Ex-Swedish Air Force Lieutenant Killed in Ukraine

Source: SVT Nyheter

Machine translated from Swedish

Swedish man killed in fighting in Ukraine

A Swedish officer with the rank of lieutenant who previously worked for the air force at the flotilla in Uppsala has fallen at the front in the Donetsk area. The man, who was 28 years old, is said to have been present in fighting on the Donetsk front and was hit by a grenade in the chest.

The Swedish Armed Forces confirms that a former employee was killed in Ukraine.

– He came here a couple of months ago and was here to recruit and contribute his tactical knowledge, says a source to SVT.

International Brigade

Early in the war, there was information about many hundreds of Swedes who had joined combat units in Ukraine – this is information that could not be confirmed. It is certain, however, that there are Swedes both in the so-called international brigade and in smaller units that are subordinate to the Ukrainian army. [The international brigade is subordinated to the territorial Defense.]

– Some have worked in the Swedish Armed Forces and resigned in order to be able to travel down and contribute on their own initiative, according to SVT’s source.

Others have not followed the rules and only came down to take part in the battle. They do not want to be seen in public, because they have violated Swedish law and not resigned from the armed forces before they went down.

Not employed

The dead man should not have had his employment left when he went down to Ukraine. SVT’s source says that the man’s purpose in coming down to Ukraine was to help in a decisive battle:

– He thought it was better to take the fight down here than in Sweden. He was not a mercenary or a fortune teller. He was a good guy who wants to do something here.

The Swedish Armed Forces confirms that a former employee was killed in Ukraine.

– We were informed today that a Swedish citizen has died as a result of the fighting in Ukraine. We regret that, says Mikael Ågren, communicator on duty at the Armed Forces.

Ågren emphasizes that the man had terminated his employment before he went to Ukraine and that the Armed Forces has no personnel in the country.

  1. YakovKedmi says

    Russian father confirmed that his son, Alexey, died on the battle-fields of Ukraine. He also confirmed that the Government of Russia acknowledged the death and paid out death benefit. He used the money he received to purchase a brand-new automobile.

    1. YakovKedmi says

      How has the fridge with Ukrainian warranty sticker ended up in Siberia ? 1:24:17
      Why is there a Ukrainian warranty sticker on a fridge in Siberia ?
      Unlike the father in Rostov, this widow has NOT received coffin money.

  2. PtownP says

    The reality is this misguided Swede died as an expendable fool for Ukraine’s neoNAZI dominated Zelensky regime. His blood is on the Swedish governments hands for their failure to prevent him from engaging in unlawful Swedish military activity which ultimately caused his death. His survivors should demand political accountability from the Swedish Government who failed to protect this young man from Swedish pro Ukrainian war propaganda.

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