Facebook Censors Checkpoint Asia’s Headline on US Giving Saudis Bomb Technology

Saudi money throwing logs at the feet of your favorite news site on Facebook

Add the third figure: Zuckerberg

Facebook has taken the story published earlier today by Checkpoint Asia that Raytheon has started moving bomb production to Saudi Arabia out of circulation as “spam” that goes against its “Community Standards”:

The outfits that do the censorship for Facebook are part of the Washington think-thank ecosystem which pressures Facebook into censorship in the first place and which is heavily, heavily funded by the Saudis.

There is little doubt in my mind that is what is at work here. I’m just glad they didn’t also ban my account this time, presumably because they know how ridiculous and icky their position is.

I’d say a story on how Trump declared a faux emergency in order to pull off a technology transfer to the Saudis, so as to make them more self-sufficient in weapons in case Congress declares a weapons sales ban is the furthest thing from spam.

We’re talking technology which albeit in Raytheon’s private hands was developed in programs paid by the taxpayers. Also the only reason Trump believes Congress may eventually flirt with such a ban is because Saudis are committing horrific atrocities in Yemen, and then there’s that thing where they chopped up a Washington Post contributor.

This is the second act of censorship against Checkpoint Asia by Facebook in the space of one month. I was banned for one week in May, causing a corresponding traffic decrease to the site, over a 100 percent accurate meme I posted:

1961-1964 Adolf Heusinger was Chairman of the NATO Military Committee which made him the military adviser to the General Secretary and the third most senior NATO official. It is an office which was once held by General Bradley Omar and at another time Admiral Louis Mountbatten.

However during WWII Adolf Heusinger was part of the German army general staff (OKH), and for six weeks in June and July 1944 he was the acting chief of the general staff  making him “Hitler’s chief of staff” seeing how Hitler had in 1941 named himself the Commander-in-Chief of the Army.

Thus discounting Hitler, for six weeks in 1944 Heusinger was the top German military commander commanding all of the German military on the Eastern Front (OKH ran the east and a separate OKW general staff ran the west).

For sharing this inconvenient fact about NATO Checkpoint Asia was disabled from updating its 27,000-follower page for seven days, and its reach was artificially lowered further so that despite great engagement rates its content is barely shown anymore even to its followers. Atlantic Council at work.

It’s only a matter of time until Checkpoint Asia’s FB page gets zucced permanently. Fortunately these days Facebook traffic makes up for under 30 percent of visits and falling so it will be far from a death-blow to the site.

  1. Robert says

    As I wrote a couple of days ago on another site with similar problems: “Why don’t you simply consider a life without FB? Fruit trees have to be
    pruned at times, even if it affects the harvest at the beginning.”

  2. Rmat52 says

    What is so fucking inconvenient about that? Everyone knows that the Germans were incorporated into NATO after the war, and that they have been a vassal state since 1945 (after their unconditional surrender). They have no distinct foreign policy, just a slave of the US and UK basically.

  3. JustPassingThrough says

    facebook for the zombie generation.

    1. therevolutionwas says

      It must be zombies. if it was cognitive dissonance, these people would at least be feeling troubled and wondering what the hell is going on…, and then, perhaps, a few would wake up. Bye, bye zombies.

  4. thomas malthaus says
  5. CHUCKMAN says

    Why do you have anything to do with Facebook?

    I know, of course, numbers.

    But it is biggest crap site on the Internet.

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