Every NFL Team Has Selected Joe Biden as Their First Pick in 2021 NFL Draft

Journalists at CNN say there’s nothing odd about that

Each year there are some big surprises in the NFL Draft but no one was ready for this year when every team selected Joe Biden as their first pick.

Many in the audience questioned the validity of every team selecting a senile and decrepit old man who isn’t a football player to play in the NFL but journalists at CNN say there’s nothing odd about the draft.

“There’s nothing weird about this at all,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said. “Biden is just very popular. He’s clearly the best candidate for every position and every team. We need unity people.”

Twitter has banned any questioning of the legitimacy of the draft.

The picks were made by team owners and general managers, then sent through Dominion voting machines to the central NFL tabulation center in Cleveland.

“This is just bizarre. There’s no way that so many people like this guy but I guess we’ll just go with it,” a Browns fan said.

Across town, the Cleveland Indians baseball franchise were celebrating their World Series victory after changing their name to the Cleveland Dominion Voting Machines.

Source: Genesius Times

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