Existential War? Russia Sells Defense Plant to Scrap Metal Dealer

Plant could have repaired 500 armored vehicles yearly

Rostec is the state-owned defense corporation

Source: Voennoe Obozrenie

Machine translated from Russian

The repair plant needed by the front went under the hammer for metal

Despite all the arguments and requests of the committee to save the plant, headed by the former director, Colonel Alexander Shinkarenko, Rostec sold the 9th CARZ for its further disposal.

Let’s start with an article on the Military Review, which was read by almost a million people and which caused a strong reaction.

Why does GABTU not want to repair military equipmentYes, the web archive because we had to pull the article from publication.

What started next?

Then there was a wave raised by several media and Saratov TV channels, the governor of the Saratov region Roman Busargin stood up for the plant, it came to Moscow.

In general, everything was quite joyful and promising: the governor was “for” the revival of the plant, these are jobs, this is money for the budget, in general, everyone who fought for CARH No. 9 noted the active and positive work of Roman Busargin. He raised the deputies of the State Duma, the deputies got involved in the work, there was a meeting with Volodin, who promised to support fellow countrymen (Volodin himself was a native of the Saratov region) and kept his word.

On November 1, 2022, State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin meets with Rostec CEO Sergei Chemezov.

Many people talked about this, it’s enough for us that State Duma deputy Nikolai Pankov wrote on his telegram channel and another deputy, Alexander Strelyukhin, whom Volodin appointed to oversee the issues of CARZ No. 9 and the locomotive plant, gave an interview in which he said:

“Vyacheslav Viktorovich instructed to take this topic into work. Grateful for the trust. She is very close to me, she worked as a director at the Locomotive Plant, she is also well acquainted with the activities of the 9th CARZ. Ready to work for results.”


What Volodin and Chemezov were talking about, we will never know. And the result was as follows: in the fire order, CARZ No. 9 was sold.

But before that, following the results of the meeting, a commission was sent to the plant, headed by a representative of KamAZ JSC Petrushenko D.V., Remdiesel employees took part in the commission.

The commission, having visited the plant, presented a report from which it followed that there was nothing at the plant except for two drunken guards and three dogs. The information was received by the initiator of the revival of the plant, Colonel Shinkarenko, from the representative of JSC “High Precision Complexes” Ryazantsev, who was also contacted with the issue of taking CARZ No. 9 under his wing. Ryazantsev was surprised when Shinkarenko presented him with documents showing that instead of one plant there were TWO, since CARZ No. 9 also has a branch in the city of Samara, the former 16th ARZ. And five hundred items of equipment and property.


In general – not only walls.

JSC “NPO High Precision Complexes” did not believe the reports of “KamAZ” and sent its commission, headed by A.V. Shevtsov. True, “Complexes” would need a plant with high-tech machines for the production of spare parts, therefore it did not grow together with the VTK, to our great regret.


And on December 30, 2022, information was published (Appendix 1) that JSC “9 CARH” was sold to a private entrepreneur from Tver, Zaitsev Nikolai Kirillovich.

IP Zaitsev Nikolai Kirillovich was registered on March 14, 2022.

It is difficult to judge how the declared retail trade via the Internet was carried out by IE Zaitsev, apparently to the envy of many, because Zaitsev laid out the 245,035,555 rubles 55 kopecks offered by him as the only bidder for the plant.

However, it follows from the text that IP Zaitsev acts in the interests of Engelssky Metal LLC (clause 6 on sheet No. 2).


As follows from the site, the company does not repair equipment. And the plant acquires solely in order to destroy it. For Engels Metall has been operating in the market of ferrous and non-ferrous metals since 2018 and is part of the financial and industrial group of companies.

Dismantling of metal structures, buildings and structures is an integral part of the process of selling rolled metal, harvesting and processing scrap. EM has a lot of experience in this area.”

And as last year, the girls from the press service of RT-Capital assured me … How they try to find a buyer for a completely unnecessary and unprofitable plant in such a way as to save and increase, continue operation, and so on.

The plant was sold for subsequent destruction. If you follow link No. 1, then there, in the text of the document, you can see a link to a list of everything that is included in the lot.

And there you can see more than 400 positions. Buildings, machinery, machines, cranes… It’s worth taking a look at the list to see how it fits “blank walls”.

The initial price of Lot No. 1 is 288,274,901.40 rubles. IP Zaitsev offered 245,035,555.55 rubles on December 23, 2022, and his offer was accepted immediately (December 26, 2022), about which a protocol was drawn up, certified by both the seal and the electronic signature of the auction organizer.

And this is where the questions begin.

According to the certificate submitted to the governor of the Saratov region, the authorized capital of JSC “9 CARZ” together with a branch in Samara is 817,668.0 million rubles.

Accounts payable is: 1,211,137,996 rubles. A huge figure, but:

– debt to the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation – 738,531,229 rubles;
– debt to the State Corporation “RosTech” – 450,816,061 rubles;
– the share of other creditors accounts for 21,790,675 rubles.

It turns out that the amount offered for the liquidation of the plant is about a fifth of the entire debt.

The plant, which could be repaired according to a certificate signed by Colonel Alexander Shinkarenko, the capacity of the plant, even after they were reviewed by the bankruptcy trustee, remained such that it would be possible to repair up to 300 BMP-1 or BMP-2 vehicles a year when working in one shift and 450-500 machines when working in two shifts.

Shinkarenko is sure that it is realistic to equip the plant to work in two shifts. And then the combat vehicles can be repaired at a small distance from the front line.

Let’s take the railway junction of Likhaya station as the point of departure, as a place capable of loading equipment onto platforms with maximum speed and convenience and having the ability to send equipment to different regions of the country.

From Likhoi to Engels by rail about 650 km. Let’s look at the factories that will be able to repair the same infantry fighting vehicles.

The nearest one is 163 BTRZ in st. Kushchevskaya, Krasnodar Territory. But this relatively new repair plant (2009) is a structural subdivision of Uralvagonzavod, that is, it is focused primarily on tanks .

Next, we have the 114th BTRZ in the city of Yekaterinburg. Almost 2000 km from Likhoi.

And the last place is 560 armored personnel carriers in the village of Vozzhaevka, Belogorsk district, Amur region. About 6,000 km.

For certain reasons (government order for the production of new equipment), we do not even consider KurganMashZavod.

Obviously, the plant in Engels could save just a lot of money and (which is no less important) time on transporting broken equipment to the place of repair.

Oh yes, I forgot. We will build two new repair plants! And in a couple of years they will definitely build it.


I am very grateful to fate for giving me the opportunity to at least somehow help real people with a capital letter – the council of veterans of the 9th CARZ, headed by a real officer. Comrade Colonel Alexander Shinkarenko will forever remain for me an example of honor and service to his army. I was very glad to be in the same trench with him.

And I am very happy for the residents of the Saratov region, who have such a governor. Roman Busargin is an example of how to rush into battle for the interests of your region. Unfortunately, even the powers and capabilities of the governor are not enough.

Bidding results .
IP Zaitsev, who bought the
Engels metal plant

  1. Blackledge says

    It cracks me up to see “Two Majors” and “TopaZ” seethe about Ukrainians and write pages and pages about the “mass executions” of Ukrainians that will be carried out “upon our victory.” TopaZ in particular engages in the same sort of racial slurs and vulgar obscenities toward Ukrainians that can be found in Einsatzgruppen records and command memorandums of the Germans, 1942-44. So much for “fraternal people,” huh? Which country is it that needs to be “Denazified” again? Russian pro-war imbeciles and their low IQ Russophile simps in the West appear as mentally retarded children. Their own leaders and “heroes” are selling Russia out at every turn, sending Russian fathers, husbands, and brothers to their deaths on the steppe for nothing, all while they loot the Russian people blind and play footsie with the EU and US on the sly.

    Russia will lose this war, and Russian dummies like TopaZ and Two Majors will drink themselves to death in despair, afterward.

    1. Yuno says

      C J Bjerknes blog of longstanding import since 2006 was removed sometime this past week, perhaps due to the precise and extensive manner in which he has documented

      … mongst many other ‘conundrums,’ mysteries, & things that ‘don’t make any sense’ to the dialectically-trained mind, the role of Hitler as an agent of – first, the Comintern, then second of Stalin himself – via his three volume series “Adolf Hitler – Bolshevik and Zionist.”

      a reading of which would amply prepare one for the realization of the status of the “SMO” non-war as but a (mini-series) repeat of the farce of 80 years hence – itself but a sequel to the poorly disguised theatre which preceded it by but few decades. As the final few sources of unvarnished truth get snuffed one by one in the west, the partisans of both sides will increasingly be turning to whatever can appease the gnawing feeling that grows inside the place where ‘faith & hope’ once ruled unopposed.

      Somewhat ironic, since the phony Ukraine vs Rus cage match itself was but anesthesia for making the progressive steps of the Kovid Road to Kapitalist/Kommunist Konvergence as painless and unnoticeable as possible.

      On the bright side… it’s been manna from heaven for grifters of all sorts to ‘make hay’ from!

      1. Blackledge says

        Love your posts, Yuno. You have taught me much.

        1. Yuno says

          I once wrote a post on my experience of “Christmas on the Mekong” – coming down from China on a literal “banana boat” as it plied the rapids and shallows in a suitably ‘jungly’ setting.

          I believe it must have been along the way that I was afflicted by the ‘spirit’ of Kurtz – which in some ‘post-modern’ manner appropriate to both genre & ‘our times’ … must itself have ‘leached’ out of the camera lens at some point in filming, so as to lurk along the riverbank in search of the unwary.

          Only this can account for the interplay of mad ravings and occasional bon mots which may occur here from time to time. “Wisest counsel” would be to consider all such displays as “for entertainment purposes only” … such as they write at the very bottom of internet sites that peddle shiny metals or medical advice to the unwise and unwell of mind!

          Saludos o fellow refugee – I hope you are catching plenty of ‘fresh fish’… and have a wheelbarrel wide enough to carry one of those famous ‘giant carp’ back to your lair!

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