Facebook Introduces New ‘Report Post to the White House’ Button

MENLO PARK, CA — As part of an attempt to slow the spread of misinformation on its platform, Facebook has introduced a new “report post to the White House” button.

The feature allows you to flag posts for the Biden administration to review for misinformation. Handy for opinions you disagree with, comments critical of the government, and any expressions of freedom or other anti-government sentiments, the button will instantly cause any post to be reviewed by the current administration. Biden staffers can then check whether or not the post violates its standards of truth and flag the user for further monitoring by the government.

“We applaud Facebook, our new fourth branch of government, for taking these steps,” said Jen Psaki. “This will go a long way to helping us suppress information we find displeasing.”

Those who get flagged multiple times will be candidates for reeducation in Biden’s Gulags for Spreaders of Misinformation or a reduced “social credit score.”

Source: The Babylon Bee

Text may contain traces of satire.

  1. loongtip says

    Fucking Facebook licking the governments arse…..AGAIN!

    1. don Genaro says

      FaustBook was created by the shadow govt. prior to 2004. Not a punk in college.

  2. Richseeto says

    Not only is FB licking the government’s arse as it openly did with el Trumpo the faking self declared Messiah of Murica, it is now doing for Mr Sleepy.

    Now ain’t that cute?

    US accuse Huawei of having potential back doors in their hardware which chips are made from American specifications and control and cruelly crucified by Trump while all digital hard and software have open doors to the US CIA and other spy agencies yet, the whole fucking Western World bought all the lies and bullshit spouted by the Chinese called Jeegow Pompy (Jeegow is a unique animal which only exists in China and Germany) in order to cane the independent China tech company.

    And the US hegemon and all its lapdog lackeys and donkeys consider that this is ofay and moral and ethical.

    What the fuck has the Moral Authority become and turn into?

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