your reeducation sessions, of course.”

Source: The Babylon Bee

  1. Raptar Driver says

    If you cherish freedom of speech you should end your facebook account immediately.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      NEVER.. joined Shitberger Shitbook ! Left it to the Light Upon Nations..

  2. Katie says

    They warn about trolls and censor comments just like the Guardian does & also now the fake opposition OFF-Guardian do now. They are all the same NSA operations.

  3. Katie says

    Facebook is a US government organisation and I believe that could be convincingly argued in court. Which means they cannot censor anyone legally.
    However self-funding remote or hidden that connection. If they are government run as I believe there obviously are, then they are breaking the law by censoring comments.

    ‘’But when officials act on behalf of the government, they are subject to the limits that the First Amendment imposes on them as government actors. If a public official invites comments on a social media page concerning public matters or otherwise intentionally designates it as a space for public discussion, the social media page may become a “limited” or “designated” public forum. Where public forums are involved, public officials cannot exclude people from accessing the page just because the official disagrees with them. ‘’


    1. Raptar Driver says

      The government is never supposed to lie but that’s almost all it does.

  4. Joe_Below says

    Let this help people shut down their accounts.

  5. Mr Reynard says

    Facebook must be run, by my old Sergeant-Major from the boot-camp 60 years ago ??
    He told us at the parade, NOT TO THINK, but obey only ORDERS.. Thinking is the first step to MUTINY & mutineers get shot in front of the firing squad !

  6. Mark says

    Some might think this is just another lighthearted farce by The Bee, which does a lot of Onion-like mockery ‘reporting’. But it’s actually real.


    I had a Facebook account for about three days, because I wanted to respond to an article I read in The Orange County Register which infuriated me, but you had to have the ‘Facebook plugin’ to comment. The comment was deleted within 30 minutes of being posted, and I noticed within a day or two that I was getting all these friend requests from people I hadn’t heard of since high school and didn’t care if I never heard from again. So I deleted the account, and never had anything further to do with Facebook.

    Get ready to host your very own kristallnacht; western governments are immune to irony, but the parallels to the Nazi takeover of Germany are becoming too blatant to ignore.

  7. Afshin Nejat says

    You have to be really effin dense at this point if you don’t see how the only “systemic” anything going on in this country is social engineering by malicious subversives painting any resistance to them as seditious. You have to be as dense as a compressed lead.

  8. Tod Foulk says


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